First VR Film Shot Aboard ISS Available On Oculus Venues


In honor of National Space Day, Oculus will be streaming a 24-hour loop of developer Felix & Paul’s groundbreaking VR film, Space Explorers: The ISS Experience. You can also catch a 24-hour loop of Part One via Oculus Venues.

The 2021 Venice Film Festival Invades ‘VRChat’


The Venice Film Festival is back with yet another selection of genre-defying VR projects from some of the most exciting creators in the field. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Venice Film Festival without the parties. News Oculus Quest steamvr Venice Film Festival


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Tribeca Film Fest To Release VR Films On Oculus Quest & Go After Coronavirus Cancellation


15 VR short films scheduled to debut at Tribeca Immersive will be available later this month on standalone Oculus headsets. “We founded the Tribeca Film Festival as a way to heal our community after the devastation of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

VR Film ‘Space Explorers’ Just Won A Primetime Emmy


This includes immersive entertainment studio Felix & Paul, whose groundbreaking VR film series Space Explorers: An ISS Experience took home a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program. News 360-degree Oculus Quest Oculus Rift VR Film

Voice-Driven VR Film ‘Kusunda’ Teaches You A Dying Language


Nowhere Media’s breath-taking volumetric VR film makes its world debut at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. This was the inspiration behind Kusunda , a voice-driven VR film centered around the indigenous community of Kusunda located in the landlocked country of Nepal in South Asia.

All-Female VR Film ‘Baba Yaga’ Adds Glenn Close, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Winslet


Today it was announced that Oscar-winners Glenn Close, Jennifer Hudson, and Kate Winslet have officially joined the cast alongside Ridley, establishing what could easily be considered the most impressive all-female cast featured in a VR/AR film thus far.

Painfully Cute VR Film ‘Madrid Noir’ Is A Must-Watch On Quest


Explore the streets of Madrid, Spain to uncover a family mystery in this interactive VR short film. What I enjoyed about this form of storytelling the most was how seamless the transitions were between VR film and interactive experience.

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch These 5 VR Films


The technology offers storytellers the unique opportunity to immerse audiences in ways that would be impossible or considerably more expensive to replicate using conventional film techniques. The following are just a handful of VR films guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Dynamic VR Film ‘Agence’ Lets You Play God With Tiny AI Creatures


According to Pietro Gagliano, creator of Agence and Transition Forms, the “dynamic film” is as much a social experiment as it is entertainment. “I The post Dynamic VR Film ‘Agence’ Lets You Play God With Tiny AI Creatures appeared first on VRScout.

XR Poised For Mass-Market Appeal At Cannes Marché Du Film


The Marché du Film is the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival and one of the largest film markets in the world. Like many festivals this year, the Cannes Marché du Film struggled to attract the usual number of attendees from all over the world to its onsite location.

Tribeca Film Fest Showcasing Oculus VR For Good Films


Oculus doubles-down on Creators Lab program as multiple projects make it into Tribeca. Facebook’s Oculus has made a serious habit out of helping amateur VR entrepreneurs make their collective dreams come true. The result was a flood of these important VR docu-stories taking over the prestigious 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and now the upcoming 2017 Tribeca Film Fest. The post Tribeca Film Fest Showcasing Oculus VR For Good Films appeared first on VRScout.

Five Emotionally Draining VR Films


Thanks to enthusiastic filmmakers–both independent and established–we already have a solid collection of impressive VR films available, many of which have audiences fogging up their headsets. Below is a small selection of incredible VR films that had us emotionally exhausted by the end credits. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve limited our selection to VR films with little-to-no player interaction. You can check out Dear Angelica for free via Oculus.

Every Announcement From The Oculus Gaming Showcase


Oculus teases new games and several long-awaited updates during its first-ever VR gaming showcase. Oculus held its first-ever VR gaming showcase earlier today, revealing new games and several major updates coming to Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift headsets this year.

Oculus 378

Emmy Award-Winning Baobab Studios Casts ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Star Archie Yates In Upcoming VR Film


Crow: The Legend, Bonfire ) has partnered with 3DAR ( Gloomy Eyes, Nespresso VR ) and Oculus on a brand new VR animated short entitled Paper Birds which is scheduled to premiere later this year at the 2020 International Venice Film Festival.

BBC Debuts VR Film ‘We Wait’ For Oculus Rift


BBC has released their first VR short film for the Oculus platform. Known for their stop-motion claymation films starring the characters Wallace and Gromit, this is also Aardman’s first foray into immersive storytelling as well. We Wait premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 10th and is available to download now on Oculus. The post BBC Debuts VR Film ‘We Wait’ For Oculus Rift appeared first on VRScout. News BBC Documentary Film Oculus Rift

2020 Celebrates First-Ever Cannes XR Marché Du Film In VR


During this very peculiar time, the Marché du Film is more than determined to highlight the XR industry and to foster links between artists and potential investors to support creation in all its richness and diversity. Oculus ?.

Felix & Paul’s Creepy VR Film ‘Gymnasia’ Set To Debut At Tribeca Film Festival


The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival is just around the corner and with it comes Tribeca Immersive Virtual Arcade , an entire exhibit dedicated to highlighting creators who explore how storytelling and technology can come together to deliver wondrous VR and AR experience. Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival. The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival runs from April 24 through May 4 in New York City. GYMNASIA will also be available for download on the Oculus Store beginning April 26.

In-Vehicle VR Company Holoride Adds Marvel Film Directors To Its Team


The Russo Brothers join Holoride’s new advisory board alongside Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey. The post In-Vehicle VR Company Holoride Adds Marvel Film Directors To Its Team appeared first on VRScout.

Oculus to Send 6 VR Projects to Tribeca Film Festival 2018

Road to VR

The Tribeca Film Festival starts next month, an annual screening of everything from indie documentaries to family-friendly films. Coming to the festival’s Immersive program, which showcases works by artists who are pushing boundaries and using cutting-edge technology, are six Oculus-funded projects. Oculus most recently sent 5 VR experiences to the Sundance this year, one of which, SPHERES , was sold in a 7-figure deal while there. image courtesy Oculus.

Vudu App Brings 200K Movies & TV Shows To Oculus Quest


Catch first-run theatrical releases like Ryan Reynold’s new film Free Guy in VR on Oculus Quest headsets. The app even features support for over 100 3D films; a perfect fit for VR. The Vudu VR app is available now for free on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

Oculus 301

VR Film Places Entire Audience Into A Shared Immersive Experience


An experimental new VR film experience entitled CAVE will debut later this month during the Tribeca Film Festival, immersing an entire audience into a captivating virtual experience in which they’ll feel each other’s physical presence as a story unfolds before them. Some would say that this sounds a lot like Oculus Venues , an app that allows you to watch concerts, sports, and other events with friends in VR. Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival.

EXCLUSIVE: Dreamlike VR Experience ‘The Key’ Set To Debut At Tribeca Film Fest


Lucid Dreams Productions director Celine Tricart and producer Gloria Bradbury partnered with the Oculus VR for Good Creators Lab , to push storytelling in a compelling new direction. Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival. Sun Ladies made its world premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and screened at SXSW, HotDocs, Cannes NEXT, Beijing Film Festival, and various other high-profile festivals.

Bigscreen’s Partnership With Paramount Pictures Brings Blockbuster Films To VR


Paramount’s biggest 2D & 3D films head to Bigscreen Cinema platform as part of a multi-year deal. Starting today, four blockbuster films will premiere on the Bigscreen platform every week. In addition to 2D films, Bigscreen will also show select movies in 3D. .

Oculus Quest 2 Review: Better, Faster, Stronger Standalone VR


The Oculus Quest 2 is the most exciting piece of VR hardware to hit the market since Facebook’s original standalone VR headset, offering incredible visuals, increased processing power, and a smaller, lighter design—all for a lower price than the first-generation model.

Oculus 349

Avant-garde Interactive VR Story Catalog, ‘Corpus Misty,’ Now Available On Oculus App Store


Peering behind the scenes of Corpus Misty , VR Coven strategically chose to create the assets using Oculus Medium , one of the project sponsors, to promote accessible tools and design standards encouraging non-technical artists to feel represented by the project process.

Oculus 315

Every Major Oculus Quest & Rift Announcement Made At Oculus Connect 6


Native hand tracking, PC/standalone hybrid functionality, and new games confirmed for the Oculus platform. That’s a wrap on Oculus Connect 6. Facebook’s annual two-day developer conference dedicated to all things Oculus brought its A-game this year delighting users with a series of surprise bombshells, as well as updates on several highly-anticipated updates and experiences. Oculus Link launches this November ; Oculus will be offering its own official USB-C cable as well. .

Oculus 264

‘Dear Angelica’, Oculus Story Studio’s Latest VR Film, is Out Now for Free

Road to VR

After its announcement nearly a year ago, the much anticipated illustrative VR narrative from Oculus Story Studio, Dear Angelica , finally makes its way onto the Oculus Store. Oculus Story Studio was set up with the remit to explore what was possible in the newly emerging medium of virtual reality storytelling. As such, the studio has up to now produced two VR films, each markedly different in look and feel from the last.

Social VR Movie Platform Bigscreen Streaming Critically-Acclaimed Film ‘Selma’ For Free


Paramount Pictures’ powerful film heads to VR in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. To tell this story, Paramount Pictures produced the film Selma based on the historic events that transpired in 1965.

Oculus Quest 2 – Your First Five Downloads


The Oculus Quest 2 has finally arrived! Facebook’s new-and-improved standalone VR headset features 2k per eye resolution powered by a custom Snapdragon XR2 chipset, improved ergonomics, and new Touch controllers; all for $100 less than the original Oculus Quest.

Oculus 297

Five Terrifying Oculus Quest 2 Games Perfect For Halloween


Set the mood this Halloween season with the following VR horror games on Oculus Quest 2. From psychological horror experiences to gruesome first-person shooters, there’s no shortage of horror on the Oculus Quest 2. Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition.

Oculus 329

Climber Alex Honnold talks The Soloist VR, film’s future

Digital Trends

Renowned rock climber Alex Honnold talks about his new film, The Soloist VR, and how VR could enhance documentaries and blockbusters like The Batman. Feature Movies & TV Oculus 2 shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings The Batman the soloist vr Virtual Reality

Samsung XR and EarthX Debut Environmentally-focused 360 Short Films

Road to VR

Samsung has partnered with EarthX to debut a dozen immersive short films on the Samsung XR video platform from environmentally-focused filmmakers. EarthXR is part of EarthXFilm, the film arm of EarthX and an environmental film festival which coincides with the annual EarthXExpo.

Making ‘The Remedy’ – How A Veteran Illustrator Made one of VR’s Best Short Films With ‘Quill’

Road to VR

Perhaps no project to date shows the potential of Quill— Oculus’ VR illustration and animation tool — quite like The Remedy. Peixie shared with us a glimpse inside of the production process which brought the film to life. Install/update the Oculus TV app.

WWF Partners With Oculus On VR Nature Documentary Series Shot In Cinematic 5.7k


PHORIA’s three-part series launches June 8th on Oculus Quest and Go. Ecosphere sets a new standard for natural-history storytelling on the Oculus platform,” said Eric Cheng, Head of Immersive Media for Facebook’s Oculus, in an official release.

Oculus 418

Oculus Goes Behind the Scenes with Chris O’Dowd in VR Film ‘The Evolution of the Testicles’

Road to VR

In honor of World Cancer Day, Oculus unveiled some behind the scenes footage of their latest VR project highlighting testicular cancer, The Evolution of the Testicles. ” Image courtesy Oculus. The Evolution of Testicles is a light-hearted way to remind fellas that we’re all in this together, our balls need to be taken care of, and there’s nothing to lose from having a squeeze,” O’Dowd told Oculus in an interview.

The 64th BFI London Film Festival Announces LFF Expanded, A New Strand Of XR, And Immersive Art


The BFI London Film Festival, in partnership with American Express, today announces LFF Expanded: the Festival’s new dedicated strand of XR and Immersive Art. LFF Expanded will be open throughout the BFI London Film Festival (October 17th to the 18th).

This VR Documentary is Filming Outside of the ISS so You Can See Space With Your Own Eyes

Road to VR

The first two episodes transport you to the rarefied air of the ISS interior, however the studios today announced that they’ve begun filming episodes three and four outside of the ISS, letting you virtually experience the edge of space via 3D, 360 video.