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Microsoft Affirms New HoloLens Headset is in Development

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Despite some reports last year suggesting that Microsoft may have discontinued HoloLens, the company has affirmed its work on a new version of the AR headset.

Microsoft Confirms Follow-Up To HoloLens Mixed Reality Headset


HoloLens enters spotlight with new updates from Microsoft and a new ad featuring actor/rapper Common. Despite having released a developer edition all the way back in 2016, the Microsoft HoloLens has remained a relatively niche device.

Neurogaming’s Take On VR Arcades Focuses On Social Appeal With World of Tanks VR


2018 is shaping up to be a big year for VR arcades and attractions, and a new player in the space is looking to find success with an approach that focuses on fun gameplay and multiplayer.

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Cycling to Your Favourite Tunes in Virtual Reality

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VirZOOM partners up with to provide personalized music tracks to help users pedal through those virtual miles. VR Fitness is fast becoming a big deal, and there are many apps out there that use the unique immersive capabilities of the medium to take make exercising more fun.

Developers Are Now Receiving HTC Vive Pro

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Ostensibly the first batch of Vive Pro, HTC’s upcoming prosumer VR headset, is now landing on the doorsteps of developers.

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Song Made By AI Gets Stunning 360° Music Video


AI, music, and VR creation tools collide in this beautiful 360° video. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are two of the most compelling and fastest growing sectors in today’s technological landscape.

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2018 Mobile And New Technology Priorities For Marketers

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Forrester just released a new report on mobile and new technology priorities for marketers, based on our latest global mobile executive survey. We found out that marketers: Fail to deliver on foundational mobile experiences.

The Difference Between Smartglasses & AR Glasses, and Why Everyone is Confused

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2018 will see the introduction of a number of ‘smartglasses’ Initially, very few of these products will be capable of augmented reality, but many of them will be (or already are being) conflated with AR.

You Can Learn How To DJ In VR


How learning real-world skills can turn out to be the killer app for VR & AR. “We

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Pluto Wants To Become Like The Discord Of VR, Now Available


If I’m not playing a game that I’m supposed to write about then chances are I’m either playing something for fun, talking about games with friends, or thinking about games while I do other things. This goes for both VR and non-VR. Point being: gaming is a huge part of my life.

Vantage Point Announces Public Release of VR Sexual Harassment Training Program

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Morgan Mercer and the team at Vantage Point are looking to eradicate sexual assault and sexual harassment, with the help of virtual reality. The team says that existing educational programs fail in several way to truly help victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Oculus Head Hugo Barra Teases Exciting News From F8 Conference, “especially AR/VR”

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Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, won’t be here until May, but with registration opening today, Oculus head Hugo Barra is teasing some exciting AR and VR news to come.

Scientists Recreate Stunning Deep Sea Objects In VR


Corals dive into virtual reality. Most of us will never experience diving underwater in a submarine to study the deep sea. But thanks to 3D imaging and virtual reality, we can now get a digitized, 360-degree look at life deep underwater.

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Editorial: Why PSVR’s Current Library Is An Investment Towards PSVR 2


Apex Construct’s release this week once again brought about a recurring topic in its reviews: PlayStation VR’s limited tracking and Move controllers restrict what is an otherwise great experience. The 180-degree tracking makes traversing an entire virtual world much more finicky than it should be and the lack of analog sticks on the controllers make locomotion a hassle.

IBM and Unity partner for easy access to AI tools for VR/AR developers.

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IBM and Unity partner to bring the IBM Watson Unity SDK to the Unity Asset Store to make AI integration easier than ever.

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Understanding the Difference Between ‘Screen Door Effect’, ‘Mura’, & ‘Aliasing’

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When it comes to VR headsets, one of today’s most noticeable bottlenecks is visual fidelity. When we talk about and compare the visual fidelity of VR headsets we often touch on three key elements: Screen Door Effect, Mura, and Aliasing.

Google Announces ARCore 1.0 Update and New AR Experiences


ARCore 1.0 makes AR development faster and easier; launching soon on more devices. Google’s ARCore is getting an update that brings improved environmental understanding and lets developers now publish AR apps to the Play Store. Launching at Mobile World Congress next week, ARCore 1.0

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Damming The Nile Is A VR Documentary From The BBC


The BBC has been pretty active in the immersive tech space of late, releasing a new Daydream project last week, announcing its first augmented reality app a few weeks back and launching its new virtual reality hub late last year.

The new Tomb Raider movie reboot gets a Gear VR tie in.

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Tomb Raider VR: Lara's Escape is now available in the Oculus Gear VR Store. Tomb Raider VR: Lara's Escape is an interactive cinematic VR experience based on the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, starring Academy-Award winner Alicia Vikander (Jason Bourne, The Danish Girl), coming to theaters March 2018.

Magic Leap Job Posting Reveals the Company is Preparing to Enter the Retail Space

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According to a recent update to Magic Leap’s massive list of job postings , the company revealed it definitely has plans to enter the retail space, which could include everything from special in-store installations to its own bespoke retail locations.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launches With VR & AR Features


SI revamps Swimsuit issue with 360° videos, a custom Snapchat Lens, and more. It’s that time of year again.

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Tomb Raider VR: Lara’s Escape Is A Free Movie Tie-In Experience, Now Available


Once upon a time when a big-budget blockbuster-caliber film were due to release in theaters a game developer would be assigned the task of making a video game based on that feature film. This is how some of the worst video games of all-time have came into existence (such as the infamous E.T.)

Throw Anything, a VR game where you throw everyday objects at zombies is out on Feb 28th.

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THROW ANYTHING is launching February 28 on HTC Vive/SteamVR and looks to be a pretty funny take on both zombies and tower defense. As zombies attempt to scale your high-rise apartment building its up to you to defend your sanctuary by throwing random objects that are available to you.

Asus Windows VR Headset Finally Launches, Priced at $430

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Asus was among a handful of Microsoft partners who planned to launch a VR headset as part of Microsoft’s “Mixed Reality” platform. While those other headsets became available late last year, Asus’ own Windows VR headset is finally launching today.

VR Project ‘The Enemy’ Tells the Story of Combatants like Never Before


Belgian-Tunisian war correspondent Karim Ben Khelifa and MIT show how VR can be a critical tool for empathy. When I became a father, I simply knew I could not keep walking on the front lines,” Khelifa said. Yet, I was not done trying to understand war.”.

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Silent Streets Is An Intriguing Adventure Game For ARKit


We may finally be getting a grasp on how to make great VR games, but AR gaming still remains largely unexplored. Indie developer Funbakers is breaking new ground, though, with the release of its AR mystery game, Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird.

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Virtual Reality: why it still hasn’t taken a hold


For a technology that’s being billed by some as the next wave in computing, virtual reality, and even augmented or mixed reality, is pretty slow in coming to shore. Qualcomm just recently sang praises about how its Snapdragon 845 will power future wireless VR headsets.

VR Tour App ‘MasterWorks’ Uses Photogrammetry to Bring You to 4 Fully Explorable Heritage Sites

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MasterWorks: Journey Through History (2018) is a new app for Oculus Rift and Gear VR that takes you on a guided tour through four cultural sites spanning three continents.

A Hands on Look at the State of Input in VR


How far we’ve come. Two years ago, on the eve of consumer VR, we put together a piece laying out options consumers had to get their hands into VR. The devices at the time included: HTC Vive wands that shipped with the Vive headset.

Brass Tactics Review: VR Finally Gets Its AAA-Quality RTS


When the Oculus Rift first launched back in 2016 there was a little game named AirMech Command.