Gaining Behavioural Insight with Eye-Tracking VR Tech

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Companies can now track where a users’ gaze wanders and use that data to design fine-tuned experiences. Eye-tracking technology is gaining in scope and popularity as immersive virtual experiences become more widely used Click To Tweet.

Interview: Automotive Specialist Zerolight on Finessing Software Through Eye Tracking

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With this in mind, Zerolight continually looks to optimise the software via the use of eye-tracking and heatmaps. Using a headset like the HTC Vive Eye, Zerolight can monitor where a customer is looking, what draws their attention and how long they may look at specific areas.

How does eye tracking work?


Eye tracking could become a standard peripheral in VR/AR headsets. Tracking gaze direction can deliver many benefits. Foveated rendering, for instance, optimizes GPU resources by using eye tracking data. Eye tracking is complex.

Showing Off VR 2.0 at #CES2019

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So by that measure, Pimax over-delivered at CES 2019 with its Leap Motion bundle featuring 8K VR headset with built-in speakers, 200° FOV and optional eye tracking being developed in partnership with 7invensun. Alice Bonasio is a VR Consultant and Tech Trends’ Editor in Chief.

7 Virtual Reality Trends We’re Predicting for 2018


The global virtual reality market is on track to generate $26.89 Considering that 2016 earnings barely topped $2 billion, the growth trend is encouraging, to say the least. Also encouraging are the VR market trends that show how virtual reality technology is maturing.

Getting Hands-On with the New HoloLens

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So after hearing all about it at the launch in Barcelona, I was keen to see it with my own eyes. It works very nicely across the board, but where it comes to eye tracking and voice recognition (and the combination of the two) it delivers in spades.

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HTC Pushes Back On Reports of Declining Headset Sales

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Digital Trends recently published a report entitled ‘VR is in a tailspin, and the sales numbers prove it’ It seems HTC has taken umbrage with the article’s thesis in its newest blog post however, which pushes back against some of the article’s claims, saying it’s “not the whole story.” HTC HTC Vive News Vive digital trends htc htc vive sales joshua fruhlinger vive vive sales vr sales

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The AR Show: End-User Focus Will Win AR

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This involved then-innovative feedback methods like eye-tracking and even going into customers homes while they used TurboTax. “I was using the phone to track where your TV was. Trend Analysis The AR ShowThis article features the latest episode of The AR Show.

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Be a cute VR-tuber with Virtual Cast!

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It already offers support for eye and lip tracking. Is it true that you already have eye tracking and full body tracking support? Yes, Virtual Cast supports eye tracking by VIVE Pro Eye and full body tracking with up to 7 VIVE Trackers.

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HTC Says Vive 2 Will Come When It Can Offer “really meaningful innovation”

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In addition to tweaks to the SteamVR Tracking Base Stations, Vive packaging has been refined over time. SEE ALSO Second-gen Lighthouse Chip Could Improve Tracking, Reduce Cost of HTC Vive 2.

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Highlights from the SIGGRAPH 2016 VR Village with Denise Quesnel

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I had a chance to talk to the program chair Denise Quesnel about some of the content themes and technologies this year at the SIGGRAPH VR Village as well as the different technology trends that were emerging.

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China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

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7invensun for eye tracking addons). Apart from these visual features, there are other areas that must be improved: 3D cameras Inside-out tracking Immersive sound Voice interaction Eye tracking Tactile feedback Emotion recognition Brain-Computer Interfaces.

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My predictions for virtual reality in 2019

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General trends. Oculus itself seems to have lost interest in the PC platform and the recent departure of Brendan Iribe (that has resigned because he wanted to create a powerful second generation of PC VR headsets) seems to confirm this trend.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.15): Apple kills its AR glasses, Oculus full-steam ahead on 2nd gen VR and much more!

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A new job listing points out to the fact that Oculus is planning to integrate eye tracking in its next devices. These stats contain very interesting data, like the trends of VR, the differences between the VR tastes of males and females and the differences between US and Chinese users.

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AR+VR Weekly: CES news, ODG’s 20 year journey ends & AR+VR’s road to $80 billion

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CES wrapped up its 51st year last week in Vegas with a ton of AR and VR announcements including new hardware from HTC including the HTC Vive Cosmos and HTC Vive Pro Eye, new smart glasses from Nreal, RealMax and Rokid, a VR driving ride from Holoride and more.

Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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The idea of Leap Motion is going against the current trend of augmented reality glasses, that is mostly based on expensive devices that have closed ecosystems (e.g. The device also exploits Leap Motion hands tracking and offers a completely natural interface all based on hands interactions.

Google ‘Foveated Compression’ Patent Filing Published


Foveated rendering is a process which renders most of the view of a VR headset at lower resolution except for the exact area where the user’s eye is pointed, which is detected with eye tracking. That area in front of the eye — where humans perceive the greatest detail — is rendered at a significantly higher resolution. This seems to follow an increasing trend of Facebook poaching top VR talent from Google and Microsoft.

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One of the Biggest Names in Home Fitness is Making a VR Exercise Bike

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The Vive demo space at CES 2019 played host to a number of games, apps, and brand engagement pieces using Vive Pro’s new eye-tracking tech and Vive Focus, the company’s standalone 6DOF headset.

The Current State Of The VR/AR Patent Landscape


One of the major trends that patent activity has captured is the transformation from merely entertainment-based AR/VR usage towards more useful, inclusive, and practical applications. A comprehensive breakdown of the VR/AR patent process.

What to expect from VR in 2020

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Across the globe, VR is a trend that is rapidly exploding and 2019 has been a year of progress, new releases, and innovations. On the user side, I’m not sure how beneficial eye tracking is going to be.

VR shows value in enterprises

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This has been a widely reported trend, backed up by this new survey – where 83 percent of current enterprise end-users say they see benefits in VR, 69 percent say they see benefits in AR, and 86 percent plan to invest more. (Image courtesy VR Intelligence.).

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Hands-on: StarVR One is the Most Complete Ultra-wide VR Headset to Date

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The rendering and distortion profile—the math which tells the computer how to draw the virtual scene to account for both the lens distortion and angle/distance of the display in relation to the eye—has to be spot-on in order to achieve both a strong sense of immersion and optical comfort.

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HTC Vive GM on the New Vive Tracker & Privacy in VR

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The most significant VR announcement from CES 2017 was the Vive Tracker , a modular Lighthouse-tracked ‘puck’ attachment that will enable users to track additional objects within VR experiences.

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The High-end VR Room of the Future Looks Like This


Future solutions will get rid of clunky wired headsets and move onto glasses that can project a high-definition image onto the eye, a la Magic Leap, and eventually contact lenses that contain tiny screens. Eye tracking: Fove: Eyefluence: SMI: Bladerunner (film).

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Flexing Your Brain in XR, with Cognitive Design's Todd Maddox

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And one of the articles that was recently published was a report on VR as an empathy builder, through Tech Trends. You sat there and you talked to the person and it recorded your eye tracking, your hand motions, your head pose. I will say -- and I actually just wrote a report on this last week, also at Tech Trends -- that I've been making this case. most of the headsets right now, the VR headsets don't have eye tracking.

Dress for Success: Talking Headsets and Haptic Suits with Skarred Ghost Antony Vitillo

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You've got mobile phone-based AR, eye tracking set devices, taste experiments, hot and cold devices, thermal devices, and then tracking systems for motion capture, and of course, treadmills for omni-directional walking. So if I can track all the movements, and then medics have to check my patients that have problems with the back, with their legs, whatever; I can really observe them when they're moving. It's also the eyes. I see this great trend.

Three Decades of Medical VR, with Stanford's Dr. Walter Greenleaf

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Dr. Walter Greenleaf has been working in the field for 33 years, since the days when VR was little more than a twinkle in research scientists' eyes. And really, without everybody else's and my colleagues work and your work and other people who are helping the trends position from something that for a long time was a research lab curiosity and something that really hadn't escaped the confines of academia.

Getting the ROI out of XR, with Sector 5 Digital's Cameron Ayres

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And that's where I feel like folks like you and I can come in, and help people make sure that they're staying on-track with what their objectives are, and if this is the right way to go about it, and how to maximize your return based on what you have the budget to provide. I don't mean to go to off track, but you look at examples of people that do want to stop smoking, and they come to a company that's created virtual environments to do so. Who owns the eye tracking data?

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OSVR - a Look Ahead


I’d like to describe how I hope to see OSVR develop given past and present industry trends. Increased Device Diversity leads to more Choices for Customers Trends An avalanche of new virtual reality devices arrived. We see goggles, motion trackers, haptics, eye trackers, motion chairs and body suits. The dream VR system might be a goggle from one vendor, input devices from another and tracking from a third. Eye tracking software converts eye images into gaze direction.

Top Investors Discuss VR and AR Strategies and Opportunites at IMMERSE 2016

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SEE ALSO HoloLens Inside-out Tracking Is Game Changing for AR & VR, and No One Is Talking about It. We look around the world to see what the trends are and what’s real and what’s hype. SEE ALSO Ximmerse Adds Motion Tracking to PC and Mobile VR Using Stereo Camera Tech.

Venture Capitalists Contemplate How Much Exuberance Is Good for VR Investing


I don’t see the same trends he does as far as mainstream Sandhill Road venture capitalists coming in. Looking forward, we’re going to keep observing this trend. DeMiroz: The trends are encouraging in the sense that — we’ve been monitoring Steam dynamics in the first four months.

10 Prominent Developers Detail Their 2017 Predictions for The VR/AR Industry


Wireless headsets and eye tracking and whatever aren’t going to be game changers, we already have the hardware to change your life. Mobile VR will finally get positional tracking. 3) I expect a breakthrough in inside-out camera-based positional tracking.

The Tantalizing Promise Of Augmented Reality Games


Their unveiling, hopefully, will open a lot of eyes and get people excited about what we’re doing. Beliaeff: When you watch the trends in engineers, it’s interesting. Tracking developers will push the boundaries of machine learning.