VR-Eval Program Helps Survivors Of Human Trafficking Deal With Trauma


News Chance Doghead Simulations Fullsail University Human Trafficking More Too Life Foundation Rumii VR For A Cause VR Human Trafficking tool VR-EVALCombating human exploitation by providing victims a safe space in which to tell their stories.

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Magic Leap on sale starting from $2295, ships only in the US

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augmented reality AR florida magic leap mixed reality releaseFinally, the day has come. After a lot of words, flying whales, rock throwing guys and a lot of debates, Magic Leap has been released. You can buy it on the company website.

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Helping Paleontologists Learn More About Dinosaurs With VR


The University of South Florida’s Center for Visualization & Applied Spatial Technologies and Integrative Biology departments are bringing dinosaurs to life in VR. How dinosaurs evolved into modern-day birds could soon be studied around the world, thanks to virtual reality.

Magic Leap Opens Programs To Extend Support To Developers


Magic Leap understands that the future of AR means empowering creators with the right tools to explore ideas that will push the technology further into the arms of consumers. Magic Leap is giving developers access to additional hardware, funding, enterprise customers, and support.

Report: AR Startup Magic Leap is Looking for a Buyer

Road to VR

The Plantation, Florida-based company has raised $2.6 Making what must have been substantial investments in R&D, premium content and developer tools isn’t anything to sneeze at, although it’s clear the company hasn’t seen the return on investment.

Tilt Brush Behind One Of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions Of 2018


A tool that has been used to create magnificent virtual paintings—Google even started an artist in residence initiative—much of the program’s hype focused on its ability to create beautiful landscapes and quirky characters. Designer uses VR to design award-winning prototype carry-on bag.

Lockheed Martin Is Manufacturing Spacecrafts With The Help Of AR


Lockheed Martin Corp’s engineers thoroughly understand the of power of AR technology and its potential as a revolutionary tool in the work environment as a digital infrastructure. Lockheed Martin is using AR to build NASA’s Orion spacecraft on their mission to Mars.

Report: VR in Retail and Marketing to Generate US$1.8 billion in 2022

Tech Trends VR

Automotive companies and travel agencies are already using VR as a marketing tool, with applications such as virtual test drives and 360-degree tours becoming more widespread. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies will bring opportunities for merchants as consumer adoption grows.

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HTC’s New Vive Focus Headset Locker Aims to Put VR at the Forefront of Education in China

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VivEdu was founded by HTC last year, and is headed by Dr. Sun Wei, the founding president of the School of Software of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and professor at the School of Computer Science at Florida State University.

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Madefire Debuts 3D Motion Comics On The Magic Leap One AR Headset


The Madefire platform isn’t a mere app that runs on the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, the development version of Florida-based Magic Leap’s AR glasses that sells for $2,300. So Madefire made tools that enabled AR authoring. No engineers are necessary to use the tool.

Report: Apple AR Headset Coming In 2020 With Brand New OS


In the gap between now and release, Apple apparently intends to release a new version of ARKit with better software tools that make AR development much easier next year. Florida-based Magic Leap, meanwhile, is rumored to be releasing an early version of its mysterious headset within the next few months.

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Neurogaming’s 2nd Generation Arcade Is Military Grade


There’s of course the recent mass shooting in Florida, and all the others before it, as well as the continual debate over gun control. There’s my concern over how some people might use a training tool as high quality as Polygon.

NASA Let Us Walk On Mars With HoloLens


For NASA JPL and Microsoft, its all about using the HoloLens and software as a tool to interact with Mars and 3D simulations in a more natural human way. The interactive exhibit will also use the HoloLens and will open at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida this Summer.

Norm Glasses Enter Expanding Market for Augmented Reality Eyewear


Magic Leap has some entertainment experiences, but the price and size make them more of a tool. a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based startup dedicated to helping people with disabilities.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek: Facebook admits that VR is taking longer than expected, Pistol Whip ready to launch and much more!

The Ghost Howls

More info (Facebook Spaces shutting down) More info (Oculus’s new social VR tools explained). Facebook works on new tools for environment understanding. Magic Leap releases new tools for developers. The 8th Wall launches cloud-based WebAR development tools.

Educators sour on virtual worlds

Hypergrid Business

There needs to be better crowd control tools available,” he told Hypergrid Business. “Better capabilities to share files, images, video, sounds, and links. Interior of the Educator Commons store on OSgrid’s Wright Plaza. Image by Maria Korolov.).

Top 9 Creative Cases Where Universities Use Virtual Reality to Recruit Students and Assure Investors


The University of Miami (informally referred to as UM, U of M, or The U) is a private, nonsectarian research university in Coral Gables, Florida, United States. Florida Polytechnic University.

Magic Leap’s John Gaeta talks about the future of cinema, storytelling and mixed reality

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He has joined Rony Abovitz at Magic Leap and now he’s there, trying to build the MagicVerse as the SVP of Creative Strategy of the Florida company. One of the best moments ever at View Conference 2018 , has been when I was able to interview John Gaeta.

The XR Week Peek (2020.02.17): Half-Life Alyx will launch on March, 23rd, MWC has been canceled and much more!

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Augmented Reality is being a great tool for e-commerce: AR tools have increased the user’s likelihood of purchase by 11 times; Build.com found that the return rate after selecting items in AR has decreased by 22%. On this special day, let’s all talk about AR and VR!

EON Reality Presents at Nordic VR Forum

EON Reality

In addition to the Jesper on Wheels presentation, EON Reality Norway also maintained a booth at the event where they could provide more information and demonstrate the various tools of the AVR Platform. At the 2018 edition of the Nordic VR Forum, EON Reality Norway didn’t just attend Hamar’s distinguished virtual reality conference but also presented the “ Jesper on Wheels ” project to an eager crowd.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Florida-based edtech company Nearpod announced a $21M Series B funding round to accelerate the growth of their tech that aims to transform mobile devices into learning devices in classrooms.

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Training and Education With VR in 2018


Schools in the state of Utah are using the digital teaching tool Nearpod to educate students in an immersive environment. Full Sail University , Florida, is using VR not to educate students, but to provide a virtual campus environment where online students can feel more a part of the class.

The AVR Platform and Classroom 3.0 Showcased at EduTECH Asia 2018

EON Reality

With a focus on how the AVR Platform can best be used in the education world, EON Reality’s discussion, ‘Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education: The Shift to Classroom 3.0,’ highlighted Wednesday’s offerings with a full presentation and hands-on demos of the new tools in Creator AVR. The AVR Platform’s three products are the fundamental tools of EON Reality’s Classroom 3.0 The AVR Platform’s three products are the fundamental tools of EON Reality’s Classroom 3.0

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Magic Leap’s LEAP Con 2018 round-up: all the major announcements in only one place

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This has been very interesting, because we now know what are the features that the Florida company is going to introduce. Yes, various games have been announced, but this is the true innovation proposed by the Florida company.

Magic Leap One first impressions review: it’s not a leap, but a step

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And again, I appreciated the attention of the Florida company to the visual experience that the user should have, this is really great. I thought it would have taken me a lot before I would be able to try the Magic Leap One , but luckily this has not been the case.

Are Publishers Ready to go Virtual?

Tech Trends VR

This is a training tool for nursing students which allows them to interact with holographic patients and experience common medical scenarios they might not otherwise be exposed to. Will we see a gold rush in the publishing industry as major players move to invest in Immersive Technologies?

Interview to Eduardo Siman: virtual reality makes data visualization fun, we should all work together to make AR and VR to succeed

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And using the right tools, you can figure out what this pattern means. Then we are both from South Florida and we went to the same university (at different times). I love that we have an important tech company in South Florida now and this is important for us.

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Drink Your Tequila From AI Interactive Bottle


The AI interactive spirits bottles featuring NFC technology is said to be the first spirits bottle released in the US, and will be available from stores in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Georgia.

Hands-On: Ralph Breaks VR Reveals Family-Friendly Formula For The VOID


The VOID’s site lists tickets for Ralph at California locations in Anaheim, Santa Monica and Glendale, Las Vegas in Nevada, Orlando in Florida, West Plano in Texas, and Edmonton and Toronto in Canada. The VOID seems to offer software development partners a set of physical tools to build interactive effects around. While in Las Vegas for CES, UploadVR visited The VOID’s location in The Venetian for Ralph Breaks VR.

The Future of Mixed Reality Is Much Bigger Than Magic Leap


The Florida start-up was valued at $4.5 Unlike Magic Leap, however, their operations are entirely self-funded by work with clients such as truck manufacturer Paccar, which are already using those holographic tools to dramatically improve the efficiency of its design processes.

All the most important AR and VR news from the GDC 2018

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The Florida company has released during the GDC the Lumin SDK, that is the development kit that has to be used to develop for LuminOS, the custom operating system of the Magic Leap device.

The #CPDinVR First Anniversary Event


I chose the Engage platform from Immersive VR Education as it was the best tool for this job and with the help of Immersive’s founder and CEO David Whelan and Engage’s lead developer Mike Armstrong, I set about coordinating what would be the very first #CPDinVR event.

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Embracing Digital Transformation: Real-life Use Cases in Energy & Utilities


Duke’s emerging technologies unit has been a lead experimenter with augmented reality, trying out multiple tools like Atheer’s AiR platform with EPRI for inventory management and basic equipment maintenance, since 2014. Testing took place at a factory in Pensacola, Florida; where wind turbine assembly workers would have to stop what they were doing to check if they were installing parts correctly, referencing a manual or calling someone to make sure.

Magic Leap CEO Interview: For $2,295, Start Living 10 Years Ahead Of Everyone Else


CEO Rony Abovitz has been waiting for this day for a long time — since he started Magic Leap in his garage in Florida back in 2010. We’ll keep pushing out more Hello World tools. The Helio browser is really an application tool framework for people to build. It’s meant to spark ideas, to provide tools to support people as they build. People said, “What is this little Florida company doing?”

Embracing Digital Transformation: Real-life Use Cases in Energy & Utilities


Duke’s emerging technologies unit has been a lead experimenter with augmented reality, trying out multiple tools like Atheer’s AiR platform with EPRI for inventory management and basic equipment maintenance, since 2014. Testing took place at a factory in Pensacola, Florida; where wind turbine assembly workers would have to stop what they were doing to check if they were installing parts correctly, referencing a manual or calling someone to make sure.

Investing in XR with GFR Fund’s Teppei Tsutsui

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And Torch is an AR authoring tool that lets you create augmented reality experiences. It started off as more of a prototyping tool, but it looks like it’s really starting to become more than that. So as they listen to the users, they just tried to change the strategy a bit, and now are more focused on the AR-based authorizing tool. So one of our companies is called Phiar, it’s a car navigation tool based in AR.

Building the AR OS for Enterprise, with RE'FLEKT's Dirk Schart

XR for Business Podcast

They have a CRM, they have an authoring system, they have a PLM system, they have a CAD tool. No company is going to change a lot of their infrastructure or their CRM or their CAD tools because of AR, that's not going to happen. We closed that gap; we created a tool. And with that tool, everyone can do that, without any kind of coding skills. And then we go to work, and then we have to use the old tools which do not provide anymore what we need.

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