Magic Leap Founder Rony Abovitz Unveils New Startup to Build Virtual Humans

Road to VR

Rony Abovitz, founder of Magic Leap, is starting on a new path after his departure as CEO of the well-funded augmented reality company last year. Continuing, Abovitz says the startup isn’t trying to “take on like the largest tech companies in the world,” à la Magic Leap. “It’s

Our First Look At Magic Leap’s Experimental Spatial Computing AR Experience


Undersea , a new spatial computing AR experience developed for the Magic Leap One headset, is set to premiere next week at the 46th annual SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference in Los Angeles. Available for demo July 28th – August 1st at the Immersive Pavilion, Undersea harnesses the power of the Magic Leap One, as well as Unreal Engine 4 and Vulcan 3.1 Image Credit: Magic Leap. Featured Image Credit: Magic Leap.


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First-Person Angry Birds Game Announced For Magic Leap One


One mobile gaming’s most prolific franchises arrives on the Magic Leap One this fall. Since the launch of its first game in 2009, popular mobile franchise Angry Birds has received an astonishing 17 different releases, 4 spin-off games, a comic book series, even an animated film voiced by a cast of A-list celebrities. . The title is expected to launch on Magic Leap One Creator Edition headsets this fall.

Magic Leap Founder Launches the Company He 'Really' Wanted to Start, a Film & Music Studio with Virtual Artists

Next Reality AR

The company augmented reality that Rony Abovitz was trying to build at Magic Leap apparently wasn't working out the way he hoped it would. Don't Miss: Magic Leap Made.

The XR Week Peek (2020.06.13): Magic Leap exploring a sale, events are going virtual and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap is on sale. A report on Bloomberg informed us all that Magic Leap is exploring a sale of the company. Also because the brand “Magic Leap” is not as shiny as before , when we were all expecting great things from it.

Magic Leap Announces First Round of Independent Creator Program Grant Recipients

Road to VR

Magic Leap is giving away serious cash to developers this year through their Independent Creator Program , which has earmarked an “eight-figure” number destined to fund app developers working in gaming, entertainment, collaboration, productivity, and more. Magic Leap says in their blogpost the list below isn’t comprehensive, as some grant recipients are still in stealth mode and will announce themselves and their projects at a later date.

Star Wars: Project Porg Is Like A Tamagotchi For Magic Leap, Out Now


That’s right, Project Porg is now available for Magic Leap One. A few years back we reported that Magic Leap had partnered with ILMxLAB, a division of Lucasfilm. Sort of like the film itself! This week the app launched for Magic Leap One owners. AR Entertainment Experiences Magic Leap Magic Leap One Star Wars: Project Porg

Magic Leap Taps Andy Serkis For ‘Orc-Like’ Motion Capture Character


The Oscar nominated actors performance-capture studio partners with Magic Leap to bring fresh content to their MR platform. Now the celebrated actor, director and author has taken his talents to augmented reality thanks to an ongoing partnership with Magic Leap. Introducing Grishneck , Magic Leap’s 3D animated “Orc-like” character portrayed by Serkis. Image Credit: Magic Leap / The Imaginarium.

Magic Leap Books Augmented Reality Experience with Air New Zealand

Next Reality AR

If touring the scenic vistas behind the Lord of the Rings film franchise doesn't persuade tourists to visit New Zealand, perhaps immersive content viewed through Magic Leap One will do the trick. On Thursday, Air New Zealand announced a strategic partnership with Magic Leap, with the airline developing immersive content that showcases the country as a vacation destination.

Our First Interview With Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz


I had an interesting conversation with Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz on Oct. 9 — the first day of LEAPCon — after filming a 30 minute presentation about their first marquee game, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders. During the second day of the event Magic Leap hosted a 3-hour keynote which revealed, among other things, a plan to support two controllers with Magic Leap One in 2019. We didn’t build it just to do Magic Leap One.

Weta’s Concept First-person Shooter is Really Coming to Magic Leap One

Road to VR

Magic Leap One, the upcoming AR headset from one of the most well-funded startups in history, is said to arrive sometime this year. Talking to Rolling Stone , Weta Gameshop designer and artist Greg Broadmore revealed that an upcoming first-person shooter called Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders , which is slated to launch alongside Magic Leap One, has been the headset’s longest-developed game. image courtesy Magic Leap.

New Magic Leap Videos Shows AR Shopping and Voice Control

Road to VR

A new video of Magic Leap’s augmented reality tech in action was shown at a conference in China today. On stage at the event, Magic Leap CMO Brian Wallace had a one-on-one discussion with Alibaba CMO Chris Tung (Alibaba is one of Magic Leap’s major investors ). Part way through the discussion Wallace introduced a new video showing off the experience of Magic Leap’s mysterious augmented reality tech.

Magic Leap’s Mica AI Is Like A 21st Century Rorschach Test


Magic Leap introduced a concept called Mica and called it “her” during a section of its 3-hour keynote this week about how an artificial intelligence could operate as an assistant to humans. I feel like I met in person what Magic Leap showed in its video. I was able to see her because Magic Leap equipped me with a Magic Leap One and told me to enter the room. AR Leap Con Magic Leap One Mica

Andy Serkis to Star as “orc-like” Motion Capture Character for Magic Leap One

Road to VR

Andy Serkis, the actor-director you may recognize for his award-winning performances as Gollum in the Lord of The Rings film franchise, is lending his likeness to a new AR creation for Magic Leap One headset in what The Hollywood Reporter describes as an “orc-like creature.” According to the report, The Imaginarium has worked with Magic Leap for at least five years, marked by the moment when Serkis first visited their offices.

ILMxLab’s John Gaeta Joins Magic Leap as Senior VP of Creative Strategies

Road to VR

John Gaeta, known for his work as visual effects supervisor on The Matrix trilogy and for launching Lucasfilm’s immersive media branch ILMxLab , is joining the mysterious augmented reality start-up Magic Leap. As reported by The Verge , Gaeta says he’s joined Magic Leap as Senior Vice President of Creative Strategies. “It Gaeta says he’ll continue to work with the ILMxLab team on its Magic Leap projects in his new role.

This is What Star Wars Looks Like Running on Magic Leap

Road to VR

This is a quick demonstration video released by ILMxLab and Magic Leap to mark the announcement of the two company’s newly announced collaboration. They’ve set up a “collaboration lab” in order to work on immersive experiences using Lucasfilm IP and driven by Magic Leap’s augmented reality technology. See also: Magic Leap and ILMxLab Announce “Collaboration Lab” Strategic Partnership.

Magic Leap CEO: ‘We have made something that is small, mobile, powerful, and we think pretty cool’

Road to VR

Magic Leap is a mystery. Now founder and CEO Rony Abovitz offers a bit more in his recent blog post entitled Creativity Matters , where he speaks about some of the changes coming to the company in 2017, and for what it’s worth, says it’ll be “a big year for Magic Leap.” ” SEE ALSO Magic Leap CEO: "We’re gearing up to ship millions of things". A home where we can test how Magic Leap will fit into your life each day.”

Magic Leap & AT&T Team Up to Bring Fans 'Fantastic Beasts' AR Movie Experience in Chicago

Next Reality AR

Now, to help build on its holiday momentum, the film is getting another promotional assist from augmented reality in the form of the Magic Leap One. Don't Miss: The 5 Most Innovative Augmented Reality Products of 2018 The special experience, which is only available to the public at AT&T's Michigan Avenue store in Chicago, was revealed by Magic Leap on Sunday via Twitter.

Luxexcel & WaveOptics Partner To Bring AR-Powered Prescription Lenses To The Masses


By merging the work being done at Luxexcel and WaveOptics, the two companies are promising an AR headset that is more streamlined than existing solutions such as Nreal or Magic Leap. AR prescription glasses arrive Q2 of 2021.

These Sleepless Nights, An XR Experience On Magic Leap One, Premieres at Venice Film Festival

Charlie Fink

"These Sleepless Nights" a spatial computing experience for the Magic Leap One that explores the feeling of homelessness, premieres at the Venice Film Festival today

AR Takes Center Stage At SXSW 2020


The annual festival will debut new AR experiences from Magic Leap, Intel, and director Virginia Galloway. Magic Leap’s The Last Light. The first is The Last Light , an AR film powered by the Magic Leap One headset.

Exposing Homelessness Through Eviction With ‘These Sleepless Nights’ Mixed Reality Mini-Doc


The Magic Leap-powered AR exhibit premiers at the Venice Film Festival. This experience combines the AR power of a Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset with spatial computing technology to immerse you in stories of those who have experienced the hardships of America’s ongoing eviction crisis; whether it be from the perspective of a confused child, or that of a troubled parent. Homelessness is an epidemic that affects people all around the globe.

Leaping Into the AR Magicverse?

Tech Trends VR

Magic Leap finally materializes into a product some of us can actually buy, yet the real test will be whether developers take the bait. With a final fanfare of unnecessary theatrics, it seems like people will now be able to get their hands on this elusive Augmented Reality headset, so developers can start making their own reality with Magic Leap One Creator Edition. Magic Leap is finally out, but do we even care? The post Leaping Into the AR Magicverse?

Early Augmented Reality Concept Film That Envisioned the Future Gets a Sequel Powered by Kickstarter

Next Reality AR

Long before the HoloLens or the Magic Leap One, a California-based team of independent filmmakers envisioned what the future of augmented reality might look like. Now, after millions of people viewed the initial short film called "Sight," the directors, operating under the name Robot Genius, are looking to extend their futuristic vision.

Magic Leap Could be a Great Strategic Acquisition


Since Magic Leap’s inception in 2011, there has been great innovation in the technology sector focused in the virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR)/mixed reality (MR) space with Magic Leap trying to create a new hardware interface designs. However over the last 6 years, Magic Leap has continually run into issues with its product pipeline causing critics to swarm on the perceived failure of the company. Enter Magic Leap.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.28): Valve Index is now available immediately, Oculus and Magic Leap update their devices and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Magic Leap has just rolled an important update. Magic Leap this week has rolled an important Update to LuminOS , adding important features: There is now full hands tracking, and the user can see the mesh of his/her hand. This is very important… since it enables the use of Magic Leap inside LBAR installations and in enterprise settings (collaborations of users in a factory, for instance). I wish you’re having some nice vacations!

Alejandro Inarritu and Legendary are Creating a VR Short Film


The acclaimed director of films like Babel , Birdman and The Revenant is teaming up with long-time collaborator cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki to create an experimental VR short film. The VR short film will follow a group of immigrants and refugees crossing the border between Mexico and the United States. Both films got the duo back-to-back best director Oscar wins. ILMxLAB is already working on a Star Wars VR film with David S.

Sundance Film Festival to Feature 18 VR & AR Experiences Next Month

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Park City, Utah is already preparing for next month’s annual Sundance Film Festival, and this time around 18 AR & VR films and exhibitions are set to debut at the festival’s New Frontier program. ” The 2019 Sundance Film Festival runs from January 24th, 2019 through February 3rd, 2019 in Park City , Utah. The post Sundance Film Festival to Feature 18 VR & AR Experiences Next Month appeared first on Road to VR.

These Sleepless Nights Highlights America’s Eviction Crisis Using Mixed Reality

Peter Graham

Commissioned by The Next Amendment , an initiative whose goal is: “Eventually a national right to shelter could be added to the Constitution as the 28th amendment,” These Sleepless Nights is a dual piece, a documentary which premiered this week at the 76th Venice Film Festival and an MR installation involving a giant cube in San Francisco and Washinton D.C.

Augmented Reality Documentary 'These Sleepless Nights' Explores the US Homelessness Epidemic

Next Reality AR

A new film called These Sleepless Nights, which debuted at the 76th Venice International Film Festival, is an augmented reality documentary viewable through the Magic Leap One headset. Don't Miss: 5 Magic Leap Apps You're Probably Missing, Including Star Wars, the Magicverse Matrix, AR Jenga, & More The. Augmented reality can be more than simply a way to enhance navigation, or superimpose virtual sunglasses onto your face.

Sundance: Breathe Is A Multi-Person Mixed Reality Experience Powered By Breathing


Environmentally-conscious XR is all the rage at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival New Frontier showcase. Before the experience could begin, we first had to don a Magic Leap One mixed reality headset along with a strap equipped with biometric sensors that tracked our breathing patterns.

Poppy Makes You Question Reality In RYOT’s Latest AR Piece


It’s her thing and The Jester’s Tale from RYOT is no exception, presenting a mix of Magic Leap technology and live performance that shows how easily the lines can blur between our physical and digital worlds. News AR Augmented Reality Poppy RYOT Sundance Film Festival 2019 The Jester's TaleOne of music’s strangest acts invades Sundance with an even stranger AR experience.

Tribeca Immersive 2019: A VR Arcade In Review


Now a few years into curating immersive experiences, including this year’s Cinema360 theater and the spacey Virtual Arcade, Tribeca Film Festival has firmly planted its flag as an advocate for digital design and emerging tech by acknowledging the art of creators working at the intersection of augmented, virtual and mixed-reality overall. Yours truly checking out Game of Thrones The Dead Must Di e for the Magic Leap One // Image Credit: Darragh Dandurand.

Patent Pending: Progressive Reality Eyewear for Mixed Reality.

RealVision VR

Coincidentally or not, concept images for Apple’s rumored AR glasses actually show round frames, as does Magic Leap’s Magic Leap One glasses. Today, the Hololens and Magic Leap One are improving on the quality of the visuals, world tracking, while slowly expanding the field of view. Think Tank Augmented Reality Apple AR Arcore Arkit Hololens Magic Leap Vuzix Blade progressive realityProgressiveReality™.

Sundance New Frontier Announces 2019 Line-Up


Sundance Film Festival has revealed their 2019 lineup for the New Frontier Exhibition. ” The 2019 Sundance Film Festival New Frontier slate: FILMS AND PERFORMANCES. Fusing documentary-realism with magic-realism, and true and fictionalized stories with poetry and dreams. With powerful 360°-sequence shots, the film portrays a paradoxical journey along globalized trade routes. Image Credit: Sundance Film Festival.

Cinematic Augmented Reality Movies are coming

RealVision VR

While everyone counted on Magic Leap to bring AR eye-wear to the masses, what Magic Leap did in-fact was lend a stigma to Augmented Reality with unfulfilled promises. Cinematic AR films: A new genre for Home Entertainment. Augmented Reality’s time has come.

EMBODY Brings Cooperative VR Well-Being To Sundance


Melissa and her team at MAP are no strangers to the Sundance circuit, having released an AR-based experience entitled HEROES on the Magic Leap Creator Edition One during 2017’s festivities. News EMBODY HEROES lululemon Sundance Film Festival VR Yoga Whitespace Windows Mixed RealityTransform a surreal digital environment with your own body while enhancing your well-being in this social VR experience.