The XR Week Peek (2021.03.01): Sony confirms PSVR 2, Facebook teases Quest 2 Pro, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony). Sony officially states it is going to launch the PSVR 2. PlayStation VR has been the most successful headset until now (if we exclude the crappy mobile viewers), but now it is pretty dated and people were wondering what Sony was going to do. Header image by Sony).

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Nokia and Sony Pictures Team Up For 360-Degree Content


Nokia, a huge information technology company founded in 1865, has developed their own tool for 360-degree filming: The Nokia OZO. It’s designed to be an end to end tool that simplifies the process and, via press release, Nokia has announced a content partnership with Sony Pictures. “VR We’re thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures and its talented storytellers to apply our technology and create experiences only possible with OZO – like 3D 360 live VR broadcast.”.

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Sony’s Streaming Service Crackle Jumps Into VR


Announced last week by Crackle, Sony’s free streaming TV network, original drama series Snatch will be getting an exclusive VR bonus experience on PlayStation VR this summer. The episode was shot over a span of four days in Manchester, with each actor filming on separate days. Crackle mentioned that the VR theater will be developed for smartphones, Google Cardboard, Gear VR and PlayStation VR.

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Google Announces ARCore 1.0 Update and New AR Experiences


Google’s ARCore is getting an update that brings improved environmental understanding and lets developers now publish AR apps to the Play Store. The augmented reality SDK currently works on 13 different devices right now (Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL; Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8+, Note8, S7 and S7 edge; LGE’s V30 and V30+ (Android O only); ASUS’s Zenfone AR; and OnePlus’s OnePlus 5). Google also teased us with an exclusive Ghostbusters World ARCore app.

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Family Gaming: VR Experiences Transforming Together Time Under Lockdown


For over 10 years Angry Birds has delighted audiences with all sortf of family friendly content, including games, film, and TV. Companion apps are free, available on the Ap p Store and Google Play. There are several affordable and accessible options available at the moment, such as Google Cardboard and a plethora of DIY VR kits options available online that kids and their parents build and decorate together. Image Credit: Sony PlayStation.

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These Are The Apps You Can Now Download on Google Daydream


No, not the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro , we’re talking about the arrival of Google Daydream, the company’s new mobile VR ecosystem. There are a lot of apps coming in the next few weeks, but Google has got a handful of its own experiences and games ready for launch day, which will hopefully satisfy VR gamers and general enthusiasts alike. Google Photos. Google Arts & Culture. The big day is here.

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Jaunt Brings Award-Winning VR Content To PlayStation VR


Today, Jaunt has applications on just about every consumer VR platform including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. The only notable exception to Jaunt’s availability on the various hardware platforms was Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. The PS VR is compatible only with Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game console. Tagged with: jaunt , playstation , PS VR , sony. Sony VR Industry News jaunt playstation PS VR sony

John Cusack & Christina Ricci Make Their VR Debut In ?Distorted Reality?


To compliment the theatrical film release of Distorted on June 22nd, Minds Eye Entertainment and SkyVR have partnered to produce Distorted Reality , a scripted, live-action cinematic VR distributed through OneTouchVR on Google Daydream, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and iOS. The content will also be available in stereo 3D through the Littlstar app on Sony’s Playstation VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and more.

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Justice League VR Coming to HTC Vive & Oculus Rift


Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are stepping up promotion for the upcoming superhero film with a few Justice League VR experiences of their own. Expected to be rolled out in phases prior to the theatrical opening on November 17, 2017, the Justice League VR experience will have a four-stage unveiling that culminates with a full blown room-scale experience for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google DayDream and Sony PSVR.

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Jaunt Announced A Virtual Reality App For Sony’s PlayStation VR


a California-based Virtual Reality content creation firm has taken creative storytelling a step further by announcing a VR app for Sony’s PlayStation VR. Jaunt, which was founded back in 2013, has launched an app called the Jaunt VR App for Sony’PlayStation in order to offer the users with the next generation VR experience. They do not have to go anywhere when it comes to enjoying the award-winning VR experiences which cover everything from film, music, travel, and sports etc.

Everything You Need To Know About the PlayStation VR and Its Launch Games


Google offers its Cardboard brand of experiences, which is the lowest tier of VR available. Above that exists the Samsung Gear VR headset and the upcoming Google Daydream , which are similar to the Cardboard, but more powerful and comfortable. This isn’t a game and it’s not a review, but the free animated short film, Allumette , also released today and is absolutely worth a watch. gaming PSVR Sony 50 Days of PS VR PlayStation VR PS VR ps4 sony

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Holo Introduces Holograms Of Real People to Your Pictures And Videos


To simultaneously promote the new technology and an upcoming film, 8i partnered with Sony Pictures to give users a hologram of Spider-Man from the Homecoming film to add to their pictures and videos. ” The partnership with Sony is just the beginning of their desire to have exclusive content available for the app. Holo is available for free on the iOS Store for iPhone and on Google Play Store for Android devices.

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Four Great Daydream Exclusives No One Will Ever Play


Some 30 months ago, I bought a Google Pixel. Those were all added bonuses to the main draw of this device for me: Google Daydream. It’s also Google’s first phone that doesn’t support Daydream. Daydream was intended to be Google’s big VR push, throwing its hat into the ring against Facebook, Valve and Sony. Most damaging of all though is the arrival of Pixel 3a, a phone designed to reverse Google’s slowing smartphone sales.

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Makers of Ghostbusters World Scare Up Sneak Peek of Gameplay Footage

Next Reality AR

Sony's Ghost Corps, the caretaker of the Ghostbusters franchise, just released some pre-alpha gameplay footage from the upcoming Ghostbusters World location-based AR game to whet the appetites of would-be hunters of the paranormal. Built on the new Google Maps API, the game looks about as similar to Pokémon GO as expected. To reveal nearby ghosts, players use the famed PKE meter from the films.

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Spider-Man Gets The Web AR Treatment With Into The Spider-Verse AR


Today, Sony Pictures is bringing the wall-crawling heroics of Spider-Man to modern mobile devices around the world in a free web AR experience. As you can assume from the name, the Spider-Verse Web AR Experience is based on the upcoming animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which the young Miles Morales version of the web-slinger meets Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, and multiple other incarnations of the titular hero.

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Slappy The Ventriloquist Dummy Is Back With A New Christmas AR Experience


As the partnership between Sony Films and Krikey continues to towards the third AR game in the planned trilogy, it’s undeniable that Hollywood has begun to recognize the possibilities of AR and VR as next-level marketing tools capable of delivering meaningful advertisements that extend further than simple TV spots and print ads. For example, Universal Pictures used AR and VR for two of their recent 2018 films.

Hollywood Embraces its Future in VR at the 2017 Lumiere Awards


Filmmaker and VR Creator, Jon Favreau, was honored with the Society’s Harold Lloyd Award for innovative storytelling in films like The Jungle Book, and his exploration into VR with Gnomes & Goblins. A pioneering creative tool in VR; Google’s Tilt Brush was awarded for empowering artists from all realms to experiment, design and create all kinds of art in virtual reality. Century Award: Google Earth VR. Google Earth VR for helping the world see the world.

The Best 360º Cameras: VR Professionals Weigh-In


Former EP at Vrse.Works, filmed 360° video for NY Times, Within, Facebook, Airbnb, Muse, Mastercard and more. I’m also a huge fan of all of the Google Jump cameras [such as the Yi Halo]. Filmed 360° video for Conan, Vogue, Jaunt, Discovery, TBS, USA, Lexus and more. It functions reliably and the Google Jump stitching platform is truly game-changing. We’re huge fans of stereo at 30 Ninjas, and Google Jump’s stitching is the best around.

Distorting Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

To complement the theatrical film release of Distorted on June 22nd, Minds Eye Entertainment and SkyVR have partnered to produce “Distorted Reality,” a scripted, live-action cinematic VR distributed through OneTouchVR on Google Daydream, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and iOs. The content will also be available in stereo 3D through the Littlstar app on Sony’s Playstation VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and more.

Power Rangers VR App Coming This Week


Coming to a mobile headset like Gear VR or Google Play on March 8th, the “Power Rangers: Zords Rising” is a 2-minute mobile VR experience created in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, Lionsgate and Reel FX. You’ll get to explore the Ranger’s base from the film and even see giant hologram versions of the Rangers themselves that you can select your favorite to join them in the cockpit for some Zord-piloting action.

Masterclass in Cinematic & Hybrid Virtual Reality Filmmaking.

RealVision VR

“Think in 360” – A Masterclass in Cinematic VR filmmaking: The emphasis of the Cinematic VR Masterclass is to help Directors, Dps, Animators, Ad Agencies and Content producers to “THINK” in 360 when developing films and content to gear up for the new wave in how visual entertainment and content is being consumed – In Virtual Reality! It can be seen in the feature films section. The difference between so-called 2D VR films, Stereoscopic 360, and interactive VR.

The XR Week Peek (2020.07.07): Facebook shows thin sunglasses, Iron Man VR gets released and more!

The Ghost Howls

Together with this, Facebook also employs holographic optics, which is a bit more difficult to explain, but basically, it is lik e a tiny plastic film that has saved inside the information on how to bend laser light rays in a particular way. Google acquires North. It is official: after we all heard the rumor that Google was acquiring North for $180M, the Big G has confirmed the acquisition, not disclosing the actual amount of the deal. Sony Dreams adds PSVR support.

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8th Annual Lumiere Awards For Creative Filmmaking Expands VR Categories


Virtual reality receives new categories as it takes center stage at this years awards for creative work in film, TV & VR. In an unexpected turn of events, the society’s incredibly rare Century Award will be given to the massively successful Google Earth VR application. Society President Jim Chabin expressed his love for the project: “The Google VR Experience empowers every citizen of the world to explore and learn about our world with VR. Best VR Film.

Over 20 Use Cases of Smart Glasses, VR Headsets, and Smartwatches at Airports


Ideas on the ground and on board: The airport industry first began toying with wearable technology with the release of the original Google Glass in 2013. In fact, airports and airlines gave us some of the earliest – and incredibly imaginative – use cases of Google Glass Explorer Edition, arguably the device that set enterprise wearables in motion. Japan Airlines and JetFly have also tested the headset, which can store up to 40 high-def films including five VR titles.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


You can enjoy the full audio recording below: In this weekly VRScout Report, Google makes music for Daydream, using AR to solve crimes, downgraded headset sales projections, prepping human head transplant for reality w/ VR, see your unborn child w/ VR, funding wrapup, and more… Special thanks to featured guest Jesse Damiani of VRScout. GOOGLE DAYDREAM MAKES MUSIC AND TWO NEW PHONES ARE READY.

The Crazy VR World of China Joy 2016


Among the expected fare of films, games, animation, audio products and cosplay during the four-day conference, there was one obvious and unavoidable sorta newcomer to the scene — virtual reality. Most of that hardware growth will be fueled by key products from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Oculus and Google. The ridiculous and amazing things we scouted in Shanghai.

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The 2019 VR Awards Winners Recognized for Outstanding VR Tech


This year’s 70+ person judging panel included academic professors and researchers as well as representatives from Google, HTC, HP, Deloitte, NVIDIA, Apache, and others. The Sony game was nominated for four DICE Awards this year, but failed to take home any of them. The experience now sits in the hall of fame with Google Tilt Brush , which won the category in 2017. VR Film of the Year. VR Film of the Year went to Wolves in the Walls: It’s All Over.

The VR Society’s ‘On The Lot’ is Back—and Fully Augmented


A partial list of exhibitors includes: AMD Studios, Barco, Create VR, Dell, Google, HP | Nvidia, Intel, Koncept VR, Legend, LOOT Interactive, Lytro, Positron, Sony Music, Technicolor, Time Inc., thelotstudios #filming #hollywood #studio #weho #summer. ‘On The Lot’ is back—and now featuring AR—October 13 and 14 at The Lot in West Hollywood.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.02.17): Half-Life Alyx will launch on March, 23rd, MWC has been canceled and much more!

The Ghost Howls

More info (Use Google Translate). Google Chrome now supports WebAR. The news of the week regarding WebAR is that finally, Chrome 81 will implement the WebXR standard for what concerns augmented reality, making easier to enjoy WebAR experiences through Google’s browser. More info (Google Chrome 81 supports AR) More info (Nicolò Carpignoli’s initiative). More info (News on filming) More info (A shot recorded by a fan).

Watch ‘Escape Code,’ A Neon-Soaked 360-Film About Our Cyberpunk Future


Escape Code is a 360-degree short film directed and animated by Josh Hassin and the San Diego, CA based studio, Look Mister that seems inspired by many of these ideas. The entire short film, embedded below, was created in Unity and is driven by a synthwave soundtrack scored by Emmy award winning composer RAD LAZER (aka Rafter Roberts). Josh Hassin: The film is really more of a teaser than a full narrative.

XR Technology Conference AWE Goes Live


Google’s Dr. Ivan Poupyrev. Google’s Engineering Director, Dr. Ivan Poupyrev, discussed the allure of XR technology as being a reimagining of the computer interface in his talk. SVP of Emerging Technology and Innovation Strategy Tony Driscoll, Sony SVP of VR Jake Zim, Paramount Futurist Ted Schilowitz, and Arcadium President Marcie Jastrow. For example, film companies now know that editors don’t necessarily need to travel to location to work on a film.

Hollywood Is Throwing A Big VR Conference Next Month


Google is set to debut their Daydream platform, Oculus is hosting their third annual developer conference and Sony will finally release their PlayStation VR headset. Educational partners include Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. The two-day summit takes place at Paramount Studios October 13-14. October is going to be a busy month for VR.

These are the Nominees for VR Bound’s First VR Awards


Sony PlayStation VR. Google – Tilt Brush. GoogleGoogle Earth VR. Interactive VR Media/Film of the Year : 5TH WALL – ‘The Mummy’ Zero Gravity Stunt VR Experience. Google – Tabel. As we reported last February , VR Bound- along with sponsors, including AMD and HP- are organizing the inaugural VR awards in London on September 23rd.

The Chinese Room Launches “So Let Us Melt” VR Game


The studio’s growing visibility and size culminated in Everybody’s Gone To Rapture , a 2015 exploration game created in collaboration with Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The release of that game and what The Chinese Room underwent to achieve it led co-founder Jessica Curry to depart the studio in 2015 due to the ‘toxic relationship’ she described enduring in order to get Sony to publish the game. So Let Us Melt is out now on the Google Play Store priced at $9.49.

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VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


Sony – Playstation VR. Google – Daydream View. Google – Tilt Brush. GoogleGoogle Earth VR. Nominees for Interactive VR Media/Film of the Year. Google – Tabel. An evening dedicated to celebrating the past years VR accomplishments.

Unity Technologies Hosting Vision VR/AR Summit Asia in Beijing


Unity revealed that representatives from Google, Samsung Gear VR, PTC Vuforia, Sony PlayStation VR, and Microsoft HoloLens will be on hand to discuss new developments in their individual technologies. Best Film / Interactive Story. The very first Vision VR/AR Summit was home to keynote addresses from established leaders in the emerging industries, leaders such as Gabe Newell of SteamVR, Palmer Luckey of Oculus, and Dr. Richard Marks of PlayStation VR.

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Pixar Magic: How Magnopus Brought The Wonder Of Coco To Life In VR


The Google meta description for their website explains that they aim to “tell stories without borders” and the “What” page of the site states that they’re “creating the impossible by any means necessary.” Instead of re-enacting or watching a scene from the recent Blade Runner film, the Memory Lab experience gives you total freedom. We even had the Disney Technology and Innovation Group approach us to explore VR with one of our film projects.”