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Cast of Stranger Things Freak Out in New VR Experience


Netflix’s latest hit show Stranger Things has been brought to life in virtual reality. The eight part series that blends 80’s nostalgia with creepy thrills is giving the cast a terrifying adventure of their own — in VR.

First Look: ‘New Retro Arcade Neon’ Launches Today with All New Arcade Space, Multiplayer, Mini-games, and More

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The much anticipated New Retro Arcade Neon , a totally revamped version of the lauded virtual reality arcade, finally lands on Steam today, built to take advantage of the HTC Vive.

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Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor Updated for Oculus Rift CV1


Virtual Reality and Star Wars are made for each other. Virtual Reality promises to get you as close as you will likely ever get to a TIE fighter. However, as yet, there is no official Star Wars VR game. Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor was a DK2 demo available in early 2015.

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Amazing MIT Research Project Lets You Reach Into Augmented Reality


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The Crazy VR World of China Joy 2016


The ridiculous and amazing things we scouted in Shanghai. China Joy kicked off Thursday at the Shanghai New International Expo Center with over 600 firms showing the latest in entertainment and technology.

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‘Unlimited Corridor’ Video Shows Mind Bending ‘Infinite’ Redirected Walking

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This video showcases a new redirected walking implementation project that creates an “unlimited” virtual corridor in a space just 5 x 7 metres in size. Redirected walking (RDW) is a technique which aims to maximise the physical space of a virtual reality playspace by tricking your senses.

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You Haven’t Seen Anything Like This ‘Suicide Squad’ 360 Camera Rig


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Tilt Brush Launches New Audio Reactive Brushes


Now you can watch your Tilt Brush creations come to life while dancing to a beat. Tilt Brush by Google just got a major update Tuesday, introducing what they are calling “audio reactive brushes” to the HTC Vive app.

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Valve Opens Vive’s Tracking Tech to Third-parties for Free, Details Dev Kit for Licensees

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Valve today announced that it will provide royalty-free licensing to third parties interested in using the SteamVR ‘Lighthouse’ tracking technology to create new tracked objects like VR controllers and other peripherals.

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New Samsung Gear VR widens virtual reality ambitions


There's a new Samsung Gear VR in town. If you're keeping count, it's the fourth iteration of the Korean company's Oculus-powered VR headset.

Experiencing Virtual Reality In A Full Body Vibrating ‘Synesthesia Suit’


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Watch Real Madrid Take on Bayern Munich Live in VR


Last week we announced NextVR’s live coverage of the International Champions Cup (ICC) on Gear VR. Well, today is your last chance to get down on the field at Metlife Stadium as Real Madrid takes on Bayern Munich after handing down a beating to Chelsea during Saturday’s broadcast.

‘TheWaveVR’ Raises $2.5 Million Seed Investment for Social VR Music Platform

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TheWaveVR is a social VR music platform which allows DJs to mix tracks live in VR in front of a virtual audience which can connect to experience the performance from around the world. The company announced today that it’s raised a $2.5 million seed investment to build out the platform.

SightLine: The Chair Updated For Oculus Rift and HTC Vive


April 2015 I first tried Sightline the Chair , which remains one of the best VR experiences out there. The Apollo 11 experience is also way up there. Developer Tomáš Mariančík (aka Frooxius) has now released Sightline the chair for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive consumer versions.

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PlayStation VR Asks For A Surprisingly Large Play Space


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Making VR Accessible to Kids One Maze at a Time


If I was in an audience and the speaker asked who felt like they considered themselves a “Kidult” (kid + adult = kidult), my Ghostbusters loving, game playing, Simpsons DVD owning hand would have to go up. That would make me part of Seedling’s key demographic according to CEO Phoebe Hayman.

‘Situational Knowledges’ in VR Narrative: The Role of Place & Perspective

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Catherine Rehwinkel is working on creating a conceptual framework that enables storytellers to storyboard linear stories in VR. She’s a filmmaker who recently finished a master’s degree computational & systems thinking at NYU.

Steam VR Weekend Sale - Oculus and HTC Vive Games


Last month both Oculus and Steam offered sale prices on VR titles in their respective stores. This weekend Steam is offering a VR weekend sale ending Monday at 10 AM Pacific Time with up to 80% off Steam VR titles. However, most of the better titles are in the 20%-30% range.

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Cyberpower PC and AMD Release VR-Ready Desktop for $720


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Jaunt Launches Publishing Platform for Your Cinematic VR Content


You can now submit your creation for consideration on the platform. Jaunt announced Thursday the launch of Jaunt Publishing , a program that allows the growing community of professional VR creators to publish their high quality VR content directly to the Jaunt VR app.

Living Stories: What VR Can Learn from Immersive Theater

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When the recession hit in 2008, book publisher Charlie Melcher looked to reinvent how Melcher Media told stories using the latest smart phone technologies.

VixenVR uses its years of game dev experience to create the future of Adult VR.

Cats and VR recently had the opportunity to check out several demos at the Headquarters. Several companies showcased their respective 360° Adult video content but one company showed me that they are truly innovating Adult VR.

Watch VR Help Kids Lose Their Fear of Water With This Brilliant 360 Video


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Samsung Gear 360 Goes On Sale August 19th in US


You can pick up this 360-degree camera for $349. For those of you patiently waiting in the US to get your hands on a Gear 360 camera, we finally have a price and availability date.

‘Tilt Brush’ Brings the Rave to Your Living Room with New Music Visualizer Mode

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Tilt Brush , the virtual reality paint application from Google, saw an update today that brought with it a whole new ‘audio reactive mode’—now making your trippy creations pulse to the beat of your own music collection.

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PlayStation VR Asks For A Surprisingly Large Play Space: 9.8.


PlayStation VR Asks For A Surprisingly Large Play Space: 9.8 feet by 6.2 feet A new brochure for the upcoming VR headset, recently shared over on Reddit , finally reveals the required tracking space for usage. It comes in at around 9.8 feet by 6.2

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Stop Comparing VR to 3D Televisions


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P&G China Wants You to Buy a VR Girlfriend


Chinese consumers have been among the earliest adopters of VR, with an estimated 2.52 million headsets to be sold in China this year alone.

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Hands-on: 4 Experimental Haptic Feedback Systems at SIGGRAPH 2016

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One of the biggest limitations of current VR technology is the inability to convey a realistic and complete sense of touch. So far, the most you would feel from a modern consumer VR system, like the HTC Vive, is vibration through a controller.

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Finally Found a Way to Record From Inside Oculus Home in the Rift CV1

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Putting this video up for the second time because for some reason I accidentally deleted it! Sorry to everyone who already watched and commented. For those who didn’t basically after months of trying I finally found a way to capture video from within the Oculus Home environment in the Rift CV1.

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