Unreal Engine’s New Virtual Production Tool Is Reshaping Cinematography


Unreal Engine is changing how filmmakers and advertisers are making movies and commercials with a new virtual production tool that allows them to add special effects in real-time. The technology has already been used in films such as First Man and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Kite & Lightning’s ‘Bebylon Battle Royale’ Nabs Unreal Dev Grant

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Kite & Lightning, the studio behind some of VR’s earliest experiences, is one of 13 developers receiving a portion of over $200,000 in ‘Unreal Dev Grants’, a program set up by Epic Games to showcase and provide financial support to projects using Unreal Engine 4.

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Adding Mixed Reality Capture Support to Unreal Games


It’s a mind-blowing format that we’ve been pioneering at VRScout’s studio over the years to film everything from original art series , Super Bowl commercials , to even full-blown music videos. Are you an Unreal developer who just added Mixed Reality Capture?

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Felix & Paul’s Creepy VR Film ‘Gymnasia’ Set To Debut At Tribeca Film Festival


The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival is just around the corner and with it comes Tribeca Immersive Virtual Arcade , an entire exhibit dedicated to highlighting creators who explore how storytelling and technology can come together to deliver wondrous VR and AR experience.

Why The 360 Film Industry is in the Midst of a Reboot – Part 1

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The 360 film industry is still young and it’s maturing rapidly. With his name on more than 22 360 film projects to date, Armando Kirwin has had an inside view as to where things started, where they’re going, and why. pick Unreal or Unity and get to work).

GDC 2017: Epic Games Unreal Engine VR Editor Coming in April With New Features


The GDC beach demo also shows how easy it is to access the Unreal editor UI in VR to change settings or change what types of plants you’re painting down for foliage painting. We know the film industry will like it,” Ridge added. “We Tagged with: Epic Games , Unreal engine , vr editor.

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Infinity Film Festival Will Feature VR, AR


The Infinity Film Festival in Beverly Hills, presented by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, is set to take place this November 1 – 4, 2018. Epic will also host the IFF Tech Lab with Unreal Engine training for film and virtual production.

Isabelle Riva: How The Unity Game Engine Will Democratize Film


That’s because experiences created with Unity are more often than not films, interactive movies, advertisements, or augmented reality and virtual reality content. You can see various films embedded in this post that were all built using Unity. It will also democratize film, Riva said.

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The acclaimed NeoFur 2.0 Unreal Plugin really brings it in the cuteness and adorable CATegories.

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for Unreal Engine 4 enables developers to better tackle the creation of challenging fuzzy and fibrous characters, objects and surfaces such as furred creatures, carpets, blankets, mosses and other natural landscapes.

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Epic Games Technical Director: We Want ‘Robo Recall’ To Be The ‘Ultimate Tech Demo’ For Unreal Engine


It makes me feel like a hero from one of The Terminator films. Robo Recall was easily one of the most exciting games we got our hands on at Oculus Connect 3 earlier this month.

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Epic Games to Award $100 Million to Devs with New ‘MegaGrants’

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Epic have been running developer-focused funding initiatives for many years now, with the original ‘Unreal Dev Grants’ fund announced back in 2015. Education: Students and educators can earn funding for Unreal Engine research, curriculum, student projects and university programs.

Fan Remake Of ‘Silent Hills P.T.’ Now Available In VR


Developed by independent developer @RadiusGordello , Unreal P.T. Unreal P.T. unreal-pt. Radius Gordello Silent Hills Unreal P.T. Gaming’s most frightening hallway is even creepier in VR.

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On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Epic Games’ Technical Director of VR & AR, Nick Whiting

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Whiting oversees the development of the award-winning Unreal Engine 4’s virtual reality efforts. For entertainment, we’re largely using the same techniques of framing and timing from film, but adapted a little bit to make it feel better in VR.

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GDC 2017: Epic Games Teams With Chevrolet On New AR Car Project


Ever since Epic Games opened its Unreal Engine 4 technology to the world, new use cases have been coming in fast and furious. The Blackbird uses professional grade AR, filming a 360 video from the center of the vehicle using Red Epic cameras.

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Experiencing Detroit Through The Eyes Of Eminem


VR film “Marshall From Detroit” gives Sundance attendees a closer look at the city responsible for one of hip hop’s greatest acts. We wanted to take the ‘reality’ out of VR and cook it down into something more unreal, but also truthful.”.

BBC Takes You To Space In VR


The experience was built in 1:1 scale within Unreal Engine. Since being originally developed by the BBC and REWIND in 2016, Home – A VR Spacewalk has won multiple awards, including a Cannes Lion, and has been shown at film festivals around the world.

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Why the Closure of Oculus Story Studio is Good News for VR Filmmakers

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Oculus just officially announced that they’d be winding down Story Studio, the company’s internal VR film studio which produced first-party VR shorts like Lost , Henry , and Dear Angelica. SEE ALSO 'Alien', 'Blade Runner' Director Ridley Scott Launches VR Film Division.

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Cool AR apps to try with Apple’s new phones

Hypergrid Business

Blocker is an application that lets film creators augment film scenes by recording the world around them and place placing virtual objects to the scene. The developer kit works on Unity, Unreal, and Scenekit engines.

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Epic Games Distributes Grants To VR Devs Including Robo Recall Mod Team


During a week where Unity gained a $400 million influx of investment capital, it’s chief rival Epic Games is working to spend $5 million of its own money to facilitate game development for the Unreal Engine. Like Unity, Unreal is a game creation platform that provides both aspiring creators and large, established teams with the tools they need to make digital films, games, assets etc. Unreal Engine VR Industry News Epic Games

‘Kingdom City Drowning’ Looks Like VR’s Very Own ‘Sin City’


This is a new cinematic VR series built in Unreal Engine 4 from phoenixmirror. Talking to UploadVR over email, Phillips revealed that the project was born from his love of the moody atmospheres in games and films like Alien , Silent Hill , and Shadow of the Colossus.

2018 Highlights: Award-winning VR gloves, global customers, and a growing team


Weeks later, we traveled to Park City, Utah to debut our HaptX Glove prototype at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Following the film’s release, The Wall Street Journal profiled HaptX, proclaiming immersive haptics is “closer than you think.” A new generation of HaptX Gloves.

Cannes NEXT Explores New VR Storytelling Trends


” At NEXT they hinted they might be releasing a special toolset for Unreal programmers, so keep an eye out for announcements later this year. News Cannes NEXT Film Festival Penrose Studios Separate Silences Storytelling Ximoan

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Tribeca 2017: Lytro Wants To Capture The World With Volumetric Cameras In Latest Within Video, Hallelujah


You can either get immersive stuff by building on top of Unity or Unreal, but you’re stuck in a videogame world. But the tracking volume is still limited compared to other VR experiences made using graphic engines like Unity or Unreal.

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HoloSuit makes Ready Player One’s haptic suit a reality


Thanks to the well-timed and successful film adaptation of “Ready Player One”, virtual reality has gained even more mainstream attention. Ironically, it has also set up somewhat unreal expectations of what VR is and can do.

VIVE X Startup Mindesk Secures $900K to Create VR Multiuser Design Software

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Last November the company participated in Autodesk University, where they unveiled an integration with Unreal Editor in partnership with Epic Games.

Our First Look At Magic Leap’s Experimental Spatial Computing AR Experience


Available for demo July 28th – August 1st at the Immersive Pavilion, Undersea harnesses the power of the Magic Leap One, as well as Unreal Engine 4 and Vulcan 3.1 Undersea turns your living room into a dynamically generated coral reef biome.

ABE VR Sneak Peak into VR Horror


Hammerhead VR has released ABE VR, a VR cinematic experience based on the multi-award winning short film, and Hollywood planned feature film, written and directed by Rob McLellan. Since the dawn of VR, people have dreamed of having experiences not possible in the real world.

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Apple Announces First VR-Ready Computers

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The company says Metal 2 will also support Unity, Unreal Engine and the Steam VR SDK, making Apple’s new operating system a true VR-native.

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Developer Creates Scan of Apartment to Work Inside of VR for 30 Days

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Since he has a complete 3D model of his studio, he’s also spliced them into Unreal Engine prototypes using the Unreal Engine VR Editor.

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CBS Uses Insta360 Cameras For VR Game Development


Using the Insta360 Titan , the companies recently released 11K cinematic 360-degree camera, Feimster—who also happens to play one of the zany mascots on the show—filmed the ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ audience for one minute before having them stand up. The reaction has been unreal.

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ABE VR, a horror experience of robotic love.

Cats and VR

Hammerhead presents ABE VR, a cinematic VR experience based on the multi-award winning short film, and Hollywood planned feature film, written and directed by Rob McLellan.

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DragonFly: Glassbox Releases New VR Technology for 3D Video


The virtual reality toolset makes it easier than ever to create VR content from live film. Another method involves using a special camera to film events from multiple angles, which are then spliced together. 3D images are a necessary component for any virtual reality experience.

Peter Jackson’s New Studio is All About AR Storytelling


Over the past year Jackson and his team at Wingnut AR, a subdivision of Wingnut Films , have been utilizing Apple’s ARkit to experiment with various types of AR experiences.

SIF: Hands-on with Spheres, Buddy VR and much more!

The Ghost Howls

It is a real-time rendered experience (I guess they have used Unreal Engine), in which you can navigate in the cosmos and see the planets, the stars , etc… You can hear the sounds of the universe, you can see things that you are not able to see in real life (e.g.

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The VR Society’s ‘On The Lot’ is Back—and Fully Augmented


” In addition, Unreal Engine will premiere The Giant: Michelangelo’s David in VR to the public, which lets audiences get up-close with the iconic statue unlike ever before. LIFE VR, Unity, Unreal Engine, VRC and DTS (an Xperi company).

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