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Magic Leap Opens Programs To Extend Support To Developers


Magic Leap is giving developers access to additional hardware, funding, enterprise customers, and support. Magic Leap understands that the future of AR means empowering creators with the right tools to explore ideas that will push the technology further into the arms of consumers.

Sony Patents Valve Index-Like VR Controller With Finger Tracking


A recently-published patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the company is working on a new VR motion controller, similar to those for the Valve Index. Could this be a new PSVR 2 controller?

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Oculus ‘Designing for Hands’ Document Introduces Best Practices for Quest Hand-tracking

Road to VR

Hand-tracking on Quest rolled out as an experimental feature in late 2019, but Oculus is letting it gestate before it will accept third-party apps with hand-tracking.

Vive Cosmos becomes four! New faceplates add mixed reality and much more

The Ghost Howls

Today HTC has finally detailed how it intends to expand the features of the Vive Cosmos in the upcoming months. The Taiwanese company had already showcased at the launch of the device that it was a very versatile one , thanks to a series of dedicated accessories (e.g.

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Snapchat Evolves the Foundation of Its AR Capabilities with Ground Transformation Lenses

Next Reality AR

The sky is the limit when it comes to augmented reality, but Snapchat's latest innovation is keeping its AR platform grounded. On Thursday, the company published a pair of new Lenses that highlight its new ground transformation technology.

JDI’s Small VR LCD Enters Mass Production, Could Mean More Compact Headsets Soon


inch made-for-VR LCD panel, the same likely used in Huawei’s ultra compact VR Glass, has now entered mass production. The size of current VR headsets is primarily dictated by what field of view current lenses can achieve (without uncorrectable distortion) with a given panel size.

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How A Small Handful Of Adorable Dragons Are Leading The Way For VR Pets


Beast Pets demonstrates how virtual companions can have a genuine emotional impact on users. “Go Go fetch, Tux!” I knew he couldn’t fully understand me, but nevertheless Tux made his way over to the red and white ball I had just thrown across the small park.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.02.17): Half-Life Alyx will launch on March, 23rd, MWC has been canceled and much more!

The Ghost Howls

On this special day, let’s all talk about AR and VR! Top news of the week. Image by Valve Corporation). Half-Life Alyx is going to launch on March, 23rd. With a tweet on its account, Valve has announced that the most awaited VR game of the year, Half-Life: Alyx is going to be released on March, 23rd.

Watch: Fan-Made Pokemon VR Oculus Quest Game Is Buggier Than Weedle, But It’s No Snore(lax)


A wild fan-made Pokemon VR Oculus Quest game has appeared! And it might be buggier than a Weedle, but it’s still a giddy laugh. An Alpha version of Pokemon VR, as the game is simply called, went live this week for sideloading onto Quest headsets. Pokemon VR Oculus Quest Is Here.

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Sandbox is Building an SDK so Anyone Can Create for Its VR Attraction Platform

Road to VR

Sandbox VR, the location-based VR attraction, will be opening up to third-party developers soon, as the company will be releasing an SDK for its Sandbox ‘holodeck’ VR attraction platform.

Somnium Space Launches Social VR Platform Powered By Ethereum Blockchain


Own virtual land and design your own home in Somnium 2.0. Somnium Space is an open-source social VR world powered by blockchain and shaped entirely by its users, allowing them to buy digital land where they can build VR homes and buildings.

Wilder vs. Fury Boxing Rematch Will Feature an AR Experience & Sponsorship via a UFC Legend

Next Reality AR

As augmented reality continues its collision course with mainstream adoption, the technology will now have a role in one of the most anticipated boxing matches of the year.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Makes Top Steam Releases List for January 2020


Valve released the list of top Steam releases for January 2020 and Skydance Interactive’s The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners made the cut — the only VR title to be featured on the list. The monthly Top Steam Releases list looks at the top 20 games released on Steam each month.

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Google Brings Web-based AR to Chrome in Latest Beta

Road to VR

Last week Google released a beta of Chrome 81 for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows, which means a stable version is just around the corner. One of the most important updates to arrive in Chrome 81 is the ability to use web-based AR apps.

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Quick Fix: how to use ONLY the trigger to interact with the UI of the Oculus Go/Quest in Unity

The Ghost Howls

Today I want to talk about a quick fix that may interest all the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest Unity developers that employ the plain Oculus Unity Plugin from the asset store to develop their VR experiences.

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Sea Shepherd's Web-Based Augmented Reality Experience Spotlights the Damage Done by the Fishing Industry

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality's status as a new storytelling medium has already led to the reinvention of filmmaking and journalism. Now, AR is helping non-profits draw attention to their respective causes.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Was Nearly A Very Different Type Of VR Experience


ILMxLAB’s Star Wars: Vader Immortal episodic series was one of our favorite VR experiences of 2019. But it was almost a very different piece entirely.

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HTC Reveals Vive Proton, a Compact Standalone VR Headset Prototype

Road to VR

As if announcing three new Cosmos headsets wasn’t enough, HTC today also revealed Vive Proton.

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Boneworks Creators Working On Follow-Up VR Game For Quest And PC VR


‘Project 4’ will utilize the same physics-driven game mechanics featured in Boneworks. This past September VR developer Stress Level Zero ( Boneworks, Hover Junkers, Duck Season ) announced it was working on a brand new VR game for the Oculus Quest.

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Latest Boneworks Update Adds Save Spots, Brawl Mode & More

Peter Graham

Stress Level Zero launched Boneworks a couple of months ago to resounding acclaim thanks to its accurate approach to physics in a virtual reality (VR) title.

No Man’s Sky VR Gets Gross Living Ships In Fresh Update


No Man’s Sky’s range of galaxy-trekking space ships are about to feel a bit more, well, alive. Developer Hello Games today introduced the Living Ship update , which adds a race of biological space ships to the massive VR-compatible sci-fi adventure.

‘Boneworks’ Studio Building All-new Quest Game Based on Same Mechanics

Road to VR

Boneworks (2019), the VR shooter-adventure from Stress Level Zero, is now live on the Oculus Store for Rift , although arguably more fascinating is the studio’s intention to bring its physics-based system built for Boneworks to the modest Oculus Quest.

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First-Ever Pistol Whip Tournament Offering $10K Prize Pool


VAL and Oculus are offering cash money to the world’s best Pistol Whippers. Since the launch of Cloudhead Games highly anticipated VR shooter Pistol Whip , gamers have been hard at work mowing down waves of low poly bad guys to the beat of a thumping EDM soundtrack.

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Virtual World Somnium Space Rolls out v2.0, Adds Full Body Avatars, Builder & More

Peter Graham

There might be a growing collection of virtual reality (VR) videogames that can off big expansive worlds to explore but if you’re looking for something more akin to Ready Player One’s Oasis then your options are fairly limited.

New Witcher VR Mod Lets You Walk Around Kaer Morhen


A new mod for the original Witcher game allows you to walk around Kaer Morhen in VR. Sound like a fantasy dream come true? Well, it kind of is — the only problem is there’s nothing else to do in the mod except walk around. And shoo some pigeons.

HTC Unveils Three New Vive Cosmos Headsets: Elite, Play, and XR

Road to VR

Buckle up, this one’s a doozy. HTC today introduced three new variants of its Vive Cosmos VR headset. Joining the original Cosmos is Cosmos Elite, Cosmos Play, and Cosmos XR. The four variants of the headset aim to cover a diverse set of customer interests.

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Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Game Has You Solving Puzzles By Throwing Your Dismembered Hand


A proof-of-concept shows how hand tracking technology is bringing new possibilities to VR gaming. Daniel Beauchamp is Head of Virtual and Augmented Reality at Shopify.

Stress Level Zero Working on new Oculus Quest Project Based on Boneworks?’ mechanics

Peter Graham

After releasing a major update for Boneworks on Steam this week , virtual reality (VR) developer Stress Level Zero has now brought the videogame to the Oculus Store for Oculus Rift.

I Learnt The Tetris Theme Using A VR Headset, Calibrated To A Real Piano


You might remember a few months ago, Virtual Piano released on SideQuest , using the Oculus Quest’s hand tracking. While it was interesting, it was also very buggy and wouldn’t line up with a physical piano at all.

Three Totally Creative Uses of Quest Hand-tracking

Road to VR

Oculus brought controllerless hand-tracking to Oculus Quest as an experimental feature back in December , and while it’s useful for navigating around the headset’s menus when you don’t want to pick up the controllers, developers have begun prototyping more creative uses for the tech. Controllerless hand-tracking on Quest is a great convenience feature. While we still expect controllers to be the go-to for hardcore games , there’s definitely opportunity for casual and novel games and experiences to prosper with hand-tracking. Daniel Beauchamp is one VR developer that’s dreaming up creative uses for hand-tracking on Quest that go far beyond laser pointer and touchscreen interactions. He’s created a series of prototypes as a means of understanding the capabilities of the feature and what kind of interactions and experiences can bring delight to users. Here’s three that he shared recently. Thrown Hand. Turning the tracked hand into its own independent object allows for a ‘remote control’-like capability where the hand propels itself around the environment by ‘crawling’ as the player continues to move the fingers on their real hand. Intriguingly, one could consider this a form of VR locomotion which only applies to a specific body part. This also extends the range of potential interactions in a more interesting way than 2DOF interactions like laser pointers and guns. Finger Skateboard. Harkening back to the ’90s fad of fingerboarding (AKA Tech Decks), Beauchamp envisions a game mechanic where players control a tiny skateboard with their fingers. In later experiment he even showed some basic physics, allowing the user to flip the board to do tricks. Fingerboard physics coming along nicely! — Daniel Beauchamp (@pushmatrix) February 9, 2020. Hand Walking. While it’s easy to get around using VR controllers thanks to a combination of 6DOF motion and physical inputs like buttons and sticks, things get more complex with just your hands. In this prototype, Beauchamp shows a locomotion scheme where the player puppeteers a leg gesture with their hands to walk forward. While not likely a serious solution for VR locomotion, it’s a thought-provoking concept and one which could form the basis of other interesting interactions involving the personification of the user’s hand. Experimenting Outside of the Box. Beauchamp is the Head of VR and AR at Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform. While he told us that his Quest hand-tracking experiments are done on his personal time, he applies the same concepts to how he thinks about the intersection of XR and e-commerce. “One of the best ways to unlock new & powerful ideas is to build upon silly ideas. That’s what I’m doing with hand-tracking. Rather than starting with ‘How can I build a useful product with hand tracking’, I play around with many little ideas that bring a smile to people’s faces. They may seem random, but I’m learning a lot about what’s possible with the tech and interactions that could be applied elsewhere,” Beauchamp said. “I wish more VR devs did this. Don’t put the burden on yourself to build out a whole game or build out a whole product. Build many small things, no matter how silly they may seem. You’ll be surprised at just how much you learn.” SEE ALSO Delighting Users with Rich Interactions is Key to Making VR Engaging & Effective. He stresses the need for rapid-prototyping, something he felt important enough that he and the Shopify VR team built a VR rapid-prototyping tool for rapid experimentation. “A lot of people are surprised Shopify has a VR team. We’ve had one for the past five years. Our goal has been to figure out how VR will impact the world of commerce. This problem space requires outside-the-box thinking. Every time I talk about VR & shopping, people immediately suggest shopping malls. And to me that’s such a narrow view,” said Beauchamp. “In VR you have the ability to do anything you want, be anyone you want, and be anywhere you want. You are a wizard…and you want to shop in a regular mall? Wizards don’t shop at boring malls. So we’ve tossed out a lot of the notions you’d expect from a brick and mortar store bound by reality. We’re looking at things that are delightful and effective that are now possible in this new medium.” But how do you think outside-the-box if the box is all you can see? Beauchamp suggests tossing out what you think you know. “I think you just have to consciously throw out the [interaction] tropes [of real life and traditional games]. Like just prevent yourself from using them. Come up with ideas that don’t use them first, then evaluate if you still need them.” – – — – – Quest hand-tracking is expected to eventually leave its experimental status behind and become a full-blown feature on Quest, and other VR headsets are likely to follow, making the time ripe for developer experimentation ahead of implementation. The post Three Totally Creative Uses of Quest Hand-tracking appeared first on Road to VR. hand tracking News VR Design VR Development daniel beauchamp oculus quest hand-tracking quest fingerboard

Ubisoft Is Reportedly Working On VR Game Based On One Of Its ‘Greatest IPs’


Splinter Cell? Assassins Creed? Ghost Recon?

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