Disneyland Goes VR with Star Wars Experience


During the “great entertainment war,” The Walt Disney Company faced a challenge from the Dalian Wanda Group and decided to go all out on its properties and super-charge the connection between its franchises and entertainment parks.

Oculus: 2017 Rift Lineup Will Bring the ‘Depth’ of AAA Console/PC Games to VR


When asked what Oculus’ “big goals” for 2017 are, Arnold responded: “We want to show the world a glimpse of the future of gaming and entertainment. The Game Developer’s Conference is right around the corner.

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VR for HR: Learning How to Tell Stories in XR, with BODYSWAPS' Christophe Mallet

XR for Business Podcast

Somewhere Else Solutions is a London based innovation agency specialized in immersive technologies. And kind of alongside the market -- the way the market has evolved since 2015 -- is, the wow factor was big in the beginning, where a lot of things were done around entertainment and marketing. And to do that, the investment that they do is shifting away from knowledge -- because the knowledge fits in your phone -- into behavior. "You cannot learn empathy on powerpoint!"