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Sketchfab Launches Public Domain Program so Museums Can Share Cultural Relics in 3D

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Sketchfab is a great resource for developers looking for a place to share and download 3D models—all of which can be viewed in VR headsets.

Editorial: Xbox One Series X Specs Can Clearly Support High-Powered VR – So It Should


This week, Microsoft revealed the basic specifications of its upcoming Xbox Series X console, and they show it’s more than powerful enough to support high end VR. This is despite the fact that Microsoft has made clear that it has no current plans for VR on Xbox.

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Breaking Barriers Through Immersive Technology


Baby boomers are thrilled that the fictional Holodeck from Star Trek is now a real and functional immersive technology. What’s even more thrilling for them is the development of holographic technology they all marveled at in the Star Wars series.

VRCover Oculus Quest covers unboxing and review

The Ghost Howls

VR Cover is a Thai company that produces accessories for VR headsets since 2014, and i t has recently started selling covers for the popular Oculus Quest as well. Discover in this review how they are!

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Burberry Teams with Google Search to Let You Browse High Fashion in Augmented Reality

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Just days ago, Georgio Armani canceled his live show in Milan and opted to stream it instead due to coronavirus concerns.

Next Oculus Quest Update Finally Adds Microphone To Oculus Link


The next Oculus Quest update will finally pass through the headset’s microphone to your PC when in Oculus Link mode. Oculus Link is the feature (currently in beta ) which lets the Oculus Quest act as a PC VR headset via any high quality USB 3.0 cable.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.02.24): HTC shows Cosmos and Proton, devs make cool hands interactions, Sansar on sale and more!

The Ghost Howls

The damn coronavirus has arrived in my city in northern Italy, but I’m still alive and kicking, reporting you the most interesting XR news of the week! This weekend I’ve also organized together with SIDI a big VR workshop on new technologies (XR, AI, neural links, etc…).

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Hands-On: Whiteboard App For Magic Leap Lets You Share Your Strategic Genius In Augmented Reality

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The business world is currently in the midst of figuring out how to deal with the coronavirus crisis, with many offices opting to work remotely for at least the next few weeks as a safety precaution.

Facebook Buys Asgard’s Wrath Developer Sanzaru Games


Facebook acquired Sanzaru Games , the developer behind a slate of Oculus-funded VR titles including our selection as best VR game of 2019 Asgard’s Wrath. The development group will join Oculus Studios as an “independently operated studio” out of their current offices in the United States and Canada.

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Mind-bending VR Art Showcase ‘Museum of Other Realities’ Exits Early Access

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The Museum of Other Realities (MOR) first launched into Early Access on PC VR headsets in June 2019, bringing with it a curated selection of multi-sensory art pieces from some of the medium’s most talented illustrators, animators, and engineers.

Jaw-Dropping Oculus TV Documentary ‘Everest VR’ Is An Absolute Must-Watch


The three-part VR docuseries features an incredible selection of breath-taking shots captured in immersive stereoscopic 360. Standing at an incredible 29,029 feet, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world above sea level.

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Google Grants Augmented Reality Access to Historic Art of Chauvet Cave via Arts & Culture App & Google Search

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Some of the oldest art on Earth was created 36,000 years ago on the walls of the Chauvet Cave in France. However, these days, physical access to the cave is restricted in order to preserve the site. Thanks to augmented reality, the cave is now virtually open to the public once again.

GDC Postponed After Almost Everyone Decided Not To Come Due To Coronavirus


The organizers of the Game Developers Conference postponed the event after sponsors, attendees, journalists, and developers decided not to come due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

‘The Room: A Dark Matter’ Coming to All Major VR Headsets in Late March, Trailer Here

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Fireproof Games , the studio behind popular puzzle title The Room (2014), today announced its first VR entry into the franchise— The Room: A Dark Matter— is slated to arrive next month on PC VR headsets, Oculus Quest, and PSVR.

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Willy Wonka-Style Tour Of Valve HQ Includes Half-Life: Alyx Demo


The one hour visit will include a VR demo, tour, and meet-and-greet at the companies’ home-base in Bellevue, Washington.

Best Places To Learn AR and VR Development Online in 2020

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(Image courtesy RAEng Publications via Pixabay.).

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Shrouded In Mystery, ‘Welcome Home’ Is An Upcoming Oculus Quest Horror Title


The Oculus Quest is slowly building up its library of horror VR offerings, and you’ll soon be able add Welcome Home to the list. However, this new horror title might be one of the more visually appealing games we’ve seen in the genre so far.

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Facebook Acquires the VR Studio Behind ‘Asgard’s Wrath’, Sanzaru Games

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Just a few months after the acquisition of Beat Saber studio Beat Games , Facebook today announced the acquisition of Sanzaru Games, the studio behind the Oculus-exclusive Asgard’s Wrath and a handful of other VR titles.

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Netherlands-Based VR Arena Aims To Bring Full-Body Esports To Mainstream Audiences


Active Esports Arena Eindhoven promises a competitive VR experience that’s as much fun to watch as it is to play. This week marked the launch of Active Esports Arena Eindhoven, a full-body VR esports facility that blends immersive gaming with physical sports. .

VR Helps Companies Work During Coronavirus Outbreak

Hypergrid Business

Scope AR ’s WorkLink platform , an augmented reality tool that provides AR-enabled remote assistance and step-by-step work instructions, is helping factories by having maintenance experts provide real-time remote assistance and work instructions to factory workers in geographies where Chinese experts are no longer allowed to travel due to COVID-19, previously known as the Wuhan coronavirus. Using WorkLink application, a company does not have to wait longer to have a machine to be repaired or to wait for experts to fly in and install a new machine, before resuming production or activity. A worker on location can call up an expert for assistance. Experts then use the app remotely to guide factory floor workers even those with little or no experience in repairing or troubleshooting machines, to ensure machines are back on track as soon as possible. This helps the companies to avoid costly downtime which could cost the companies millions of dollars during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. David Nedohin. “ As China continues to battle the coronavirus, its impact is being felt by businesses worldwide, particularly those in manufacturing where unplanned downtime can cost millions,” Scope AR’s Chief Customer Officer and co-founder, David Nedohin told Hypergrid Business. “Scope AR’s WorkLink platform, an augmented reality tool that provides AR-enabled remote assistance and step-by-step work instructions, is helping enterprises maintain stability in this time of uncertainty. Apart from helping with remote maintenance work, WorkLink is being used for remote teamwork collaboration between staff in all types of companies, speeding logistics, speeding of packaging lines and in many other applications as well. It employs Microsoft HoloLens headsets. How WorkLink works. Using WorkLink, technicians on the factory floor or anywhere else in the field can immediately connect through live video with a remote expert using any device to get the real-time guidance they need. Experts are able to view exactly what a remote worker is seeing and can share their knowledge as if they were standing on site. Either user can place annotations and 3D content that stays locked on an object, giving rich context and eliminating confusion. If AR work instructions are available for the specific procedure being conducted, the expert can place them into the support call in real-time to help guide a worker through the task. “Augmented reality has the potential to transform how an entire company works and shares knowledge,” said Nedohin. “The companies that Scope AR works with choose to use WorkLink because it can help increase comprehension and communication of work instructions, decrease error rates, increase employee safety, improve worker efficiency and accuracy, as well as reduce travel and maintenance costs and decrease equipment downtime.” WorkLink, factory floor workers are able to perform simple to complex remote tasks, employee training, product and equipment assembly, maintenance and repair, field and customer support, and more. They access work instructions in real-time and can record sessions simultaneously in one application. Thus, they can then use those instructions to solve the same factory problems when they reoccur, even as the application allows them to retain and share that knowledge. The expert can see the technician’s view (including the augmentation) to intuitively guide her through the process. Individual experts and companies can also author instructions and procedures and publish them for use as training or maintenance video on the platform, to guide the workers to repair and maintain machines. Instead of asking factory floor workers to follow complex instructions and drawings, experts can design simple-to-follow instructions about what needs to happen. They can also track and record progress and validate results with no extra effort from front-line workers. Experts can author content without any coding skills. “ Leveraging the remote assistance functionality of WorkLink is similar to using FaceTime, with AR components added in,” said Nedohin. “Scope AR does offer customer onboarding support and training to help new users get started with WorkLink. There are also tutorials customers can access in order to get started.” WorkLink will continue to develop as a Knowledge Platform offering best practices but also tracking analytics around the operations. Helps with disaster management. In addition to helping to deal with situations following COVID-19 outbreak in China and other parts of the world, WorkLink can be used in any other case of disaster management. The idea of limited access to factory and company facilities is a usual occurrence once disaster strikes and preparedness with AR can help an organization prevent downtime. WorkLink being used in factory maintenance. (Image courtesy ScopeAR). Better user-experience will boost AR platforms. According to Nedohin, AR can drive real business value and the industry now has the numbers to prove it, to the point where many Fortune 100 companies are taking notice and figuring out the right use cases for their business. “We’ve seen increased buy-in for enterprise AR and anticipate that to continue in the coming years,” he said. “The C-suite is now a part of the conversation in AR deployments as we’re seeing repeatable and consistent ROI numbers from various customers with similar use cases.” In addition, toolkits are getting better and object tracking is becoming more feasible as a result of improved computer vision algorithms and processor speeds. This will help boost user experience in AR. According to Nehodin, although many enterprise organizations are already implementing AR and seeing great success with the use of smartphones and tablets, there is no question that a hands-free experience is the Holy Grail, particularly for industrial workers repairing complex machinery or manufacturing products on the factory floor. “As the underlying technology involved with creating a positive experience for someone wearing an AR headset matures, it will usher in a new era of devices that boast a smaller form factor, an increased level of wearability and more sophisticated video display, allowing workers to explore a new set of applications where AR can help them do their jobs better than ever before,” he said. For companies willing to implementing AR solutions for their operations, they should partner with their IT early to ensure an AR application fits within their existing information architecture, choose an AR remote assistance application that can be deployed immediately on the devices already available within their organization and work with employees to educate them on how AR can benefit them and in fact make them better and safer at their jobs. For those looking at AR work instructions, the key is choosing the right use case. It is critical to work with your AR provider to support the discovery and selection of a use case that will be successful and measurable. Features News VR & AR coronavirus COVID-19 medicine

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Dreadhalls Quest Currently Selling More Than Gear, Go, PSVR & PC VR Combined


Plenty of VR developers are seeing success having launched their games on Oculus Quest. Dreadhalls developer White Door Games is one of those studios. Nearly five months on since its release Dreadhalls Quest is selling more than all of its other versions combined.

Qualcomm Reveals New Reference Designs for XR2-powered VR & AR Headsets

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Qualcomm today revealed new reference designs for VR and AR headsets powered by its new Snapdragon XR2 chip. Complete with hand-tracking, magnetic controller tracking, eye-tracking, and more, the Qualcomm reference designs are a glimpse of what’s to come in AR and VR over the next year or two.

RPG NPC Simulator VR Is A Simple But Surprisingly Fun Fantasy Management Game


Play the role of an NPC shop owner in this fantasy trading simulator.

Ten Years In Augmented Reality: We’ve Come A Long Way [Wannaby]

Forrester VR

Augmented Reality (AR) has improved dramatically in the past 10 years. Ten years ago, AR was far too often gimmicky, unstable and disappointing to consumers. It surfaced simple information well, but fell short on animations.

The Room VR Releases March 26 On All Major VR Platforms


Announced last year at OC6, the latest entry in The Room puzzle game series is a VR title and will launch next month on March 26. The Room VR will be available on Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, and SteamVR, and Rift headsets.

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‘FREEDIVER: Triton Down’ Arrives on PSVR Today in New ‘Extended Cut’

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Archiact , the studio behind VR games Evasion (2018) and Waddle Home (2016) , today launched its underwater adventure FREEDIVER: Triton Down (2019) on PSVR in a new ‘Extended Cut’ edition.

Over 75 Purdue University Students Will Attend Their Commencement Ceremonies In VR


Viewers will “march down” the procession line alongside their peers via a mobile 360-degree camera. This Thursday over 400 students at Purdue University Global will participate in their final commencement ceremonies.

Snapchat Reaches 163M Daily Active AR Users

AR Insider

Data Point of the Week is AR Insider’s dive into the latest spatial computing figures. It includes data points, along with narrative insights and takeaways. For an indexed collection of data and reports, subscribe to ARtillery Pro. Snapchat’s AR engagement levels continue to ratchet up.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Now Available For Preorder, Shipping March 18


Announced just a few days ago , the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset is now available to preorder and slated to ship on March 18. At $900, the headset is a more expensive option than the standard HTC Vive Cosmos and comes with a SteamVR tracking faceplate, two SteamVR 1.0

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Hellish VR Shooter ‘A-Tech Cybernetic’ is Making Its Way to PSVR Next Month

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Hungary-based indie studio XREAL Games today announced its Early Access VR shooter, A-Tech Cybernetic VR, is headed to PSVR sometime next month.

Facebook Cancels F8 Conference Over Fears Of A Coronavirus Outbreak


The company announced that Oculus will be backing out of GDC over similar concerns.