Does the VirZOOM Exercise Bike Solve the VR Locomotion Problem?

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VR on exercise bikes like VirZOOM is going to be AMAZING… for some people, and I may not be one of those people. But overall, I think that VirZOOM is clearly going to be a popular incentive and motivator for some people to get more exercise.

‘Beat Saber’ Mod Group Hosts ‘Golden Ticket’ Scavenger Hunt, Win a Vive Pro & More

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The Beat Saber Modding Group is putting on a special event starting today that could net you a new HTC Vive Pro or thousands of dollars in prizes just by playing custom songs on Beat Saber.

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VR Health Group Is Rating How Many Calories Games Burn


The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise wants to show you how. When using high-end VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift players are often utilizing their whole body. The group has already given ratings to some of VR’s most popular experiences.

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Hands-On With BoxVR: Can VR Replace The Traditional Gym?


Despite alarming rises in global obesity, there has never been so few excuses to avoid exercise. Some high end gyms are investing heavily in experiences that break the boredom of repetitive exercise and improve results in shorter times. Experiences BoxVR exercise Gym

360 Short Film ‘Step to the Line’ Published as Part of Oculus’ VR for Good Initiative

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The short documentary is an emotionally powerful 360 degree video production, funded by Oculus’ VR for Good initiative. It involves a group of inmates, referred to as ‘entrepreneurs in training’ or EITs, standing in a line facing a group of Defy staff and volunteers.

New Oculus Rift And Gear VR Releases For Week Of 02/05/17


This is a bit of a slower week for new releases in the world of the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Plus — check out our list of the best Oculus Rift games and best Gear VR games for more suggestions! Tagged with: Crytek , gear vr , home , oculus , Robinson , steam.

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VR & AR 2018: A Year In Review


While hardware advancements such as the HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift have solidified at-home VR as a viable option, those looking for next-level immersion will still find the most success with location-based VR installations. Immersive technology continues its push towards mainstream appeal.

VR Fitness Game Reviews – Find your Virtual Reality Workout!

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From actual sports titles to rhythm or sword fighting games, the experiences vary in intensity, address different muscle groups of the body and can offer a range of exercise routines – all while being great entertainment as well!

Hands-on: VRMMO ‘OrbusVR: Reborn’ Offers a True World of Possibilities

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Working my way up to level four within about two hours was a pretty basic exercise in completing NPC-driven missions where I either gathered stuff for whatever reason, or ganked low-level baddies with my level one beginner’s musket.

‘Evasion’ Review – Strafe, Shoot, Heal, Rinse & Repeat

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Reviewed On: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. In single player mode, what actually follows is an exercise in blandly strafing back and forth as you deflect oncoming barrages (with varying amount of success) and sponge-up whatever stray lasers are fired from randomly spawning baddies.

Virtual Reality Peripherals


The Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are now available, and PlayStation VR finally has a release date set for October of this year, and the public will finally get to see that VR isn't just an elaborate prank by the tech industry.

First Look: ‘New Retro Arcade Neon’ Launches Today with All New Arcade Space, Multiplayer, Mini-games, and More

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Feature HTC Vive Games News Oculus Rift Games SteamVR Games VR Games new retro arcade neonThe much anticipated New Retro Arcade Neon , a totally revamped version of the lauded virtual reality arcade, finally lands on Steam today, built to take advantage of the HTC Vive.

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China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

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Accelerate the application of virtual reality technology in medical teaching training and simulation exercises, surgical planning and navigation, and promote the improvement of medical service intelligence. The work of the Chronos group will be very important in this sense, for example.

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Shifting the Paradigm: Unplugged with the Best Minds in VR


To craft such a group, their application posed questions like, “We will be exploring purpose and social impact what cause, or global issue are you most passionate about and why?” Instead, certain individuals or groups “co-led” sessions, but all were highly participatory.

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6 Tips For Building The Perfect Home Office And Getting Sh*t Done

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Movement at work can also help individuals work better in a group setting. Standing meetings can also improve group dynamics, leading to higher levels of engagement in routine check-ins. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System.

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Why we should care about ergonomics in virtual reality

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Historically, virtual reality systems were prohibitively expensive and were limited to being used in controlled conditions by a small number of researchers, scientists, and groups like astronauts. Possible modifications to the Oculus Go to make it more comfortable (Image by Rob Cole).

AR & AI Storytelling Innovations in ‘TendAR’ from Studio Tender Claws

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Here’s a brief teaser for TendAR : Gorman said that they’re not planning on storing or saving any of the emotional recognition data on their side, and this is the first time that I’ve ever heard anything about Google’s Human Sensing group.

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The Gigantic List of Augmented Reality Use Cases


But because you’re much likelier to hear about VR today, especially this month with the launches of Playstation VR, Google Daydream, and Oculus Touch, AR can feel distant and overhyped. Students can work remotely on group projects and homework.

Getting Fit with a VR Toolkit, and Other XR Tips with VRd?j?'s Michael Eichenseer

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We talk a lot about the business use cases of XR on this podcast, but any good business comes with a great fitness plan or exercise room. You talked about exercising in VR. Give us some examples of some of the ways people are using VR to exercise. You were talking about exercise and fitness. You can dive in and start building for VR with almost a $300 laptop and an Oculus Go. One thing she's trying to put together is something called the sensory design group.

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Three Decades of Medical VR, with Stanford's Dr. Walter Greenleaf

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The lab is really one of the pioneering research groups in the field of VR and behavior change. But my role is sort of translating that research and the research of other groups from the academic arena out into the medical product arena. And now with the advent of Oculus Quest and these really inexpensive headsets, I think it's just opened up the world to developers, and clinicians, and medical practitioners.

Exploring Methods for Conveying Object Weight in Virtual Reality

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We hoped to come out of this exercise with findings that could apply to all platforms with motion controls: from Daydream’s Wiimote-style controller, to the advanced room-tracking controllers of the Vive and Rift.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 10/30/16


And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group , complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR. Project Syria, from Emblematic Group.

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The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality Creation Tools


That was true until a few weeks ago, when I got my hands on a new class of virtual reality 3D creation tools including Google Blocks , Google Tilt Brush , Oculus Medium , Oculus Quill , et al. I’ve always prized creativity. As a developer, writer and musician, it’s what drives me.

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Axon Park's Taylor Freeman and Jacki Morie Talk Radically Reshaping the Way the World Works with XR

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This is not the world where it woke up to virtual/augmented reality when Facebook bought Oculus for 3-billion dollars. And the Oculus at launch started what I call the third wave of VR. Right now, if it's remote, you're looking at a screen -- you're maybe using Zoom -- you see 20 little faces, and one person can talk at a time; if you want to do group work, you have to switch to a different area, do all this stuff.