29-Year-Old Gamer Leaves Sony Behind to Bring Eye-Tracking to.


29-Year-Old Gamer Leaves Sony Behind to Bring Eye-Tracking to Virtual Reality Kojima, 29, is convinced the technology will become commonplace in VR devices. An early version of Fove’s eye-tracking VR goggles will be available to developers and enthusiasts for pre-order on Nov.

90% of Chinese VR Startups Have Gone Bankrupt. Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing.


HTC, Oculus, Sony, Samsung, and Google—all of which offer higher quality headsets with the reliability of market-testing, customer support, and general accountability. News China Chinese VR FOVE iiMedia

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The Women of AR+VR: Founders

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In 2015, FOVE Co-founder and CEO Yuka Kojima graced the cover of the Forbes Japan “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” issue. Yuka, a former Sony game designer, cofounded FOVE in 2014. Today, Yuka directs FOVE’s vision, project management and business relations. *.

Oculus Enters The VR Eye-Tracking Arms Race With ‘Eye Tribe’ Acquisition


There is something of an arms race developing between the major VR hardware companies (Facebook, Google, HTC, Sony) to add more intuitive controls for VR. Companies like FOVE are having big breakthroughs using eye tracking to enhance social interaction in VR and foveated rendering techniques could make VR/AR more processor efficient than ever. Oculus has acquired an eye-tracking startup known as The Eye Tribe , a company spokesman confirmed to UploadVR this morning.

Creators Behind ‘Monument Valley’, ‘Wallace and Gromit’, and More Share VR Insights Ahead of Develop:VR Conference in London

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Focused on harnessing immersive technologies to deliver groundbreaking VR, AR, Animation, DOOH, VFX and 360 degree video projects for some of the world’s largest brands including Sony, BBC, Red Bull, Microsoft and Lexus.

A Brief History of Virtual Reality at CES

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Sony however, having debuted it’s PlayStation 4 powered ‘Morpheus’ (later. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has served as a good way-point for VR’s progress over the years.