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Kopin’s Prototype VR Headset is Incredibly Thin & Light, More Than 3x the Pixels of Rift and Vive

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Kopin is touting a new prototype VR headset featuring their 4K OLED ‘Lightning’ microdisplay that they say is made specifically for VR.

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Watch This Choir Go Viral with the Help of VR


Multidimensional concert uses VR to challenge the traditional role of audience participation.

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The Oculus Launchpad Development Blog: Week 1 Day 1

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First of all I want to thank everyone at Oculus and Facebook for allowing me to be part of an amazing opportunity. Words cannot describe how I feel on Week 1 Day 1.wait they can.

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Mario Kart Arcade GP VR Is Nintendo’s First VR Game For HTC Vive


Not every big VR story is spiralling out of LA this week; over in Japan we’ve seen the surprise reveal of what looks like an official Mario Kart VR game, coming to arcades.

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VR Developers Are Increasingly Prioritizing VR Arcades for Content Distribution

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The virtual reality industry is poised for a transformative five years. While consumer VR equipment is still cost prohibitive for many, location-based ‘VR arcade’ businesses offer a chance for consumers to experience high-end VR equipment without a big up-front investment.

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Elijah Wood Launching Creepy VR Game ‘Transference’


Ubisoft and Elijah Wood are making a VR game about hacking your brain. Leave it up to Elijah Wood and the folks over at Ubisoft to combine entertainment and gaming into an immersive psychological thriller experience that leaves you more unsettled than when you started.

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Super Lucky’s Tale ‘Designed In A VR-Friendly Way’


We sat down with the CEO of Playful this week, Paul Bettner, and discussed a ton of fascinating subjects covering everything from the birth of the first Oculus Rift exclusive title Lucky’s Tale to the reason his company hasn’t adopted room-scale VR in a product yet.

HTC & Intel to Offer High-end Wireless VR Solution in “Early 2018”

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At Computex 2017, Intel’s Gregory Bryant demonstrated the company’s wireless VR solution on stage. He claimed this was the first public showing of the HTC Vive using Intel’s WiGig technology, and further confirms that HTC is bringing the product to market in “early 2018.”

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Spider-Man Comes To Virtual Reality


Now you can suit up as your favorite web-shooting, high flying superhero. We’ve all thought about it—wondering when it would finally happen. VR is so amazing, but all I really want to be is Spider-Man. Now you finally can.

The DxE and Condition One investigation into Whole Foods "Cage Free" Eggs is one of the best directed VR Horror films yet.

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I recently ran into a Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) member who was on the streets of Berkeley showing people a recently released investigation in partnership with 360-degree virtual reality company Condition One into an American Humane Association certified Whole Foods egg supplier.

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E3 2017: Until Dawn Dev Reveals PSVR FPS Bravo Team


Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games has dabbled in VR once already, but its next game looks much more ambitious. Meet Bravo Team. This new military first-person shooter (FPS) was introduced for PSVR at this year’s E3, making its debut on Sony’s stage.

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DisplayLink to Show ‘XR’ WiGig Wireless VR System at E3 Capable of Dual 4k @120Hz

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Another entrant in the rapidly burgeoning wireless VR segment appears as DisplayLink prepares to present their new WiGig 60Ghz wireless VR technology at next week’s E3 convention and, according to a recent hands-on, it’s looking pretty impressive.

The Body is a Teacher: Reimagining VR Storytelling with Robin Hunicke and LUNA


This post is part of an ongoing series about writing, storytelling, and critique in VR, in partnership with Galatea , a writing and project management tool for immersive stories.

Intel, Oculus, and ESL come together for a $200,000+ VR Challenger League to promote VR eSports.

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Intel, Oculus, and ESL come together for a $200,000+ VR Challenger League to promote VR eSports. This brand new competitive VR gaming league will feature two exciting VR titles - “The Unspoken” and “Echo Arena”.

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Spider-man: Homecoming VR Experience Coming to Rift, Vive and PSVR


Spider-man: Homecoming is a return to the franchise that is getting big promotional push. It is the 3rd reboot of the series, but this one carries extra weight due to its ties to the official Marvel film universe owned by Disney.

Report: Public VR Awareness Almost Doubling Annually with PSVR & Gear VR Leading the Way

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A new report from Nielsen suggests that not only is public awareness of virtual reality at record levels, it’s nearly doubled year on year.

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Nintendo Enters VR With ‘Mario Kart GP VR’


A new VR arcade in Tokyo is bringing Mario Kart & 14 other experiences to lucky residents. Next month we’ll see the opening of Bandai Namco’s flagship virtual reality arcade in Japan, VR Zone Shinjuku.

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The Walking Dead' Bites into Virtual Reality with Multiple VR Games Announce

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E3 2017: Wireless VR With DisplayLink and Intel Is What We’ve Been Waiting For


Companies developing VR headsets are racing toward wireless six degrees of freedom. This means you can move in any way and your experience in VR matches what you would expect.

Hands-on: DisplayLink XR Wireless VR Tech is Top Notch, Lighter Than it Looks

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At E3 2017, DisplayLink is touting their ‘XR’ wireless solution to eliminate the tether on VR headsets. Our hands-on with their reference device revealed a robust solution with impressive quality and unnoticeable latency.

Facebook’s Quest to Kill the Smartphone


Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is on a quest to kill the smartphone. Apple and Google beat the billionaire social media magnate to creating the smartphone — the dominant platform underpinning the Facebook network.

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Check out the E3 trailer for VR Mech game Archangel.

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To commemorate the first day of E3, Skydance Interactive have released the trailer for their amazing new flagship VR game Archangel ! Coming first to PSVR Drop into the cockpit of a six-story war machine in Archangel, the first original title from Skydance Interactive.

E3 2017: Fallout 4 VR Full Locomotion Hands-On


After Bethesda’s impressive conference and reiteration of their dedication to VR, I finally got a chance to step into the wasteland and play Fallout 4 VR on the Vive for myself.

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Linkin Park to Release VR Experience, Created by Spatialand and Intel

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Starting off today’s E3 fun, Intel announced that not only will upcoming VR title Lone Echo have a free multiplayer mode for all Oculus Rift owners, but that Linkin Park is releasing a VR experience next month.

Intel Unveils VR Esports League; ‘Echo Arena’ Team Title


Intel, Oculus, and ESL have unveiled a collaboration to launch the VR Challenger League. Announced during an E3 press conference on Monday, the competitive VR gaming series begins in July and features both “The Unspoken” from Insomniac Games and “Echo Arena” from Ready At Dawn Studios.

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Experiment 7 and Wizards of the Coast Release Dungeon Chess for Gear VR

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Virtual reality developer Experiment 7 announced that Dungeon Chess™ released today on Samsung Gear VR. Dungeon Chess , a Dungeons & Dragons -themed animated chess game, is the first title developed by Experiment 7 in its partnership with Wizards of the Coast.

E3 2017: Check Out Six Minutes Of Skyrim VR Gameplay With PSVR


Skyrim is officially coming to PlayStation VR, and E3 attendees are currently getting their first look at the game. One of them was nice enough to record it, too. MasterGamingVR recently posted six minutes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR footage from the show floor.

Microsoft on VR for Xbox One X: ‘PC is Where we’re focusing on [VR] this year’

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Though the company initially proclaimed that the Xbox One X (formerly known as ‘Project Scorpio’) would feature VR support, at E3 this week Microsoft is distancing itself from that commitment.

‘The Walking Dead’ Enters VR With a Horde of Upcoming Experiences


The popular series heads to VR with multiple experiences based on the zombie-infested universe. . First a stellar comic book series, then a breakout hit television show, The Walking Dead has no shortage of beautifully-crafted content to devour (pun very much intended).

How to win at virtual reality marketing

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(Image courtesy Volvo Car USA.). Low-cost virtual reality viewers — some made out of cardboard — are a minimal investment from consumer standpoint or from a company who would like to distribute their virtual reality experiences themselves.