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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Based in Germany, ThyssenKrupp is a European national conglomerate that just announced a partnership with the Microsoft Hololens. As it turns out, heavy Oculus Rift usage is linked to increased dream lucidity ; the more time people spent in virtual environments, the higher their ability to dream lucidly. FOVE, THE EYE-TRACKING HMD: FINAL SPECS AND PRE-ORDER DATES.

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The High-end VR Room of the Future Looks Like This

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Right now we’re stuck thinking in terms of head-mounted displays (HMDs), like the Vive or the Oculus. Future solutions will get rid of clunky wired headsets and move onto glasses that can project a high-definition image onto the eye, a la Magic Leap, and eventually contact lenses that contain tiny screens. Hand and finger tracking, gesture interfaces, and grip simulation: Leap Motion: Manus VR: Neurodigital: Gestigon: Handpose: Usens: Dexta Robotics: Minority Report (film).

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