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The Importance of Analytics to VR Training


VR Training is generally regarded as an incedibly impactful form of employee training. It’s immersive, memorable, interactive, and can transport you to situations you simply can’t repeat easily in real life.

US Navy Using Magic Leap AR Technology to Improve Warfare Training

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In recent years, the US military has been utilizing augmented reality as a training tool, giving officers and soldiers an opportunity to train and hone their decision-making, tactical efforts, and weapons accuracy via virtual scenarios.

Psychologists Are Using VR To Transform People Into Animals


Ever wonder what it would be like to live as a spider or fly like a bird? Psychologists are working to understand how VR can be used to transport individuals into different bodies, and if it is possible to do so with animal avatars.

Porting To Oculus Quest: How To Optimize And Maximize Your VR Game


We talk to PolyArc (Moss) and Schell Games (I Expect You to Die) on the technical limitations of the Oculus Quest and what untethered control means for virtual reality.

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Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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You probably have heard about Leap Motion’s Project North Star , that should be able to offer people affordable augmented reality. Anyway, there’s still a lot of confusion and mistery about this device.

Hands-On with Magic Leap's Undersea, an AR Experience That Delivers on the Promise to Transport You to Another World

Next Reality AR

The latest immersive production from Magic Leap Studios finally got its debut on Monday at Siggraph, during which the company also released the app to the general public, so we took it for a spin.

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Photogrammetry Capture Brings Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling To Life In VR


Step into a painstakingly-crafted recreation of a historic masterpiece.

Vive Focus Plus can now play natively PC VR games (in streaming)

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At ChinaJoy today, HTC has just announced a little but very important news: the Vive Focus Plus will be able to connect to Viveport on PC and play all its games via Wi-fi streaming. All natively. Wi-fi streaming.

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Microsoft FCC Filing Hints That the Wait for HoloLens 2 Is Almost Over

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We already know that Microsoft's HoloLens 2 is due to start shipping later this year, but despite all the bits of information about the device trickling out, we still don't actually know when the device will be available.

Zuckerberg to Shareholders: ‘Quest is selling as fast as we can make them’

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Addressing shareholders during Facebook’s Q2 2019 earnings call last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that unit sales of Oculus Quest are exceeding the available supply of the headset.

HTC Introduces Wireless VR Streaming To Its Viveport Platform


800 premium VR titles will soon be available to stream on the Vive Focus Plus.

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Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams review: explore your emotions in VR

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I spent some time playing with Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams after the fellow community member Andrea Marinelli of Frost Earth Studio sent me a key to play this game. I think it is an intriguing game, but only if you like the genre. Discover it with me. Gameplay.

Hands-On: Hands-On with Magic Leap's Undersea, an AR Experience That Transports You to Another World

Next Reality AR

The latest immersive production from Magic Leap Studios finally got its debut on Monday at Siggraph, during which the company also released the app to the general public, so we took it for a spin.

HTC Releases 3 Vive Cosmos Trailers Ahead of Confirmed Q3 Launch

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HTC took another step towards launch of its upcoming PC VR headset, Vive Cosmos, by quietly releasing three ‘reveal’ videos featuring some of the system’s claims to fame.

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ROBOT REMIX: Immersive XR Series Brings Kaleidoscopic VR To Pasadena


Paisley Smith and Milo Talwani curated magical experiences at sp[a]ce gallery. Climate change. Shaving a giant’s leg. Zombies who can love. Bunnies and aliens. Oversized bugs. Becoming a robot overlord’s pet.

Holo4Labs gives scientists mixed reality superpowers (PAID)

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Today I’m going to talk you about a particular use case of mixed reality: scientific laboratories. Wear your white coat and your protective goggles, because I’m going to tell you how Holo4Labs is giving scientists superpowers thanks to mixed reality. What is Holo4Labs?

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Slipknot & Guns N' Roses AR Masks on Facebook's AR Camera Let Fans Virtually Wear the Music Experience

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While Snapchat augmented reality often embraces pop stars like Drake and Ariana Grande, a couple of bands from the louder side of the music industry have found a home with Facebook.

‘Firefox Reality’ VR Web Browser Comes to Oculus Quest

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Mozilla has finally brought its made-for-VR web browser, Firefox Reality, to Oculus Quest. In September of last year, the company initially released Firefox Reality on Oculus Go, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and Vive Focus (and other Vive Wave headsets) for free.

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Fable Studio Reveals New Grant Dedicated Towards The Development Of Virtual Beings


Those selected will receive $1K – $25K in support of their Virtual Beings concept. Edward Saatchi of Fable Studio says virtual beings are already here.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.28): Valve Index is now available immediately, Oculus and Magic Leap update their devices and much more!

The Ghost Howls

I wish you’re having some nice vacations! Personally, I’m not in vacation… on the contrary, I’m working more now than two months ago! and this is good from one side, but stressful on others… much thanks to air conditioning to make me survive in that oven that is Italy in these days!).

Zynga Debuts Pagini Hypercar in Augmented Reality via CSR 2 Mobile Game

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Already among the first game makers to add augmented reality content to an existing game upon the launch of ARKit, Zynga is breaking new ground with mobile AR once again.

Vive Cosmos Listed for £700 at Major UK Retailer

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Vive Comos, HTC’s upcoming PC VR headset, is confirmed to launch at some point in Q3 2019, meaning any time between now and September 30th.

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Disney’s Latest VR Film ‘A Kite’s Tale’ Is Adorable, Albeit Very Short


Disney’s second experimental VR short makes its world premiere at SIGGRAPH 2019.

VR: Fad or Fiction?

Tech Trends VR

Is Virtual Reality a growing market segment or a flash in the pan? VR didn't do as well in 2018 as many hoped - or expected Click To Tweet.

Snapchat Turns Jack in the Box Augmented Reality Experience into a Build-a-Burger Contest

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Fast-food chain Jack in the Box has decided to put an augmented reality twist on the traditional sweepstakes promotion by employing the immersive powers of Snapchat. Now through Aug. 18, the chain will run a Jack in the Box AR experience that gives customers a chance to win prizes.

OpenXR 1.0 Released, Microsoft Supports on HoloLens & WMR, Oculus Plans Rift & Quest Support

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OpenXR, a widely supported initiative which aims to streamline AR/VR development across headsets and platforms, has reached its 1.0 release today.

Apple Stores Will Soon Host AR Art Tours And Developer Sessions


AR[T] will include interactive walks, educational lessons, and in-store installations. Yesterday, Apple announced Today at Apple , a new AR-based program designed to expose Apple Store visitors to next-level augmented artwork developed using the companies Swift Playground platform.

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No Man’s Sky VR Release Date Confirmed For This August


No Man’s Sky: Beyond , which includes complete VR support for the entire game, finally has a confirmed release date for this August 14th. That’s less than two weeks away in case you didn’t realize.

Microsoft Discontinuing Major OS Updates for HoloLens 1

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With HoloLens 2 (hopefully) just around the corner, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be providing any major operating system updates to the original HoloLens.

First-gen HoloLens to No Longer Receive Major OS Updates

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Microsoft’s first-gen HoloLens, a device initially launched to developers in early 2016, has received its last major OS update, moving on to its Long Term Servicing (LTS) state.