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Shifting the Paradigm: Unplugged with the Best Minds in VR


Have you ever been to a tech summit where you howled for joy at the sunset? I have. Hosted at Esalen, the event was dubbed the “ Shifting the Paradigm ” Summit, and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to write about it.

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The Gigantic List of Augmented Reality Use Cases


Everyone says that augmented reality (AR) will be bigger than virtual reality (VR): analysts , investors , technologists , and futurists alike.

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Oculus on Platform-exclusive VR Content: ‘it’s the only viable way to jumpstart the market’

Road to VR

Earlier this month we saw a slew of new Oculus Touch game announcements. Many of these new VR titles, which benefit from funding or publishing (or both) by Oculus, will launch exclusively for the Rift and Touch.

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Microsoft $299 Headset Will Be Tethered


On Wednesday this week, Microsoft announced they are working on a new $299 VR/AR headset. During the event, very little information was shared by them to the technical details of the headset. However, it now appears Microsoft will be shackled to the PC just as with Oculus and HTC.

A VR Theme Park is Coming to Malaysia


When it comes to virtual reality theme parks, for the most part we’ve seen two companies blazing the way to bring multiplayer location-based VR to the masses.

Valve’s Answer To Asynchronous Timewarp Arrives (UPDATE)


Update: Valve released an update to its SteamVR beta today with initial support for asynchronous reprojection. The feature does not support AMD GPUs in its current version. With NVIDIA, an updated driver is required.

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Microsoft Planning VR/AR Headset for $299


During the Microsoft Surface event today, it was not just all about the massive Surface Studio Desktop. Microsoft discussed plans for their $299 (£245, AU$295) VR/AR headset. General Manager Megan Saunders said during the event "powerful and affordable VR is coming to you."

‘Ghostbusters: Dimension’ Trailer Shows The Power of The Void


The Void’s Ghostbuster experience is no joke, and this trailer is evidence. Back in July I had the pleasure of testing out the brand new Ghostbusters: Dimension experience at the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in NYC.

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5 Things We Learned About HTC’s Plans For VR


The HTC Vive is a mysterious beast. It’s a wonderful headset with great games and experiences, but it’s something we seem to take on a week-by-week basis.

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Microsoft Reveals VR Headsets Coming From Top Manufacturers, Starting at $299

Road to VR

The number of big-name manufacturers getting into VR is going to increase substantially with the entry of Microsoft VR hardware partners, revealed on stage today at Microsoft’s hardware-focused event.

Eagle Flight now available now on Oculus Rift Coming Soon on PSVR and Vive


Eagle Flight is now available on the Rift, then coming to PSVR on November 8 and HTC Vive on December 20. Eagle flight is a bird simulator (yes, a bird simulator) where you play the role of an Eagle as you take to the skies in Paris in the future.

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Report: Apple Using VR to Test Self-Driving System


Virtual reality is being used to test Apple’s self-driving vehicle. According to a Bloomberg report on Tuesday, Apple will be able to continue to keeping their secretive plans to develop self-driving software behind closed doors thanks to virtual reality.

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Dealing With Harassment in VR


Editor’s Note: The below post is written by Aaron Stanton and Jonathan Schenker, the developers of QuiVr. Their multiplayer VR game was recently mentioned in a post titled “ My First Virtual Reality Gropin g ” that has reverberated beyond the gaming community.

Xiaomi Unveils Low-Cost, Low-Latency VR Headset with Controller

Road to VR

Xiaomi today unveiled a low-cost VR headset alongside their Mi Note 2 smartphone at the company’s Mi Product Launch Event in Beijing.

Google standalone AR headset tipped with eye-tracking technology


We heard rumor awhile ago that Google is working on a standalone virtual reality headset that’ll also serve as a platform for augmented reality applications. Joining that rumor is a new spat of sources claiming this standalone VR/AR headset will include eye-tracking technology.

Halloween Horror VR Picks for the HTC Vive


Halloween is a time for VR. Depending on your tolerance for jump scares, haunting isolation, and Zombies, Halloween is either the best of times or the worst of times for virtual reality.

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‘Onward’ and Upward: How A College Dropout Built One Of The Best VR Shooters


On the night of August 29th, 2016, Dante Buckley started crying. It wasn’t because he was heartbroken from a devastating breakup, or because he was sad and distraught from horrible events in his life. No, this night, Dante Buckley was crying tears of joy, relief, and excitement.

HTC to Roll Out Hundreds of Official ‘Vive VR Cafes’ in China Next Year

Road to VR

HTC opened their third officially branded ‘Vive VR Cafe’ last week, this time in Shenzhen, China, the country’s Silicon Valley of hardware.

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Microsoft VR comes with $300 headsets from Lenovo, ASUS, Acer


Microsoft has just officially unveiled its Windows 10 Creators Update, and with it comes a new approach to its mixed reality platform HoloLens.

360 Video Picks for Halloween


Featured 360 Videos from the VRScout Haunted Mansion. This is part two in our Halloween VR series, which started with our horror picks for the HTC Vive. This time we’re featuring some of the spooky 360 videos we’ll be showcasing at the VRScout Haunted Mansion tomorrow.

Magic Leap CEO Suggests Development Milestones Met, Patent Shows Sleeker Form Factor


In an industry populated with giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft it is astounding that one of the most important names in the game is a startup known as Magic Leap. This highly secretive, Florida-based company is working on an unspecified augmented reality device.

Google Acquires Eye-tracking Company Eyefluence, Reportedly Building VR Headset With Tech

Road to VR

Just what Google has brewing in their skunkworks, we can’t say for sure, but with their most recent acquisition of Eyefluence , a company that builds eye-tracking technology for VR headsets, it seems Google is getting ever deeper into what’s largely considered ‘the next generation’ of dedicated VR hardware.

Alcatel IDOL 4S launches on T-Mobile with Windows 10 VR


The first device launched with mention of Windows 10 VR is the Alcatel IDOL 4S with T-Mobile. This smartphone is quickly becoming the most versatile casing for operating systems as it’s also been subject to an Android release in standard form and a BlackBerry release (also with Android).

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Recapping the top stories covered on the VRScout Report , a weekly live video show and podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst.

‘Vivepaper’ Is HTC’s Immersive Reading Experience That Mixes AR With VR


Based on our recent talk with VP of content, Joel Breton, HTC has plenty of experiences in the works for its Vive VR headset across a wide range of categories. Though you probably wouldn’t have guessed it, one of those categories is virtual reading.

‘ABE VR’ Creators Are Making Survival Horror Game ‘Syren’ – Teaser Trailer Here

Road to VR

Hammerhead VR , the creators of the splendidly creepy ABE VR, a short VR film that puts you at the mercy of a robot gone awry, today revealed a first-person horror game called Syren.

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Google Daydream View VR Available to pre-order NOW arriving November 15


Pre-orders for Google's Daydream View VR headset are now live, and you can pick one up for $79. It's available through the Google Online Store , but if you're in the US, it's also going on sale through Verizon or Carphone Warehouse if you're in the UK.

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Oculus and Kaleidoscope Announce DevLab VR Art Incubator


The new initiative will help independent creators incubate original VR projects. Originally started in 2015 as a traveling VR film festival spanning 10 cities in North America, Kaleidoscope has really come into its own this year.

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Microsoft May Leapfrog Facebook and Google in VR With HoloLens Tracking


Microsoft’s play for command of next generation personal computing can be seen today with the announcement of a series of Windows-powered VR headsets starting at $300.

An Inflection Point for WebVR and the Open Metaverse

Road to VR

There’s been a couple of key developments in the evolution of WebVR during the month of October. First, Nate Mitchell announced during his Oculus Connect 3 keynote that Oculus will be supporting the WebVR ecosystem with the React VR framework and a VR-enabled browser called Carmel.

Gymkhana 9 VR lets you enjoy the hoon in 360-degrees


Ford has announced that it has teamed up with Hoonigan to offer fans of the Ken Block Gymkhana series of videos a 360-degree virtual reality look at Gymkhana 9. This marks the first time ever that the Ken Block video series has been presented in virtual reality 360-degree video.