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Unity’s Latest Trends Report Declares 2020 Will Be A Breakthrough Year For VR And AR


15 industry experts contributed their perspective on why we’re approaching a tipping point with Enterprise XR. This looks to be the year where we move beyond tentative experimentation into scalable deployment of immersive tech in the workplace.

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Masterpiece VR CEO: 3D modeling in VR is 10x faster than on flat screen

The Ghost Howls

Masterpiece VR is one of the best VR 3D modeling softwares because it lets you create 3D elements easily and also animate them, all in virtual reality, all in an intuitive way. It is a professional application , and many people in the field are already using it.

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Virtual Reality Applications That Can Help Save Lives


No longer just for immersive entertainment, virtual reality applications now help save lives. VR simulation technology enables better medical training , more effective health therapies, and enhanced disaster management training. Improving Performance in Medicine Through Clinical Skills Training.

Dreams PSVR Support Is ‘Nearly Done’, Release ‘As And When We Can’ – Media Molecule


Today marks the release of long-anticipated PS4 exclusive, Dreams. After seven years of anticipation, betas and Early Access, anyone can pick up a copy and start making their own games, or play other people’s. But where’s the Dreams PSVR support?

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Oxford VR Picks up $12.5M in Funding for Its VR-based Therapy Platform

Road to VR

Virtual reality therapy startup Oxford VR today announced its secured $ 12.5 million in Series A financing to further its research and development into VR-based therapy programs. The latest funding round was led by Optum Ventures and supported by Luminous Ventures.

The XR Week Peek (2020.02.10): Lynx launches MR standalone headset, Facebook acquires Scape and much more!

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Yesterday was Chinese Lanterns’ Festival… my best wishes to you all, especially a big hug to all people that are still in China and are living very hard times… ??!

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VR Power Oculus Quest Battery Pack Starts Shipping But Remains Backordered


Good news if you got in an early pre-order for the VR Power Oculus Quest battery pack; the kit is now shipping. Creator Rebuff Reality confirmed as much on Twitter this week. The company did, however, add the precaution that the kit is still backordered on its website.

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VR Technology Reunites Grieving Mother With Her Deceased Child


South Korean documentary ‘I Met You’ shows how VR technology is bringing the dead back to life. We’ve seen VR technology used in a variety of incredible ways, but nothing quite as extraordinary as bringing the dead back to life.

Half-Life: Alyx launches on March, 23rd!

The Ghost Howls

My dear VR “komrades” (as in Red Matter ), finally we have a release date for Half-Life: Alyx ! The day that the VR world will halt is March, 23rd. That day, the VR apocalypse will start and I guess that no one is going to work.

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Jack in the Box Partners with Paramount to Promote 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie with Snapchat AR

Next Reality AR

There might not be a better brand partnership for the speedy Sonic the Hedgehog character than a fast-food restaurant. For that matter, augmented reality is also the ideal technology for promoting a movie that features an animated talking rodent living life in the real world.

Facebook Acquires Positional Tracking Company Scape Technologies


Facebook acquired a visual-based positional tracking company called Scape Technologies, according to Techcrunch. Scape Technologies was based in London and founded in 2016. It was working on a technology that could pinpoint location with better accuracy than just GPS.

Facebook Just Bought An AR Startup That’s Building A 3D Map Of The Entire World


Facebook purchases AR startup Scape Technologies for a reported $40M. The future of Facebook appears to be centered around VR and AR. During Oculus Connect 6 , the company announced Facebook Horizon , a social VR world where you can literally step into a virtual version of your Facebook page.

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Launches Next Month But Index is Still Sold Out Across the Globe

Road to VR

Valve’s first flagship VR title, Half-Life: Alyx , is now set to launch on March 23rd but unfortunately the company’s Index VR headset is still just about impossible to buy direct. In the meantime, the shortage has seen secondary markets selling the headset at a 150% price premium.

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Hulu Follows Instagram's Viral Sensation with Branded 'What Should I Watch' Lens on Snapchat

Next Reality AR

The "what (blank) are you" augmented reality filters on Instagram have become so popular that more and more Hollywood giants are following the augmented reality-powered social media meme train, with the latest example coming via Snapchat.

Magic Leap To Host Developer Days At Its Offices In Florida


Magic Leap announced new programs that will run across 2020, including two separate Developer Day events and a new program called ‘Access Hardware’ for developers.

Grab $150 Worth Of VR Games For $15 With This Insane Humble VR Bundle


For the price of a single movie ticket, you can own SUPERHOT VR, Budget Cuts, GORN, and four other hit titles. . If you’re unfamiliar with the concept behind Humble Bundle, this brilliant digital service allows customers to choose their own price on a rotating lineup of popular games.

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Release Date Set for March 23rd, New Screenshots Revealed

Road to VR

Half-Life: Alyx finally has a release date and it’s March 23rd. The most anticipated VR game to date is now just one month and ten days away, and Valve has released some new screenshots to whet your appetite.

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Enterprise XR is Coming of Age

Tech Trends VR

Unity’s Latest Trends Report Declares 2020 will be a Breakthrough Year for XR. 15 Experts weigh in on why we’re reaching a tipping point in spatial computing. This looks to be the year where we move beyond tentative experimentation into scalable deployment of immersive tech in the workplace.

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SteamVR Beta Introduces All-New Dashboard, Adds Oculus Quest Icon


The beta version of SteamVR now has an all-new VR interface, as well as adding an icon for Oculus Quest in Oculus Link mode. SteamVR is Valve’s PC virtual reality platform which supports on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The runtime is downloaded and updated via Steam.

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Xbox Head Unveils His Plans For VR Moving Forward


It appears as though Xbox is playing the long game. Compared to competing gaming platforms, Xbox is way behind the curve in terms of VR. Headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have made PC the go-to platform for a majority of AAA VR developers.

Facebook Acquires Computer Vision Startup Scape Technologies

Road to VR

According to regulatory filings uncovered by Tech Crunch , Facebook has acquired Scape Technologies, a London-based computer vision startup. Facebook has yet to publicly acknowledge the acquisition.

Ubisoft has developed a Prince Of Persia VR Escape Room

Cats and VR

Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time is a Virtual Reality Escape Game set in the world of Prince of Persia which enables you to experience time control. You will be able to experience something impossible in real life: to slow, stop or even rewind time!

Wonderland Puzzler Down The Rabbit Hole Releases Next Month To Quest & More


From the moment we first saw Cortopia’s latest project, Down The Rabbit Hole, we were drawn in with pure curiosity and intrigue.

Half-Life: Alyx Official Release Date Announced, New Screenshots Revealed


I don’t think there’s ever been more hype surrounding the release of a VR game than there has been for Half-Life: Alyx these past few months. Now, roughly two weeks away from the previously announced launch window—Valve has finally revealed the games’ official release date: March 23rd.

2019 Was a Major Inflection Point for VR—Here’s the Proof

Road to VR

VR adoption is accelerating thanks to the Oculus Quest. We’ve seen over 100 VR titles break $1 million in revenue, growing the total VR software market by 3x in 2019.

The Humble Bundle VR Bundle delivers some GREAT value for a good cause

Cats and VR

There’s nothing virtual about this reality. Explore a whole new world in our newest bundle! Get VR games like GORN, Space Pirate Trainer, Moss , and SUPERHOT VR. Plus, your purchase will support a charity of your choice! Pay $1 or more.

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New Humble VR Bundle Provides Incredible Deal For Superhot, Moss And More


A new VR Humble Bundle is now live , providing an enormous discount on some fantastic VR games such as Superhot VR, Moss, Gorn, Space Pirate Trainer and Budget Cuts.

Top Music Festival Organizers Are Going All-In On VR And AR-Enhanced Live Experiences


The 7th Annual DEW Expo introduced a wealth of marketers ready to adopt immersive technology. . Live experiences are quickly becoming the number one method for generating publicity and building fandom around a brand.

Nreal Temporarily Halts Production of ‘Light’ AR Headset due to Coronavirus

Road to VR

Nreal, the creators of the Nreal Light AR glasses, today announced that shipments of its developer kit will be affected by the recent developments in Asia surrounding the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

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Half-Life: Alyx available March 23, 2020

Cats and VR

Half-Life: Alyx, available March 23, 2020 [link] — Valve (@valvesoftware) February 13, 2020 "Pre-order bonuses for anyone who has purchased a Valve Index will start rolling out the week of March 2, beginning with Steam VR Home environments inspired by locations in Half-Life: Alyx ," Valve announced today. "We will have more information on upcoming Valve Index availability soon." Return to City 17 in just six weeks. Follow [link] and [link] for more news. — Valve (@valvesoftware) February 13, 2020


Oxford VR Therapy Platform Lands £10 Million In Investment


UK-based Oxford VR hopes to lead the way in automated VR therapy in the future, and it just raised £10 million to help achieve that goal. The company, which span out of Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry in 2017, raised the money in a Series A round of funding led by Optum Ventures.

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