Kellogg’s Works With Accenture For VR & Eye Tracking Merchandise Plan


Thanks to VR and eye-tracking technology, that data is now obtainable. ” “Did you look at merchandising signage? “What direction did your eyes go when scanning a shelf?” Kellogg’s see’s 18% bump in sales through VR marketing research.

VR Studied As Therapy For Recurring Nightmares


Its glassy black eyes track your flailing escape, but its terrifying rows of hungry teeth loom larger and larger as the nightmare continues. You keep having this recurring nightmare of a shark chasing you underwater.

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VR shows value in enterprises

Hypergrid Business

Survey: Enterprise Companies Seeing Strong Return on Investment in VR & AR. The survey targeted senior-level business execs in VR & AR, aiming to filter through the hype and get to the core of what’s really happening in immersive tech. (Image courtesy VR Intelligence.).

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.15): Apple kills its AR glasses, Oculus full-steam ahead on 2nd gen VR and much more!

The Ghost Howls

A new job listing points out to the fact that Oculus is planning to integrate eye tracking in its next devices. Every year, HTC conducts a big survey on the Chinese VR market and shares the results with the community. I wish you’re having a wonderful Sunday.

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Greenlight Insights and Adlens Release Study on the Future of XR


The human eye has evolved to see things in the natural world, meaning that sometimes augmenting that world is taxing to the eye. VAC occurs because the eyes change orientation to view things at different distances. The display could potentially replicate changing eye focus.

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VR: Getting People to Take Safety Training Seriously, Retail Merchandising, and More


Accenture Extended Reality, Qualcomm and Kellogg recently teamed up to pilot an eye-tracking VR headset for retail merchandising. Accenture developed the solution based on a Qualcomm VR reference design headset powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, using eye-tracking tech from Tobii, eye-tracking data analytics from Cognitive3D, and mixed reality software from InContext Solutions.

5 Companies Aiming to Cut the Cord on High-end VR Headsets

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Eye Tracking: IMR’s algorithm utilises single pass dynamic compression schemes, including foveation, tuneable parameters and offers support for eye tracking.

Magic Leap’s LEAP Con 2018 round-up: all the major announcements in only one place

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The magnetical tracking of the Magic Leap One has not had enthusiastic feedbacks, so I wonder how the two-controllers solution will perform. Survey and Medical Image Visualization. Magic Leap has just organized its first developers’ event, dubbed “L.E.A.P.”

Scraper: First Strike Interview And Combat Gameplay Footage


As computing power improves, VR technology expands to include things like eye tracking and foveated rendering, the real question in the near future is going to be “why not VR?”.

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All the most important AR and VR news from the GDC 2018

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On Vive website is now possible to buy the Vive Trackers 2.0 , that is the ones that are compatible with SteamVR tracking 2.0. The price is still the same ($99) and the trackers feel the same, with the only difference that they use the new tracking sensors.

Retraining for a Post-Retirement World with VRVoice's Bob Fine

XR for Business Podcast

oh, it was a survey from MetLife -- noted that's something like a 15 percent increase of people having to postpone to retirement because of finances. I guess I'm starting to see a similar parallel track, in terms of the VR industry today, to what happened with PCs and gaming consoles 30 years ago. The other thing that they've got coming is eye tracking for their VIVE.