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Oculus Quest Developer Shares Tricks To Optimize Rift And Vive Ports


In the days leading up to Oculus Quest’s launch, the company’s head of third-party content told VentureBeat that porting higher-end PC titles to the standalone platform was more about art asset formatting than code optimization.

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3 Keys to a Successful Virtual Reality (VR) Proof of Concept App


Many employees will build a Proof of Concept VR app to get buy-in for virtual reality programs from their employers. This makes sense as VR has grown extensively in popularity, but many in C-suites may not be familiar with how VR creation works.

VR Experience Gave E3 Attendees A Platform For Inclusion


An interactive VR painting provided underrepresented communities with a meditative space to share thoughts on identity. 50 years ago, in the early morning of June 28 th , 1969, violent demonstrations ignited in the streets of Manhattan.

Sony Gives Spider-Man a New Augmented Reality Home via iPhone & Android Apps

Next Reality AR

Fans of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man have yet another way to experience the web-slinger in augmented reality.

SIF: LG not interested in VR hardware anymore, Veer entering LBE and much more!

The Ghost Howls

At Sandbox Immersive Festival , I have been able to try some interesting hardware solutions. I have already detailed in another post my impressions on the Pico Neo and the HP Reverb … in this one, I will talk about other hardware manufacturers. Veer Chair.

Facebook’s Prototype VR Face Tracking Got Even Better


Earlier this year, Facebook showed off its research towards photorealistic avatars and high quality VR face tracking to drive them. This week, Facebook showed off improved facial tracking for these avatars, more accurately capturing the user’s facial expression.

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Papa John's Launches 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' AR Experience via Snapchat

Next Reality AR

In the Tom Holland era, it appears to be impossible to promote a new Spider-Man movie without an augmented reality experience, a trend that continues with Spider-Man: Far From Home.

SIF: Pico Neo and HP Reverb hands on

The Ghost Howls

At Sandbox Immersive Festival , I have been able to try some interesting VR storytelling experiences. But it is interesting to talk about not only the experiences, but also the devices through which I have enjoyed them.

Oculus Rift S Patch Dramatically Improves Controller Tracking, Coming To Quest In Future


Oculus PC software Public Test Channel version 1.39 brings important improvements to Touch controller tracking on Oculus Rift S.

‘Halo’ VR Multiplayer Shooter Coming to Location-based Halo Event

Road to VR

Halo: Outpost Discovery is a weekend-long event coming to a few cities across the US this summer; it aims to bring fans closer to the world of Halo, while undoubtedly distancing them from the money in their back pockets.

Snapchat Turns Wrigley Field into the Upside Down for 'Stranger Things' Promotion

Next Reality AR

With the third season of Netflix's hit series Stranger Things set to debut July 4, it's time to crank up the hype machine, this time, in augmented reality.

SIF: The Collider review: a trip inside your emotions in VR

The Ghost Howls

When reading the summaries of the best experiences had by the various VR influencers at Tribeca 2019, there was one experience that was always quoted by them: The Collider.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home VR Launches Today For Free, Trailer Here


Yesterday we reported that a new Spider-Man VR experience would be releasing this week. Turns out it’s sooner rather than later; Spider-Man: Far From Home, Virtual Reality (yes that’s the full name) is releasing today on Rift, Vive and PSVR for free.

‘Catan VR’ to Launch on PSVR Tomorrow, Cross-play with “major VR platforms”

Road to VR

After launching on PC VR & Oculus mobile VR headsets last year, Catan VR is finally making its way to PSVR.

New Smithsonian AR App Lets You Pilot The Apollo 11 Rocket


Step through a portal to the moon and navigate the Apollo Lander safely to the lunar surface.

Apple iPhone Owners Can Now Try Out Gucci's Ace Sneakers via Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

While Gucci is among the most recognizable brands in fashion, you would be excused for not realizing that the company makes sneakers as well.

A New Spider-Man VR Game Is Coming This Week And I’m Cautiously Optimistic


Peter Parker is back from the land of dust and ready to swing into his next adventure next month. Spider-Man: Far From Home hits cinemas in early July and, as with most Sony Pictures-produced movies, it’s getting a tie-in VR experience.

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DisplayPort 2.0 Supports Dual 4K VR Displays @120Hz

Road to VR

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has officially released DisplayPort 2.0, representing the first major update to the audio/video standard since the entrance of DisplayPort 1.4 back in March 2016. DisplayPort 2.0

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Snapchat AR Filter Turns Wrigley Field Into The Upside Down From Stranger Things


Let’s just hope the Demogorgon isn’t throwing the ceremonial first pitch. Stranger Things fans get ready!

SIF: hands-on with “Doctor Who: The Runaway”, “4 Feet: Blind Date” and much more!

The Ghost Howls

First day at Sandbox Immersive Festival ! Do you want to know how has it been? Well, you can bet that I will tell you everything.

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Anne Frank House VR Comes To Oculus Quest Today


Just over a year ago now Oculus and Force Field VR released a VR experience based around Anne Frank. The piece was released on Frank’s 89th birthday on Oculus Rift, Go, and Gear VR. Today, just after Frank’s 90th birthday passes, the app also arrives on Oculus Quest.

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Valve Index Review – The Enthusiast’s Choice

Road to VR

The Valve Index headset is more expensive and less user-friendly than its nearest competitor, the Oculus Rift S, but the experience it offers is the clear choice for VR enthusiasts who want to maximize immersion. Read on for our full Valve Index review to learn if this headset is for you.

Facebook VP Says The Oculus Quest Is Seeing ‘Console-Like Usage’


The company claims content sales topped $5 million in the first two weeks. Facebook’s Oculus Quest seems to be hitting a mark with VR fans all over the globe. Since the 6DOF headsets release back in May, major sites such as Amazon and Newegg are seeing shipping dates backed up to 2 to 3 weeks.

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SIF: Magic Leap GOT experience, Gloomy eyes, Reggie Watts’s AR Grease hands on!

The Ghost Howls

A new day, new experiences at the Sandbox Immersive Festival in Qingdao! Magic Leap “The dead must die” GOT experience. Magic Leap’s GOT experience presented here in Qingdao is maybe the best “room scanning experience” I have ever tried in my life.

Valve Index Review: Aiming For PC VR’s Sweet Spot And Pulling The Trigger


Valve Index is in a class by itself. This is true in at least three respects: 1.) Fine adjustments to the HMD’s optics and field of view take clarity and visual comfort to levels never seen before.

Survios CTO to Teach Full Semester VR Development Course in a Virtual Classroom

Road to VR

Survios, the studio behind a host of VR games such as Raw Data (2017), Sprint Vector (2018) and Creed: Rise to Glory (2018) , has been a stalwart pioneer of the medium since the birth of consumer VR.

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Valve Index Now Shipping Alongside 30+ Supported Games


Valve’s long-awaited response to PC VR has officially arrived.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.06.23): HTC teases the Vive Cosmos, Oculus announces AR at OC6 and much more!

The Ghost Howls

If the Paradise was in China, its name would be Qingdao. I’m for the second time in this beautiful city, writing this newsletter while I see an amazing seaside full of colored lights from my window (before I had a walk there and I was astonished).

Watch Weeping Angels And Daleks Come To Life In New Doctor Who VR Videos


Hopefully you enjoyed the first look at Doctor Who: The Edge of Time at our E3 VR Showcase this month. Today, though, developer Maze Theory is taking you a little deeper behind the scenes of the VR game. The developer’s just unleashed a range of new making of videos.

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Valve & Cloudhead Games Release ‘Aperture Hand Lab’ to Get Users Started with Index

Road to VR

Cloudhead Games and Valve today released their previously teased VR game that aims to not only put you through your paces with your brand new Valve Index controllers, but directly in the familiar halls of Portal’s Aperture Science labs.

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