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Standalone 5G headsets are coming in 2021

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In the XR communities, the hype for the Qualcomm XR2 reference design is high, because it will bring many innovations to standalone XR headsets : better graphics, eye tracking, passthrough vision, AI, and much more. And inside this “much more” there is also 5G connection: headsets won’t depend on Wi-fi anymore and will be able to connect everywhere to a fast mobile network that can also enable cloud rendering. It is a step forward towards the future of XR.

Italian Airport Using Terrifying Thermal Scanning AR Headsets Amid COVID-19 Outbreak


YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY! Thermal scanning technology has proven to be an invaluable tool in combating the spread of COVID-19 these past few months. Whether it be head-mounted wearables or handheld “fever cameras”, technology capable of detecting elevated body temperatures (a common symptom of coronavirus) has the potential to develop into a billion dollar industry; possibly by the end of the year.

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Oculus Link Now Works With Almost Any USB Cable- Including The One In the Box


The latest Oculus PC software beta update allows Oculus Link to work with many USB 2.0 cables- including the one in the box. Oculus Quest was released almost one year ago as an Android-based “VR console” In November the Oculus Link software update was released, allowing Quest to also work as a PC headset via some USB 3.0 cables. Quest comes with a 3 meter USB cable in the box. But it’s a USB 2.0 cable that couldn’t previously be used for Link.

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Miniature ‘Beat Saber’ Concept Offers a Peek into the Future of AR Games

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Oculus released optical hand-tracking on Quest as an experimental feature late last year, and ever since developers have been showing off their own unique and creative ways of integrating users hands into VR. Yet again we look at developer Daniel Beauchamp for inspiration on the future of XR design, as he’s put together a literal mini-version of Beat Saber (2018).

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.11): new Quest is in the works, Magic Leap may pivot to healthcare, and more!

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Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers that are reading this post, and also to all the mothers of whoever is reading this post! Mothers and grandmothers are the best, and they care about us during the good and the hard times… their love is infinite. I send a big hug to everyone of them that I can reach with my words. A big and warm hug to all of them And while we celebrate our mommies, let’s read some cool AR/VR news! Top news of the week. Image by Oculus).

Miniature Beat Saber Powered By Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Looks Incredible


All the fun of Beat Games’ VR rhythm slasher, minus the physical exercise. When he’s not serving as the head of AR & VR at Shopify, Daniel Beauchamp, better known by his online handle “ Push Matrix “, is pushing the boundaries of Oculus Quest hand tracking technology and sharing his wild experiments with the online community.

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‘Tetris Effect’ Arrives on Oculus Quest Today

Road to VR

Tetris Effect (2018) first released on PlayStation 4 and PSVR in late 2018, later coming to PC via the Epic Store , which included support for SteamVR headsets. Now the award-winning stacker puzzle game is available on Oculus Quest starting today. Created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and the team behind Rez Infinite and Lumines, Tetris Effect delivers some pretty familiar gameplay while at the same time surrounding the player with fully three-dimensional, reactive worlds.

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Vive Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate (Elite) Review!

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Christmas has arrived early this year, and I got from HTC a cool little package with inside the Vive Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate! Let me talk about it with you… What is the Vive Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate? The Vive Cosmos has been built with modularity in mind and one of its coolest features is that you can install on it the front faceplate that you want.

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Artivive Is Bringing Classical Works Of Art To Life In AR


The future of art is multi-dimensional; Artivive is making sure of that. . Founded in 2017 by Sergiu Ardelean and Codin Popescu, the pair began with high hopes of using emerging technology to change the art world’s approach to creating and sharing works. We spoke with Ardelean to learn more about his award-winning app and how it all started.

Playing The Original DOOM In VR On Quest Is A Bloody Blast


With more creativity and technological power at our finger tips than ever before, the most excited I’ve been about VR in quite some time comes from playing a VR version of a game originally released in 1993. Go figure. Nostalgia is a powerful, weird thing.

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Samsung is Terminating Its VR Video Apps on All Devices

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With the end of Samsung Gear VR, it seems the South Korean tech giant is also doing away with its VR video apps as well. The company is ending service for all of its Samsung XR apps across the web, mobile, and VR headset platforms. The company quietly issued an update on the Samsung XR website on Monday, stating that all of its XR services will terminate on September 30th, 2020. The news was first covered by CNET.

Quarantine Creates New Opportunity for Augmented Reality Consumption and Creation


Smartphones give us a way to pass the time and connect while social distancing and living in isolation. When it comes to social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, more and more people are using augmented reality filters to solve entertainment and connectivity problems. Snap Inc’s Snap for Business reports that since more people began quarantining, time spent playing with Snapchat AR filters has increased by more than 25%. Source: Snapchat. Why Is Augmented Reality Use Increasing?

Tetris-Inspired PvP VR Game Battle Blocks Coming To Oculus Quest


A multiplayer PvP VR game directly inspired by the 1986 classic. Originally released in 1986 on the long since-forgotten Electronika 60, legendary tile-matching puzzle game Tetris has seen nearly every adaptation under the sun. Since its release the game has appeared on over 65 platforms; this includes several online multiplayer renditions as well as a popular multiplayer battle royale release. But what about VR?

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Report: Apple Acquires 3D VR Streaming Company NextVR


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman , Apple acquired the 3D VR streaming company NextVR. NextVR is a VR startup that specializes in capturing real world events and presenting them in virtual reality. Its content is available through its own NextVR app on a number of headsets, along with occasional appearances on other platforms such as Oculus Venues. The content produced by NextVR features some of the best quality captures in the industry.

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NVIDIA Launches CloudXR 1.0 SDK to Enable AR/VR Streaming Services in the Cloud

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NVIDIA today announced the launch of version 1.0 of its CloudXR SDK, a suite of tools which allows network operators to offer cloud-rendered AR/VR streaming capabilities. Nvidia has been steadily readying its CloudXR system in preparation for the proliferation of GPU-equipped edge computing networks and 5G connected devices. The company has created a suite of tools which will allow such networks (or operators atop those networks) to offer cloud-rendered AR/VR content to their customers.

XR Technology at AWE and the Auggies: Exclusive Content From Ori Inbar


The Augmented World Expo is nearly upon us. As the XR technology showcase gets closer, the news gets more exciting. While I was looking for background on the Auggies, AWE’s XR technology awards, AWE founder Ori Inbar shared some anecdotes from the early days of AWE. He also shared insider information and exclusive updates breaking early on ARPost. We’ll end with a sneak-peak at the Auggies finalists – published here first. A History of the Auggies According to Orin Inbar.

Virtual Work Platform Spatial Now Available Free On All VR & AR Devices


Spatial’s virtual collaboration comes to Oculus Quest and a slew of other platforms. Spatial , a VR & AR workspace platform that lets you and your colleagues collaborate together in a virtual co-working environment no matter your location, has announced that they will be opening access to their premium level enterprise services to everyone 100% free-of-charge in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Unreal Engine 5 Supports VR, Promises Generational Leap For Graphics


Epic Games just showcased its vision of next-generation console gameplay with the reveal of Unreal Engine 5. Not only that, but the new engine supports VR headsets. Below you can see a stunning new technical showcase for Unreal Engine 5 called Lumen in the Land of Nanite. It features the kinds of graphical and technical leaps Epic expects to see made on next-generation consoles.

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This ‘Beat Saber’ Project Uses AI to Generate Custom Beat Maps for Any Song

Road to VR

Manually creating beat maps for your favorite songs in Beat Saber (2018) requires a bit of know-how and time. If you’re looking for a quick and surprisingly effective solution to automatically creating beat maps for any song, look no further than the fan-built service called ‘Beat Sage’ Beat Sage is an AI which creates custom beat maps with any song on YouTube, or any mp3 in your possession.

Why L&D Professionals Should Turn to Augmented Reality as Offices Work From Home


The key question facing L&D professionals globally is how to effectively train their workers remotely during a pandemic. Whilst circumstances may have changed, their goals remain the same. L&D professionals still need to make sure that their workers’ skills are kept up to date, and whilst workers can’t attend a physical classroom, there are still skills that need to be learned.

Popular Co-op Game Spaceteam Heading To Oculus Quest & PC VR This Month


In space, everyone can hear you scream. Spaceteam , the super infectious mobile game in which players frantically perform a series of goofy tasks and shout out commands in order to keep their spaceship from blowing up, is coming to the Oculus Quest, PC VR, and PlayStationVR as a full VR experience called Spaceteam VR. Later this month you and your team of space cadets (up to six players) will don VR headsets and step into a janky spaceship in need of constant repair.

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Valve Launches Half-Life: Alyx Workshop And Community Development Tools


Valve released Steam Workshop support for Half-Life: Alyx alongside a beta release of community development tools. The moment a lot of Half-Life fans have been waiting for is here as the release formally opens up a new era in modding and community VR built around the incredible VR game from Valve which released just a few months ago.

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Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo on PS5 Shows Where Next-gen Graphics are Headed

Road to VR

Epic Games today revealed a PS5 tech demo built with Unreal Engine 5, the next-gen version of the company’s game engine. With new features for advanced lighting and unprecedented geometric detail, Unreal Engine 5 hopes to enable a generational leap in real-time graphics. Unreal Engine is one of the two most popular game engines for creating VR content. While UE 4.25

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KaviAR Tech Launches New Augmented Reality App for Travel


French startup KaviAR Tech has launched “the world’s first augmented reality teleportation app”, according to the company, called KaviAR Gate. It allows you to explore exotic destinations all over the world. It offers immersive, 360-degree experiences from the comfort of your home, which is proving to be a safe way to entertain yourself during these trying times. See Also: 3 Applications of Augmented Reality in the Travel Industry.

VR Fitness Platform Supernatural Offering Discounted Subscription Rates For A Limited Time


Founding Members will receive a 35% discount of $149.99 per year. Since its release last month on Oculus Quest, premium VR fitness platform Supernatural has been gaining a ton of buzz thanks to its robust soundtrack of chart-topping music and growing catalog of daily workout regiments. Much of this attention can also be attributed to the apps unique pricing model.

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Five Massive Gaming Franchises That Got VR Support You Forgot About


When are we going to get Call of Duty VR? Or Halo VR? Trick question: we already got them. As the VR industry starts to gain traction and we finally start seeing some big-name franchises and developers get involved, the days of VR ties-ins and optional modes are beginning to subside. It was an unusual and often frustrating era for VR gaming where few of these spin-offs actually lived up to their full potential.

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Unreal Engine is Now Royalty-free for the First $1 Million in Revenue

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The Unreal Engine 5 tech demo on PS5 wasn’t the only news Epic Games revealed today. The company also announced a change to the pricing structure of Unreal Engine which waives royalties on the first $1 million of project revenue, as well as the launch of Epic Online Services, a free suite of tools to enable in-game friends lists, matchmaking, lobbies, and more. Alongside the reveal of Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games today also announced a change to the pricing of Unreal Engine.

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AR Experience by Rose Digital Helps Us Visualize Campaign Spending


Campaign finance continues to be at the forefront of American’s minds, especially after the latest Democratic primary. Michael Bloomberg’s self-funded run for president raised a lot of questions about what money should and shouldn’t buy you in political races. In contrast, it also raised questions about institutional politicians and the way their campaigns are funded with PAC money and big donations.

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Hand Physics Lab Takes Oculus Quest Hand Tracking To New Heights


Over 11 mind-blowing experiments and tools now available free via SideQuest. Despite having only been available on Oculus Quest for roughly three months, independent developers have already established a sizable catalog of unique hand tracking applications pushing the boundaries of Oculus technology. This includes everything from procedurally-generated first-person shooters to educational piano learning apps.

UploadVR Launches New YouTube Channel: VR Game Trailers & Clips


UploadVR’s YouTube output is evolving! Yep, today we’re launching the ultimate dedicated VR trailers channel: VR Game Trailers & Clips. VR Game Trailers & Clips will feature officially released trailers and footage straight from developers and publishers themselves. Expect an encyclopedia of content and the ultimate destination for VR trailers.

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Valve Releases ?Half-Life: Alyx? Steam Workshop Tools for Making & Downloading Mods

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Valve today launched new Half-Life: Alyx modding tools which will allow developers and tinkerers to make and publish mods and user-generated content via the Steam Workshop system. Valve says the tools will allow for the creation of new levels, models, textures, and animations for the game. It’s been about a month and a half since Half-Life: Alyx launched and made its mark as one of VR’s most acclaimed games ever.

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