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How Beat Saber Won The Battle For Mainstream Consumers


Does Beat Saber hold the recipe for global VR success? With the VR industry crying out for ways to make it ‘make it mainstream’, can we learn a thing or two from Beat Saber … a game that won over VR trendsetters and traditional gamers alike? .

Virtual Battles on Your Coffee Table

Tech Trends VR

Mixed Reality adds a new dimension to tabletop gaming, but there’s more to this tank show-down than first meets the eye. Yes, tabletop gaming is very much still a thing. But just because it’s been around forever doesn’t mean it’s not keeping up with the latest tech.

PSVR’s Dreams Might Make The Metaverse A Reality Sooner Than You Think


A few months ago I said that Dreams could well be PSVR’s most important game on the horizon.

Facebook & RED Unveil ‘Manifold’ Volumetric VR Camera

Road to VR

Last May, Facebook and RED Digital Cinema announced they were working on a volumetric video camera based on Facebook’s Surround360 technology. At Oculus Connect 5 today, the company’s annual developer conference, Facebook and RED revealed a first-look at the camera, dubbed Manifold.

China Looks To Better The Treatment Of Wildlife With First ‘VR Zoo’


Guangzhou Zoo ditches its cages in favor of environmentally-friendly VR exhibits. Southern China isn’t exactly known for its well-managed zoos. The populous nation has a history of poorly-funded animal exhibits that often fall well within the confines of animal cruelty.

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Google Puts Faces of Historic Women on US Currency via Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Well-regarded men from the history of the United States tend to grace the country's currency, but what if equally deserving women were honored in the same fashion? That's the question that Google's Notable Women project endeavors to explore with augmented reality.

OC5: Oculus Renames Santa Cruz To Oculus Quest Coming Spring 2019 For $399


Oculus now has a final name for its standalone inside-out tracked VR headset, originally codenamed Santa Cruz. Meet Oculus Quest. The company announced the new name at its Oculus Connect 5 developer conference in San Jose today, also confirming that the kit would launch in spring 2019 for $399.

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Alaska Airlines Begins Testing VR As First Class Entertainment


Alaska Airlines new VR theater experience could make you forget you are on an airplane.

Alaska 252

Microsoft Fuels Efficiency at Chevron with Remote Assist App for HoloLens

Next Reality AR

Four months after unveiling the latest productivity apps for the HoloLens, Microsoft now has a series of compelling real-world use case videos showing how the augmented reality device and its apps are helping oil giant Chevron.

Darth Vader VR Experience Set For Reveal Tomorrow


The Darth Vader VR experience that we first heard about two years ago from ILMxLAB looks like it might get a formal reveal at Oculus Connect 5.

Oculus Quest Hands-on and Tech Details

Road to VR

Oculus Quest was the main attraction at Oculus Connect 5 this week.

Oculus 252

AR Neurosurgical Fluorescent Receives FDA Clearance


AR fluorescent can help provide surgeons with clearer view during vascular neurosurgery. WARNING: The following photos are NOT for the faint of heart *.

Magic Leap, Microsoft Pursuing Military Contracts to Supply AR Headsets for Soldiers, Report Says

Next Reality AR

Leading augmented reality headset makers Microsoft and Magic Leap are among the companies now vying for a military contract for battlefield heads-up displays.

Creed: Rise To Glory Review – Unleashing The Eye Of The Tiger


From Knockout League to Thrill of the Fight and a litany of exercise-focused apps, there are plenty of ways to get your VR boxing fix right now. If you like slamming your fists into punching bags and beating virtual enemies into a pulp, then you have plenty of avenues to pursue that.

Oculus CTO: Quest is ‘In the Neighborhood of Xbox 360 / PS3 Processing Power’

Road to VR

Speaking on stage at Oculus Connect this morning, Oculus CTO John Carmack gave his signature unscripted talk, somehow going into depth despite covering a wide range of topics from Go to Quest to Rift, and plenty more.

Oculus 245

Oculus Unveils ‘Oculus Quest’ Standalone Headset At OC5


Standalone 6DoF VR arrives on the Oculus platform Spring 2019 for $399. Oculus Connect 5 is officially underway in San Jose, California, and the company wasted not time this year as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage to unveil the next generation of Oculus VR technology, the Oculus Quest.

Oculus 222

Build 3D Content on Your Smartphone or Tablet with Torch's New Mobile App

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality experiences for consumers, for the most part, are relegated to mobile devices at present, but creation and development of those experiences is still a province of desktop computers. Hold my beer, says Torch 3D, Inc.

Watch Valve’s Knuckles EV3 Controllers Get Unboxed


The next iteration of Valve’s Knuckles VR controllers are now arriving on developer’s doorsteps, and Climbey developer Brian Lindenhof is providing his typically dependable first look at them.

Oculus Announces Quest, The High-end Standalone Headset Starting at $400

Road to VR

Oculus today introduced Quest, the consumer version of the ‘Project Santa Cruz’ headset that the company first revealed way back in 2016.

Oculus 239

VR App Helps Nervous Children Prepare For MRI Scan


Because who doesn’t love being strapped inside a noisy, confined space for over an hour? MRI, or “magnetic resonance imaging,” utilizes a combination of powerful radio waves and magnetic field gradients to safely generate images of persons internal organs.

Magic Leap Teams with Sennheiser to Deliver High-End Spatial Audio for Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

One of the best aspects of the Magic Leap One is the spatial audio, a feature that enhances the overall sense of immersion when interacting with virtual objects and content through the device.

Duke Nukem 3D Is Getting The VR Treatment Via A Fan-Made Mod


Duke Nukem’s biggest rival, Serious Sam, has embraced VR with open, overly-muscular arms, but where is Duke’s own VR game? With a little help from a fan and Sam himself, it’s getting there. Serious Duke 3D is a partial remake of Duke Nukem 3D with full VR support.

Video 244

Haptic Vest ‘Ryg’ Launches on Kickstarter, Fully Funded in 3 Hours

Road to VR

Woojer, the company behind the haptic belt Strap , launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week for a new haptic vest, dubbed Ryg.

Haptic 233

Google Announces 6DoF Controller Devkit, ‘See-Through’ Mode For Daydream


Dual 6DoF motion controllers and a brand-new ‘See-Through’ AR mode make their way to the Lenovo Mirage Solo. The Lenovo Mirage Solo is a solid standalone VR headset.

Google 211

Snapchat Ships Amazon Visual Search as Its Next Step Forward in AR Evolution

Next Reality AR

Snapchat has officially unveiled its Visual Search service for Amazon (teased a month ago), a tool the company began testing on Monday. Now, when the app recognizes a barcode or a matching object, a card for the corresponding product on Amazon will appear on the screen.

Amazon 202

Haptic VR Suit Hardlight ‘Out Of Money’, Shutting Down This Month


Hardlight VR , a haptic feedback suit designed to deliver more immersive experiences, is no more.

Haptic 223

Pimax “5K” Plus Breeds Confusion as Previewers Recommend it Over “8K” Headset

Road to VR

Just a month before the company expected to begin shipping the first “5K” and “8K” headsets to backers of its Kickstarter campaign, Pimax introduced a new model, the “5K” Plus.

Introducing Our VR180 London Creator Lab Cohort


The Creator Lab goes international as YouTube’s VR180 bootcamp makes its way to London.

The scariest VR horror game of E3 is coming Home Sweet Home on October 9th

Cats and VR

The scariest VR game at E3 2018 was Home Sweet Home. While the game was previously released on Steam last September, Mastiff is handling the PS4, PSVR, and X1 publishing. The game launches on October 9.

Oculus Quest Specs, Price, Release Date And Everything Else We Know


Oculus used its Connect 5 conference this year to properly reveal its highly-anticipated standalone VR headset with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) inside-out tracking, named Oculus Quest.

Oculus 221

Oculus CTO Explores Next-gen Oculus Go Feature Wishlist

Road to VR

Legendary programmer and Oculus CTO John Carmack took the stage today at Oculus Connect to have another one of his famous off-script, stream-of-thought talks.

Oculus 220

‘Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series’ Launches On Oculus Quest 2019


Episode one of the three-part interactive series lands on the upcoming standalone headset sometime next year. It’s only day one of Oculus Connect 5 and already we’ve seen new hardware, new content, and bold new ideas for the future of VR.

Oculus 191

VR influencer Jesse Damiani to host one of the largest VR/AR/MR art shows ever featuring CatsAndVR favs JOY and Steve Teeps.

Cats and VR

OpenVR For Oculus VR Lets You Play SteamVR Games Through Oculus Runtime


A VR developer just released a new platform that allows Oculus Rift owners to access SteamVR content without using SteamVR itself. Developer Campbell Suter released what’s called ‘OpenOVR’ for free on GitLab over the weekend. Currently, Rift users can access any VR content on Steam, but it’ll need to run through SteamVR and not the headset’s own platform. With OpenOVR, Rift can treat Steam content as native Oculus apps.

Oculus 216

What to Expect at Oculus Connect 5 This Week

Road to VR

Oculus Connect, the company’s annual developer conference, is here once again. Now in its fifth year, Oculus is expected to update the world on what’s next from in VR content and hardware. Here’s a look at what we expect to see this year.

Oculus 211

Oculus Announces ‘Lone Echo 2’ At Oculus Connect 5


A sequel to one of 2018’s most polished VR titles heads to the Oculus Rift 2019. This past July, Lone Echo introduced us to Jack and Liv, an unlikely pair of friends who find themselves thrust into an extraordinary situation after their space vessel is destroyed by an unknown force.

Oculus 184

Oculus announces Oculus Quest: 6 DOF, Snapdragon 835 VR, disruptive $399 price

The Ghost Howls

In the end, the time has come: Oculus has officially revealed the name and the price of the Santa Cruz headset. Its name will be Oculus Quest and will cost $399. I followed today’s OC5 conference via Facebook streaming only for this moment and Oculus has not disappointed my expectations.

Oculus 187