Hottest VR Mobile Headsets Around

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Virtual reality (VR) is an indispensable breakthrough in the technology landscape, which kind of helps in fading the thin line between the physical world and the real world by offering mind-blowing VR experiences to people when it takes them to an imaginary world in no time. The last few years have been really indispensable for Virtual Reality (VR), as the technology has evolved tremendously during this time and a lot of consumer VR headsets took the market by storm.

?Best VR headset for iPhone users


Google Cardboard has stolen a lot of the limelight when it comes to mobile virtual reality, and Google Daydream is just around the corner, but you don't need an Android handset to benefit. While mobile VR headsets obviously have nothing on the likes of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, Cardboard style sets have the chance to encourage large numbers of potential users to get on board with virtual reality.