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Augmented reality is reaching a mature state according to Gartner

The Ghost Howls

According to the very famous market analysis company Gartner, Augmented Reality is no more an “emerging” technology, but it has graduated as a mature one.

Digital Frontier: Where Brain-computer Interfaces & AR/VR Could One Day Meet

Road to VR

Whenever I used to think about brain-computer interfaces (BCI), I typically imagined a world where the Internet was served up directly to my mind through cyborg-style neural implants—or basically how it’s portrayed in Ghost in the Shell.

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Hands-On With Tilt Five, The Consumer-Grade Tabletop AR Gaming Platform


Tilt Five ( official website ) is an upcoming consumer-grade AR platform that aims to bring tabletop gaming to life right before your eyes. We tried it out for ourselves at PAX West last weekend. Have you ever wanted to see your game of Dungeons & Dragons come alive on the table?

Puma Teams Up with Zappar to Bring Web-Based AR Experience to Retail Store

Next Reality AR

When it comes to the athletic footwear retail game, it's just not enough to just sell shoes anymore.

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New Volumetric Capture Studio The Lightframe Co. Opens In NYC


The company is scheduled to host a Microsoft pop-up later this month. There’s a new studio in town and it’s here to capture the world in 3D. Calling Brooklyn’s Industry City home, The Lightframe Co. is a digital production studio specializing in mixed reality production and holographic technology.

Valve Developer to Talk About Secretive ‘Flagship VR Title’ at DigiPen Next Week

Road to VR

When it comes to game development, Valve is probably one of the most notorious of black boxes; there’s still no telling what the studio has in store for its promised three ‘full-length’ VR titles, let alone the one planned to launch later this year.

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Puma Uses Zappar to Bring Web-Based AR Experience to Retail Store

Next Reality AR

When it comes to the athletic footwear retail game, it's just not enough to just sell shoes anymore.

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AltspaceVR Announces September 12th Oculus Quest Launch


Microsoft’s flagship social VR platform brings its unique brand of events to the Quest. When I bought my HTC Vive in 2017, I already had a list of games and experiences I wanted to try first.

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Björk Releases ‘Vulnicura Virtual Reality Album’, A Collection of Immersive Music Videos

Road to VR

The perennially avant-garde singer-songwriter Björk has brought her entire 2015 album, Vulnicura , to virtual reality.

Rift S Surpasses Windows MR, Index Doubles In August Steam Hardware Survey


The Oculus Rift S is now used by more Steam users than all Windows MR headsets combined, according to the August Steam Hardware Survey. The Valve Index’s market share has doubled, and VR overall is at an all time high. Rift S Overtakes WMR.

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Magic Leap One Gets Educational Tool for Would-Be Paleontologists via Dinosaur Kit App

Next Reality AR

The growing stock of augmented reality apps filling up the Magic Leap store seems to be picking up pace in recent months.

Google Poly Editor Gives Brands More Control Over Their Immersive Ads


Google introduces customizable backgrounds, new animation settings, and realistic reflections.

Here’s What 100 Hours of VR Drum Practice Gets You

Road to VR

Virtual reality drumming app Paradiddle recently accepted submissions for VR drummers to show off their skills. One drummer, who says they’ve never played drums in the real world, submitted a killer cover of ‘Assassin’ by MUSE.

Facebook: We Don’t Collect Or Store Quest Camera Or Guardian Data


Facebook says its Oculus Quest and Rift S headsets store room mapping data locally and do not send that data to their servers. The explanation comes after attempts to clarify how the system functions for consumers and how it was developed and tested internally with employees.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.01): HoloLens 2 may come in September, Oculus may commercialize a multiplayer LBVR solution, HP Reverb is back and much more!

The Ghost Howls

It’s the first of September! The autumn is getting closer, but here it is still very hot. Also VR companies seem still in vacation since we had no big news this week. Anyway, it was not a boring week at all… discover what it has happened here below! Top news of the week. Image by Microsoft).

iOS 13 Points Towards Existence Of Apple’s Supposedly-Canceled AR Headset


Could Apple’s long-speculated AR glasses still be in development? Earlier this year, rumors generated by patents submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office suggested that a wearable augmented reality device could potentially be in development at Apple.

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Facebook Publishes New Research on Hyper-realistic Virtual Avatars

Road to VR

Mysterious Half-Life VR Code Uncovered In The Lab Update


Code uncovered in last week’s update to Valve’s The Lab may point to some kind of development related to Half-Life VR. Tyler McVicker at Valve News Network traced indications of Half-Life VR code in various Valve updates and posted the below video today.

AltspaceVR to launch on Oculus Quest on September 12th

Cats and VR

Popular virtual events platform, AltspaceVR will officially be launching on Facebook’s Oculus Quest on September 12, 2019.

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Report: Apple’s Rumored Smart Tracker Will Use AR To Help You Find Lost Items


Tagged items would appear as AR balloons floating throughout the real world. According to reports by MacRumors , Apple is currently in development of a Bluetooth beacon device that allows iOS and watchOS users to track their personal belongings using AR navigation.

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Step Into Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ in This VR Fan Tribute

Road to VR

Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 (2003) is an hour-long film that expertly blends the electronic music duo’s album Discovery with some pretty striking visuals, courtesy of Japanese anime studio Toei Animation.

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Hands-On: LOW-FI Is Shaping Up To Be An Impressive Open-World Cyberpunk VR Dystopia


LOW-FI is the next dystopian cyberpunk VR adventure from IRIS VR, the same developer behind Technolust. The Kickstarter for LOW-FI goes live later today, September 2nd, at 3PM PT , but we’ve already played an early alpha build. Here’s what we think of it so far!

What to expect from VR in 2020

Hypergrid Business

We asked the best and brightest in virtual reality to share their thoughts on what we can expect from VR in 2020. We’re more than halfway through 2019, so let’s get real about what’s happening in virtual reality.

Oculus CTO John Carmack Talks Immersive Technology On The Joe Rogan Podcast


The industry legend gives his thoughts on VR, AR, location-based entertainment, and more. Last week industry legend and current Oculus VR CTO John Carmack sat down with stand-up comedian and podcast icon Joe Rogan for Episode #1342 of the immensely popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Social VR Platform ‘AltspaceVR’ Coming to Oculus Quest Mid-September

Road to VR

Social VR networking app AltspaceVR is set to arrive on the Oculus Quest on September 12, according to an official announcement made via Twitter.

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Borderlands 2 VR PC Finally Confirmed, Free DLC Hits Soon


Gearbox finally confirmed what we pretty much all knew over the weekend; Borderlands 2 VR is coming to PC. The company announced as much during PAX West in Seattle. The news was confirmed during its showcase at the event.

Ubisoft Building 50 Person Team for Unannounced VR Project

Peter Graham

It was once the case that large videogame developers had no interest in virtual reality (VR) content creation due to the fact the technology was so niche. Slowly but surely several studios have come to embrace VR such as Bethesda, Gearbox Studios, and Ubisoft.

Exposing Homelessness Through Eviction With ‘These Sleepless Nights’ Mixed Reality Mini-Doc


The Magic Leap-powered AR exhibit premiers at the Venice Film Festival. Homelessness is an epidemic that affects people all around the globe.

‘Borderlands 2 VR’ to Launch on PC This Fall, PSVR Version Gets Free DLC Soon

Road to VR

Borderlands 2 VR (2018) is finally headed out of PSVR exclusivity, with launch on PC slated for sometime this Fall. The PSVR version, which debuted on PS4 late last year, is also getting a massive DLC drop for free, coming September 6th.

10 PSVR Games To Look Out For Before 2019 Ends


Is it just me or are things a bit quiet on the PSVR front lately? Sony’s headset has had a great year so far with releases like Blood & Truth.

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