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‘Audio AR’ Emerges: Discussions with Developers

AR Insider

A leading indicator for product development in AR can often be the demos shown at top meetups. At last week’s AWE Nite SF — the mother of all AR meetups — the theme was AR in gaming… but an unplanned sub-theme emerged: audio AR.

Creating Great VR Experiences on a Budget


Virtual Reality in the last few years has become a tool for everyone. This includes HR people creating VR training apps , marketers creating VR sales apps , or trade show teams putting together cool VR experiences.

Report: XR Medical Device Training

Tech Trends VR

Todd Maddox examines how Extended Reality (XR) is an ideal tool to enable faster and more efficient familiarization with complex medical devices. Medical devices are essential for safe and effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illness and disease.

How to be a good VR startupper – Part 2

The Ghost Howls

Second part of my post with my pieces of advice for wannabe VR entrepreneurs. If you lost the first part, you can find it here !

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Airbus Previews Military Sandbox App for HoloLens

Next Reality AR

As Microsoft works toward fulfilling its $480 million contract to supply modified HoloLens 2 headsets to the US Army, Airbus is preparing to supply advanced augmented reality apps for the device.

Fable Studio’s ‘Lucy’ The First Virtual Being To Win Emmy


Wolves in the Walls takes home the award for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media.

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My experience with a WebVR yacht party

The Ghost Howls

Last week I celebrated the birthday of my blog with a party on WebVR hosted by Enea Le Fons. Lots of people told me that couldn’t participate for personal or technical reasons, so I’m writing this post to tell everyone how was my experience with it! Are you interested?

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Expert View: Exploring Dreams through [AR]T

Tech Trends VR

How AR Artists in Residence Are Shaping Project Aero. By Stefano Corazza, Fellow and Head of Augmented Reality, Adobe. Immersive media is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and already changing our everyday interactions.

Nuclear Power Plant Uses VR For Control Room Training


Fortum looks to VR to provide cost-effective training for its operators. VR is quickly becoming the go-to training solution for a growing number of industries.

The Void Teases New VR Experiences From Marvel, Sony Pictures Coming Soon


The Void recently opened its new San Francisco, CA location and in an interview the CCO teased upcoming VR experiences from Marvel and Sony Pictures.

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iStaging review: virtual tours made easy

The Ghost Howls

If you are in the real estate business, you should have a look at iStaging : it is a complete solution able to let you create and manage your 360 tours easily and in an affordable way.

USA Today's Latest Augmented Reality Story Takes Readers on Sobering Trip Aboard Slave Ship

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality as a storytelling medium can do some extraordinary things words and images alone can't convey -- such as transporting readers 400 years into the past.

London’s Otherworld Might Just Be The Coolest-Looking VR Arcade In Existence


Dream Corporation’s “neon jungle” features 14 extra-sensory VR pods, a bar, and a poke kitchen. Open now to the general public, Dream Corporation’s Otherworld VR arcade looks like something straight out of Tron: Legacy.

Gamescom 2019: Iron Man VR Almost Made Me Forget I Was Playing On PSVR


Lets be honest, PSVR has been showing its age of late. I love Sony’s headset dearly, but the blur of No Man’s Sky Beyond proves that much. And that’s not to mention the archaic Move controllers, which grow more frustrating by the day.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.18): Nate Mitchell leaves Facebook, No Man’s Sky VR released and much more!

The Ghost Howls

It’s a beautiful summer day and I’m quite happy because this week my blog has turned three years old ! I had a beautiful Web VR yacht party (tomorrow I will share some videos about it!)

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Oculus to Debut ‘Stormland’ Co-op Multiplayer Next Week at PAX West

Road to VR

Oculus announced that it’ll be showing Stormland’s co-op multiplayer feature at the PAX West event next week. Upcoming Oculus exclusive Stormland is among the most anticipated VR titles set to launch this year.

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Violin Virtuoso Lindsey Stirling To Perform Live In VR For The First Time


Help celebrate the launch of her latest album with a virtual interactive performance. .

Vanishing Realms: The Sundered Rift Expansion Releases Today And Is ‘Larger Than The Base Game’


The first wave of true consumer-level VR games that released back in 2016 had a hefty torch to bear and Vanishing Realms , an action-adventure RPG from Indimo Labs, was one of the very best of the bunch.

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Tech Trends at #VRX2019

Tech Trends VR

The World’s Premier Extended Reality Event will take place in December in San Francisco. According to one study , the extended reality (XR) market is forecast to grow to more than $209 billion in the next four years, an 800% increase from their 2018 prediction of $27 billion.

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‘Groundhog Day VR’ to Launch in September on Rift, Vive & PSVR, Gameplay Trailer Here

Road to VR

Sony, MWM Immersive, and Tequila Works today announced that their upcoming VR adventure Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son is set to launch next month, which includes support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR.

Walmart Employees Say VR Training Helped Save Lives During El Paso Shooting


Employees claim active shooter training helped them respond faster to the situation. Earlier this month, a deadly mass shooting took place at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, claiming the lives of 22 individuals and injuring 24 others.

How To Update Your Oculus Quest To The Latest Firmware


Are you trying to ensure that your Oculus Quest has the latest features, fixes and performance improvements? This guide will explain how to update your Quest. The Oculus Quest runs a modified version of Android. Just like other Android devices, it updates over WiFi.

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Firestorm viewer now supports virtual reality

Hypergrid Business

There is now a virtual reality enabled version of the Firestorm viewer. Austin Tate, director of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute at the University of Edinburgh, has posted an article about how to install and run it here.

Hands-on: ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ is a Delightful Miniature Wonderland Filled with Puzzles

Road to VR

Cortopia Studios, the Stockholm-based team behind the spellcasting combat game Wands (2016), showed off their next entry into the realm of VR at Gamescom 2019 this week.

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AR Technology Is Changing The World Of Professional Yachting


Raymarine’s AR navigation technology could be the future of professional sailing. When it comes to high-level yachting and sailing, few technologies are more crucial than an up-to-date electronic plotter.

Sony Acquires Insomniac Games


Insomniac Games — the developers behind Sony’s PS4 megahit Spider-Man — are going to become part of Sony Worldwide Studios. Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac turns the PS4 and PSVR maker into the owner of upcoming PC VR game Stormland and a host of other VR and AR projects.

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What is WebVR, How to Create It, and Main Use Cases


WebVR is an underappreciated virtual reality publishing outlet. It’s likely because the medium is not ideal for 360 video, not fully immersive, and doesn’t involve a powerful headset. What it does have going for it though is reach.

Long Delayed PSVR Exclusive ‘Golem’ Finally Set to Launch This Fall

Road to VR

It’s been a long, long road for Golem , the upcoming PSVR exclusive title that’s been in development since even before Sony’s VR headset launched in 2016. After several major delays, Golem is finally due to launch this Fall.

Wonderscope’s Latest AR Reading Experience Teaches Kids How To Handle Bullies


Help a tiny speck of stardust in this voice-activated interactive adventure.

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SteamVR Beta Helps No Man’s Sky Performance On Valve Index, Fixes Oculus ASW 2.0 Support


The SteamVR Beta channel currently includes performance improvements for Valve Index, as well as fixing support for the Oculus Rift’s Asynchronous Spacewarp 2.0. The most recent build, 1.7.6, released on Saturday.

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How Virtual Reality Improves Care for Mental Health Disorders


The virtual reality revolution is here. VR has exceeded everyone’s expectations in the last few years. Its applications aren’t merely for fun and games anymore. They have extended beyond the gaming industry. Now, VR is reshaping nearly every industry, including the field of healthcare.