Top Investors Discuss VR and AR Strategies and Opportunites at IMMERSE 2016

Road to VR

Business leaders gathered at this year’s Seattle based IMMERSE Summit ( previously Sea VR ) to explore how VR/ AR and Mixed Reality is transforming manufacturing, design, education, health and medicine and much more.

Prototype VR Hardware Photos From Valve’s Index Briefing In Bellevue


For those unfamiliar, the teams at Valve developed critical tracking and display technologies which, in 2014, helped convince Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (see blurry photo below) that Oculus would be a smart investment in a future computing platform. Zuckerberg bought Oculus for roughly $3 billion. One photo below with my hand in it came from an earlier trip to Seattle where I visited the offices of a company Valve partnered with on design work for its products.

HTC Pushes Back On Reports of Declining Headset Sales

Road to VR

HTC however doesn’t attempt to debunk the article’s claims surrounding PSVR or Oculus Go, which may be more of a reflection of its unwillingness to discuss direct competitors in polite company. Thinkium data puts PSVR at the mediocre 83 spot on Amazon, and Oculus Go falling from number seven to below 100 on the product ranking list since its launch in May 2018 (not October 2017 as the Digital Trends article reports).

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