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‘Haptic Shape Illusion’ Allows VR Controllers to Simulate Feel of Physically Larger Objects

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In a study lead by Eisuke Fujinawa at the University of Tokyo, a team of students created a procedure for designing compact VR controllers that feel physically larger.

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Here Come The Holograms


It won’t be long before 3D holograms are part of everyday life. In virtual reality, the more realistic the digital world, the greater the demand for fidelity. The greater demand for fidelity, the greater the demand for bandwidth. Nothing is more demanding than cinematic realism.

The Best Videos And Trailers From This Week


We’re getting near the end of the year and that means a slew of product releases. Not surprisingly, games were big this week, and it’s obvious that folks are excited to play Skyrim, LA Noire, Doom, and all the other big games coming to VR soon. Skyrim PSVR.

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HTC VIVE launches VIVE Arts, a new multi-million dollar global VR art program

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HTC VIVE today announced VIVE Arts, a new multi-million dollar global VR program set to change the way the world creates and engages with the arts.

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MythBuster’s Jamie Hyneman Launches IndieGogo to Build VR Shoes that Act Like Mini Treadmills

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Jamie Hyneman of MythBuster’s fame may be retired from the show, but he’s still tinkering in the lab, this time with a new project in mind that aims to address one of the most pernicious problems to date, VR locomotion.

Vive Arts Brings VR To Museums


The Vive Studios program will fund and develop VR experiences for cultural institutions. Whether examining a priceless collection of ancient treasures or exploring an exhibit of historic war artifacts, museums have always provided an exceptional way to preserve and educate the public.

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League of War: VR Arena Launches Exclusively on PlayStation VR for Strategic Tabletop-style Combat Fans.

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League of War: VR Arena , a new arena-based arcade wargame based on the League of War strategy game franchise launches exclusively on PlayStation®VR. Priced at $19.99 and available now on the PlayStation®Store, the game features quick, visceral 1v1 battles against AI or human opponents.

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HTC Announces Multi-million Dollar Vive Art Initiative, Bringing VR to Museums Worldwide

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HTC announced a new multi-million dollar VR initiative aiming to support content, creators and institutions that embrace VR not only as an artistic medium itself, but as a way to better immerse users in all forms of art. The company aptly calls the program VIVE Arts.

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Mirra 3D Design Tool Makes Creating For VR & AR A Breeze


Mirra aims to remove the need for coding when creating immersive content. Immersive entertainment is responsible for some of the most impressive technological advancements of the last couple of years.

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Electronic Arts To Acquire Titanfall Maker Respawn For As Much As $455 Million


Electronic Arts announced it will acquire Titanfall maker Respawn Entertainment for $315 million in cash and stock, plus a possible bonus of $140 million.

Women In VR spotlight: Lee and Jordan Brighton talk about Run Dorothy Run.

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Lee and Jordan Brighton are the female founding duo behind Virtro Entertainment.

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New Guinness World Record Set With 36 Continuous Hours in Virtual Reality

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A 36 hour VR session by Australian Jack McNee, of the YouTube Channel LPVR , has been confirmed by the Guinness World Records organization as the new record to beat for the “longest videogame marathon on a virtual reality game system.”

This Company is Fighting Sexual Harassment with VR


Vantage Point aims to educate the masses on how to combat sexual assault and harassment at work and school.

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files — We Look Into The Face Of A Killer And Live To Tell The Tale


Noire was first released in 2011, well before the current wave of virtual reality headsets were available. For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, L.A. Noire is a gritty, story-driven detective thriller set in post-World War II Los Angeles.

PlayStation VR Demo Collection 2 is available for free in the US Playstation Store.

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The new PlayStation VR Demo Collection 2 is currently available for free in several online Playstation store including the US.

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Oculus Research Devises High-accuracy Low-cost Stylus for Writing & Drawing in VR

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Using a single camera and a 3D-printed dodecahedron decorated with binary square markers, the so-called ‘DodecaPen’ achieves submillimeter-accurate 6DoF tracking of a passive stylus.

This AR App Is Like Minecraft for Drone Pilots


Dronebase pilots can build their own AR race tracks in the sky. Whether decorating your home with virtual furniture or entering inter-dimensional portals , we’re now seeing an endless stream of augmented reality (AR) apps for your mobile device that transform the world around you in creative ways.

Guinness World Records Officially Recognizes 36-Hour VR Marathon


We’ve heard of a number of attempts to set a world record by spending an incredibly long stretch of time in VR. It turns out, though, that Jack McNee’s attempt earlier this year is the one officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

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The Rogue Initiative to make it's debut into the location based VR market with STEEL COBRAS.

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Rogue Initiative's vision is to bring together Hollywood storytelling with frontier technology.

Google Releases ‘Resonance Audio’, a New Multi-Platform Spatial Audio SDK

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Google today released a new spatial audio software development kit called ‘Resonance Audio’, a cross-platform tool based on technology from their existing VR Audio SDK. Resonance Audio aims to make VR and AR development easier across mobile and desktop platforms.

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Leveling the Playing Field: From Reality Tech to Reality Itself


You can’t go on social media or turn on the news these days without being taken aback by a barrage of stories revolving around sexism.

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Review: Acer’s $400 Windows VR Headset And Controllers


I had a strange feeling the first time I packed the Acer VR headset into a bag with two hand controllers, a laptop and earbuds, and realized that’s all I needed to enjoy a walk-around virtual world.

2018 Game Accessibility Conference (GAConf) announced

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The second edition of the Game Accessibility Conference, GAConf , has been announced for March 19th 2018, at the Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco, CA, with early bird tickets now on sale.

Samsung Odyssey Windows VR Headset Now Available – Everything You Need to Know

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The Samsung Odyssey, the company’s first PC VR headset, is available starting today in several countries, sold via Samsung and Microsoft stores.

Pokémon Go Creators Are Making A Harry Potter AR Game


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is coming to mobile in 2018. Could this be the next big AR game? Niantic, the developers of the popular Pokémon Go mobile game is now making a Harry Potter game.

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Watch Hands-On Gameplay Of Skyrim VR And DOOM VFR On PSVR


Bethesda’s slate of VR offerings is fast approaching. First up, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is set to release this November 17th, less than two weeks away on PlayStation VR (PSVR).

Content theft quietly demoralizing for creators

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Although many creators do not speak up, theft and illegal distribution of their content is hurting their morale and creativity, and may even be driving some out of OpenSim altogether.

Sony Cuts Price of PSVR & PS4 Console by $100 for Week-long Black Friday Sale

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MythBuster’s Jamie Hyneman Crowdfunding VR Shoes


Please be real. Please be real. Please be real. Another day, another insanely bizarre VR peripheral aimed at changing the industry forever.

AR Is On The Verge Of Transforming The Human-Computer Relationship


The ubiquity of smartphones and 4G networks in the last decade have changed our society and economy in dramatic ways.