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Report: VR as an Empathy Builder

Tech Trends VR

Todd Maddox delves into the Neuroscience behind immersive technologies’ unique ability to make us experience things from another person’s perspective.

Continental Wants To Turn Your Drivers Seat Into A Holographic Cockpit


Glasses-free 3D dashboards could be heading to vehicles as early as 2022. Automotive technology manufacturer Continental has announced a partnership with Silicon Valley-based display technology start-up Leia Inc.

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AR storytelling - John Morrison & The Verbatim Formula


AR is being leveraged to highlight hidden voices and create a new frontier in interactive storytelling. Using ZapWorks Studio - our complete AR creative toolkit - creators are merging audio testimony and 3D models to create immersive experiences that inspire learning and new digital spaces for dialogue and understanding

nReal AR glasses hands-on preview

The Ghost Howls

It is something that I say since the beginning of 2019 : nReal is one of the most interesting AR startups out there. That’s why when I traveled to Beijing, I really did everything that I could to visit its HQ. Entrance of nReal offices in Beijing, China.

Early Augmented Reality Concept Film That Envisioned the Future Gets a Sequel Powered by Kickstarter

Next Reality AR

Long before the HoloLens or the Magic Leap One, a California-based team of independent filmmakers envisioned what the future of augmented reality might look like.

The Pentagon Is Looking At VR To Train Soldiers For Nuclear War


Training combat forces engaged in ‘battlefield nuclear’ warfare using VR technology.

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Oculus Job Listing Points to Eye-tracking in ‘next gen AR/VR products’

Road to VR

Oculus seems to be on a bit of a hiring spree as of late; its parent company Facebook is advertising over 400 positions dealing with AR/VR via its job portal at the moment.

Microsoft Launches Closed Beta Sign-Ups for Minecraft Earth Mobile Augmented Reality Game

Next Reality AR

The long tease that is the release of Minecraft Earth continues, this time with an opportunity to start playing what might be one of the hottest augmented reality games ever, before the general public.

Reality Rebels Wants To Turn Your Home Into A Location-Based VR Playspace


Using the Oculus Quest to bring house-scale VR to the masses. Arguably one of the most attractive features of the Oculus Quest is the headsets inside-out tracking technology, which not only removes the need for external sensors, but allows for more opportunities in terms of potential playspaces.

Sword-Swinging VR Adventure Until You Fall Gets Early Access Release Date


Schell Games’ sword-swinging VR adventure, Until You Fall , arrives in Early Access very soon. The latest game from the makers of I Expect You To Die hits Steam Early Access on August 27. We still only have the briefest of teasers for the game, which you can see below.

Report: Facebook Signs Deal for ‘Assassin’s Creed’ & ‘Splinter Cell’ VR Games

Road to VR

According to a report by The Information , Facebook is allegedly looking to sign more deals with game studios, the result of which aims to bring some high-profile franchises to the Oculus platform.

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Google Teams with New York Times to Deliver 'Stranger Things' Augmented Reality Easter Egg in Newspapers

Next Reality AR

The promotions around last week's release of Stranger Things 3 have been numerous, with Netflix at one point even taking over an entire baseball field via augmented reality.

Bigscreen TV Launches With 50+ Channels Of Video Content


Cable just got a modern makeover. First introduced to American homes during the 1940s, television has since become a staple of American life.

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Facebook Exec: ‘Quest Is The End Of Our First Chapter Of VR. What’s Next Is Where Things Really Get Interesting’


Head of VR/AR Design at Facebook, Jon Lax, stated on Twitter that Oculus Quest is “ the end of our first chapter of VR ”, and that “ what’s next is where things really get interesting ”. I appreciate @fredwilson 's measured take on building technology over the long haul.

Rumor: Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Consumer AR Headset

Road to VR

The Cupertino-based tech giant may be pumping the brakes on its long-rumored Apple AR headset , something that was reportedly slated to see a release as early as 2020.

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SIF: Mandala mixes interactive theater with VR, my experience with redirected walking and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Last post about my experience at Sandbox Immersive Festival! (If If you lost the other ones, you can find them at these links: episode 1 , episode 2 , episode 3 , episode 4 , episode 5 ).

FORM’s Premium Goggles Introduce AR To The Swimming Pool


The $199 wearable tracks your performance and displays key information via a see-through overlay.

Defector Review: An Exciting VR Spy Thriller Built Around Replayability


Defector, the VR spy thriller from Twisted Pixel and Oculus Studios is finally here, but does it deliver on the promise of being like Mission Impossible in VR? Find out in our Defector review. The best way I could describe Defector would be to call it like an exercise in bare bones wish fulfillment.

‘Bigscreen’ Brings 50+ Free Steaming TV Channels to Social VR Viewing Platform

Road to VR

Bigscreen , the social VR platform that lets you stream your computer’s screen to others, just got a substantial update that brings with it 50+ streaming TV channels, including sports, gaming, movies, anime, news, and more.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.07): Valve Index shows thumbstick issues, Cosmos works with Wireless Adapter, WeChat introduces AR and much more!

The Ghost Howls

I’m in Italy again and here in these days, it is damn hot and wet. I’m hoping to attend a VR event in the North Pole, so that I can feel some cold again. This week in XR has been quite cold instead, and there have not been many interesting news. Anyway, it has not been that useless either….

Esqapes VR Massage Center Opens Its Doors In Los Angeles


10 relaxing VR environments enhanced by fragrances and a gentle breeze.

The Shining-Inspired VR Horror Game Rise Of Insanity Comes To PSVR


Rise of Insanity is a first-person psychological horror game that originally released on PC last year in 2018 with SteamVR support that’s now out on PSVR. It originally appeared in Early Access a year prior, but has been in a fully released state for quite some time.

Hyperviolent Gladiator Sim ‘GORN’ to Exit Early Access Soon

Road to VR

GORN , the ridiculously violent VR combat game, is ending its two-year stint in Early Access soon. The physics-based gladiator sim—available on Steam (Rift, Vive, Index) and the Oculus Store (Rift)—is slated to leave Early Access on July 18th.

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SIF: My reviews of Bonfire, Ello Echo, Home After War and Ayahuasca!

The Ghost Howls

In today’s recap of my favorite experiences of Sandbox Immersive Festival , I will talk you about Baobab Studios ‘s latest creation Bonfire, the cute Ello Echo, the harsh Home After War and the trippy Ayahuasca!

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CBS Uses Insta360 Cameras For VR Game Development


How the Insta360 Titan allowed an amateur developer to recreate ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ in VR. If you were lucky enough to stop by E3 2019 this year, you may have come across a line of people waiting to check out a small booth set up by CBS and Insta360.

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Hands-On: Espire.1 Runs Impressively Well On Oculus Quest


Espire.1 was our E3 2019 Best of Show VR Game award for good reason: it’s incredibly fun and surprisingly ambitious. I’ve played the games on multiple past occasions, including earlier this year at GDC 2019 and my demo at E3 2019 last month was an expanded version of that.

Oculus 278

15 Minutes of ‘Lone Echo II’ Gameplay

Road to VR

Lone Echo II isn’t due out until 2020, but developer Ready at Dawn recently offered up a glimpse of some of the gameplay to come. Lone Echo II was first announced back in mid 2018, but the first playable demo was just revealed at E3 2019 last month.

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Call of the Wild: An Upcoming VR Live Music Performance Created by Sansar and Monstercat


Enjoying music will never be the same after you experience the Call of the Wild VR live music show. This innovative concept brings together the social VR platform Sansar and the electronic music label Monstercat and aims to transform the world of entertainment.

Tea For God Brings Impossible VR Playspaces To The Oculus Quest


Void Room’s procedurally generated rogue-like shooter is now available to sideload on Quest.

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New Resident Evil VR Arcade Game Pits You Against The Tyrant


Good news! There’s a new Resident Evil VR game on the way! Bad news! It’s only for Japanese arcades… for now. Capcom is launching Biohazard: Valiant Raid at its Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro Store near Tokyo next week.

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CCP Games Releases First Major Update to ‘SPARC’ Despite 2017 VR Pullback

Road to VR

In late 2017, CCP Games shuttered their VR-producing studios , shifting their focus to PC and mobile games after selling off the Newcastle branch behind EVE: Valkryie (2016) and closing down the Atlanta-based branch behind SPARC (2017).