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3 Steps to Escaping Pilot Purgatory & Nailing Your Wearable Tech Pilot


Ever since I became involved in the wearable and immersive tech space, I’ve wondered how a digital revolution really gets underway in an organization. What goes on behind the scenes within organizations? What’s the best starting point? What are the most common mistakes made during the pilot phase?

‘First Man’ WebAR Experience Takes You To The Moon and Back


The upcoming Ryan Gosling film receives a WebAR experience that uses the actual Moon to function. Universal Pictures First Man tells the story of the legendary Apollo 11 mission in which astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history as the first human beings to set foot on the Moon.

Harry Potter Photo Printer from Lifeprint Turns Snapshots into Magical Augmented Reality Portraits

Next Reality AR

The Daily Prophet, the enchanted newspaper from Harry Potter lore, is no longer the sole source for magical moving printed photos. On Tuesday, Lifeprint Products Inc. unveiled the official Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer as the latest edition in its line-up of connected handheld printers.

‘ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission’ Review – This VR Platformer Earns Our First 10 Out of 10

Road to VR

The release of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission , coming Tuesday, will be a genre-defining moment for VR platforming on PSVR. The game is expertly designed, animated, and rendered.

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review: A PSVR Platforming Triumph


God it’s nice to play something that reminds you that VR is, in fact, really fricking cool, isn’t it? Forget empathy machines, social futures and advanced AI for a minute; these are not Astro Bot Rescue Mission’s concerns.

Japan 285

‘The Wild’ Is A Platform For Collaborative 3D Design In VR & AR


Powered by VR, The Wild’s cross-platform 3D design platform works much like Google Docs. Last month, the developer of The Wild finally opened the gates to its cloud platform for collaborative 3D design across VR and AR.

Magic Leap's Acquisition of Computes Strengthens Mesh Computing Capabilities by Crowdsourcing Processing Power

Next Reality AR

The latest business move by Magic Leap could result in a significant boost its spatial computing platform's performance and headset design. On Friday, Magic Leap announced the acquisition of Computes, Inc., makers of a decentralized and distributed mesh computing platform.

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Hellblade VR Developer Ninja Theory Is Working On Star Wars: Vader Immortal


Here’s an interesting detail we missed when Star Wars: Vader Immortal was announced for Oculus Quest last week; Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice developer Ninja Theory is working on the series.

Unreal 273

Mario Kart GP VR Arrives Stateside This October


VR Zone’s hit rendition of the original Nintendo classic heads to Washington DC alongside two other LB VR experiences. Just over one year ago Bandai Namco launched their first VR Zone location in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo, Japan.

DC 236

Snapchat & Facebook AR Experiences Let You Unleash Your Inner Anti-Hero & Become Marvel's Venom

Next Reality AR

Venom, the latest in a long list of comic book characters to headline its own movie, is known by comic book fans by his catchphrase, "We are Venom." Now, via augmented reality, we, too, can be Venom.

‘Mario Kart VR’ Comes to the US Today in Bandai Namco’s Newest VR Arcade

Road to VR

For the first time, BANDAI NAMCO is bringing to the United States a number of popular VR experiences once only available in Japan and UK-based VR ZONE arcades. Included in the line-up is the much-awaited Mario Kart Arcade GP VR. VR ZONE Portal Washington D.C.

VR Documentary Zero Days Scores News And Doc Emmy


One of VR’s most striking documentaries just won itself an Emmy. Zero Days VR, the 2017 experience that itself was based upon the larger Zero Days documentary, just won the award for Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary at last night’s 39th News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

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HaptX Gloves Will Help Transform VR Training and Design


Reach out and touch a rain cloud. Standing in front of a tiny farm house diorama, I reached out my hand and brushed it through a bundle of golden brown wheat sprouting from the ground. I could feel every blade of grain run across the surface of my hand.

New 'Ghostbusters World' Gameplay Footage Revealed, Haunts Your Neighborhood in the Spirit of Pokémon GO

Next Reality AR

Location-based AR game Ghostbusters World is creeping closer to launch, and developer FourThirtyThree has released some new gameplay footage and a trailer to capture the interest of the living.

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Oculus CTO: Quest Has No Dedicated Hardware to Play PC Games over USB-C

Road to VR

Oculus Quest, the company’s newly announced high-end standalone headset, has a USB Type-C connector. VirtualLink , the new VR connector standard created by a consortium of prominent industry players, also uses USB Type-C.

Mixing Realities, True Haptics And Photorealistic Humans: 5 Big Takeaways From Michael Abrash’s OC5 Keynote


As always, one of the highlights of this year’s Oculus Connect developer conference was the staggeringly detailed keynote talk from Michael Abrash, Chief Scientist at the newly-renamed Facebook Reality Labs.

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Duplicate & Share Real-World Objects In AR With 3D Scanner Pro


Turn everyday items into 3D models and share them instantly with friends using Apple Quick Look. Thanks to Apple’s recently announced AR Quick Look feature, friends are now able to easily place and share AR objects throughout the real world directly through their Safari web browser.

Apple 223

Magic Leap & Andy Serkis Reveal Lord of the Rings-Inspired Character for Upcoming AR Experience

Next Reality AR

We already know that Magic Leap is working with Hollywood motion capture legend Andy Serkis on a new immersive content experience but, so far, all we've heard are descriptions of the work.

Oculus Job Listing Reveals Interest in Creating Location-based VR Games

Road to VR

Oculus published a job listing recently that could mean the company is finally looking to enter the VR arcade space.

Oculus 230

Dragon Quest VR: Going Inside The Mind Of Toriyama In This VR JRPG


It’s been a busy year for Dragon Quest. The most recent entry in the long-running Japanese role-playing game series, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, recently came out on PC and consoles to much critical acclaim.

Japan 228

Macy’s Brings VR Ad Campaign To 69 Stores In Conjunction With Facebook & Marxent


Macy’s further embraces immersive technology as the massive department store chain expands its in-store VR program. . Clothing giant Macy’s is teaming up with Facebook and 3D streaming company Marxent to collaborate on bringing in new brands and marketing opportunities using VR.

Stage Your Own Big Bang with Magic Leap One via the Universe Creator App

Next Reality AR

One developer has taken the formal name of the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition quite literally with an app that enables users to create a custom universe in their own living room.

Oculus ‘Venues’ to Host NBA Games, Horror Films & More This Fall

Road to VR

Oculus Venues , the social VR app for large-scale live event viewing, is continuing its screenings this fall with more NBA games, scary movies, and stand-up comedy nights. Check out the schedule below.

Rec Room Community Hosts The Princess Bride Live Theater


If you add custom songs to Beat Saber, we recently discovered it is possible to play through the entire sword fight at the top of the Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride.

Scottish Legends Come To Life In The Highland AR Legends City Experience


Use AR to uncover the story behind the Loch Ness Monster, Inverness Castle, and other legends as you explore the coastal city of Inverness.

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Magic Leap Teaser for Dr. Grordbort's Invaders Previews Forthcoming Release During L.E.A.P. Conference

Next Reality AR

Magic Leap One owners with itchy trigger fingers may have their itch scratched next week, as Magic Leap has shared a brief teaser on Twitter for the long-awaited Dr. Grordbort's Invaders game from Weta Workshop. The video concludes with the Magic Leap logo and the hashtag #leapcon.

HaptX Launches Enterprise-focused Haptic Gloves Dev Kit

Road to VR

HaptX (formerly AxonVR) today unveiled the HaptX Gloves Development Kit , an “industrial-grade” VR haptic glove that uses micro-pneumatics for detailed haptics and delivers force-feedback to the fingers.

Haptic 212

Fit It Is An Amazing-Looking Human Tetris Using Vive Trackers


Remember HTC’s Vive Trackers? They’re a great little peripheral that allows you to bring a variety of objects into VR by fitting them with this puck-shaped marker. But, as cool as they are, we haven’t seen a lot of games embrace the Trackers. Fit It wants to change that.

HTC 226

Vive Focus App Turns Your Living Room Into A Dance Floor


Beat Reality transforms any environment into a music-reactive art installation. Available on the Vive Focus — HTC’s China-only replacement for its discontinued Daydream headset — Beat Reality generates a colorful filter that allows you to experience any locale with literal rose-tinted glasses.

ARKit 101: How to Detect & Measure Vertical Planes with ARKit 1.5

Next Reality AR

In a previous tutorial, we were able to measure horizontal surfaces such as the ground, tables, etc., all using ARKit. With ARKit 1.5, we're now able to measure vertical surfaces like walls! In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make your augmented reality app for iPads and iPhones by using ARKit.

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Virtual Athletics League Launches New Arcade-focused Esports League with HTC & HP

Road to VR

With help from corporate sponsors including HP and HTC’s eSports team, a new VR arcade-focused eSports initiative has kicked off its pilot season.

Taking a Virtual Spin Around The Solar System

Tech Trends VR

A French company is creating beautiful educational space simulations in VR.

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WowWee Unleashes Dinosaurs In AR With ‘Untamed ARena’


Life uh… finds a way in WowWee’s newest augmented experience. Paleontologists have identified labeled over 700 of dinosaurs over the years and you’ve probably seen hundreds of them in your local museum, or several in the Jurassic Park films.

Brainlab Prescribes Magic Leap as Cure for Visualizing Medical Imaging Data, Lumin Updates Pushed to Devs

Next Reality AR

While many of the latest content partnerships announced by Magic Leap appear to lean towards entertainment and gaming, a new partnership with medical technology provider Brainlab has Magic Leap getting down to more serious business.

Vive Pro Data Revealed in Steam Survey, Thins Gap Between Rift and Vive

Road to VR

In the latest set of data from Vale’s monthly Steam Hardware & Software survey, the Vive Pro has finally made an official entrance and shows that the gap between Rift and Vive isn’t as wide as it appeared.

Survey 193

Google’s Owlchemy Labs Reveal ARCore Spectator Experiment


Google’s Owlchemy Labs just revealed one of its experiments using ARCore on a phone to offer a spectator view into the upcoming game Vacation Simulator.

Google 219

NS Glasses Bring A VR-Esque Experience To The Nintendo Switch


Could this be the beginning of Switch VR, or just a spiritual successor to the Virtual Boy? It’s fair to say the ongoing rumors surrounding VR compatibility on the Nintendo Switch have been confusing to say the least.