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Virtual Reality is reaching a mature state according to Gartner

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Some days ago, while browsing the Facebook group VIRTUAL REALITY, I found a post comparing the Gartner Hype Cycle 2017 and 2018. The results of the comparison were basically two: Augmented Reality has not moved in the graph; Virtual Reality has disappeared.

This Children's Hospital Uses HoloLens & Augmented Reality to Calm Young Patients During Medical Procedures

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While numerous examples exist of hospitals deploying the HoloLens to assist doctors, surgeons, medical professionals, and students while treating patients, California's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford is actually using the augmented reality headset to improve the patient's experience.

Jaunt Shows Off New Augmented Reality 360-degree Full Body Selfies


Jaunt made its name as a creator of 360-degree videos and cinematic VR experiences. But under new management, the company has shifted its focus to supplying mixed reality technology to other companies.

HP Partnership Expands Advanced VR Training


From utilities companies to first responders, more industries are adopting rich virtual training experiences for training purposes. There is a growing plethora of Industry 4.0

Why we should care about ergonomics in virtual reality

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I always say that most of my readers know VR far better than me.

Magic Leap Releases Helio Experiments Demos, Finally Gives Us the Infamous AR Whale

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You want whales? Ok, you'll get whales! That seems to be the unspoken message from Magic Leap via its latest update in the form of several new experiments posted inside its Helio app.

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Explore A System Of Exotic Planets With NASA’s Exoplanet Excursion VR App


Take a trip lightyears across the galaxy for a guided tour through five of TRAPPIST-1’s seven-planet system. . Located approximately 39.6

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7Invensun will provide eye-tracking for many worldwide XR devices

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I have many sweet memories of my trip to China. One of the best of them is when in Beijing I visited the company 7Invensun , a worldwide excellence in eye tracking.

ARKit App WiARframe Wants to Be the Destination for AR Prototyping & Discovery

Next Reality AR

A new app for iPhones and iPads gives developers a sandbox for testing their AR experiences and sharing them with the world.

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Oculus Founder Serves up Scathing Review of Magic Leap One, Calling It A “Tragic Heap”

Road to VR

While Palmer Luckey provided his own Magic Leap One headset to iFixit for their tear down, the founder of Oculus certainly had his chance for a proper review before the spudgers and screwdrivers came out, and he isn’t pulling any punches either.

Google’s VR Labs Provide STEM Students With Hands-On Experience


Google teams up with Labster to develop 30 immersive lab experiences for the Daydream platform.

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Taking AR Walk in the Woods

Tech Trends VR

With AR, Greenpeace hopes to create greater empathy between us and forest ecosystems under threat.

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Samsung Sends Family Guy into Augmented Reality to Showcase Connected Home Products

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On Friday, at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Samsung invited attendees into the residence of Family Guy's Griffin family to learn all about its "smart home" products via augmented reality. "If

Former ‘God of War’ Devs Launch Kickstarter for Colossal VR Shooter ‘Titan Arena’

Road to VR

Lightbound Studios, a company founded by two former God of War series developers, are aiming to bring something truly colossal to VR with their upcoming first-person shooter Titan Arena.

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AR Wine Labels Pay Tribute To Female Pioneers


EmBRAZEN brand wines celebrates women’s history with augmented labels highlighting three incredible female figures. Since its initial launch, Tactic’s Living Wine Labels app has received over 1.2 million downloads, providing augmented wine bottle labels to five high-profile brands.

VR Game Releases For September 2018


Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is September’s list. Don’t worry — we’ll continue highlighting the best ones at the end of each week too. August was a huge month for VR.

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Intel Opens AR Portal to Smithsonian's Burning Man Exhibit via Snapchat

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Burning Man 2018 is underway, but Intel and the Smithsonian American Art Museum are giving those not in attendance the ability to view the art from the event through Snapchat.

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Apple Acquires AR Optics Startup Akonia Holographics

Road to VR

Apple has acquired Akonia Holographics , a startup focused on holographic display and storage technology. The move is the latest development in a years-long string of acquisitions, patents, and hirings by the company focused on augmented and virtual reality technology.

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Oculus & CHLA Bring VR Medical Training To Eleven New Facilities


The advanced VR simulation expands to new medical institutions as Oculus & CHLA continue their push towards experiential education.

Acer Reveals OJO 500 Detachable Windows VR Headset


Less than a year on from the release of Acer’s first Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headset, the company is introducing its successor, the Acer OJO 500.

Oculus Rift Creator Slams Magic Leap One as 'Tragic' & Magic Leap's CEO Quickly Hits Back

Next Reality AR

Following the launch of the Magic Leap One earlier this month, the device and the company took a few hits from early reviewers.

Hands-on: Cybershoes Aim to Deliver a VR Treadmill Experience at Lower Cost & Space

Road to VR

VR treadmills are usually pretty bulky, expensive, and have a questionable utility outside of the initial wow moment of seeing one in action. Vienna-based Cybershoes however are aiming to get your feet into the game with a pretty simple concept that is less silly than it appears on first blush.

FragmentVR Opens A Window To Reality Within The Virtual World


View your surroundings while in VR via a customized virtual window to the real world. While disconnecting from reality has its perks, some things just can’t be accomplished from outside the confines of the real world.

Titan Arena Is A Massive VR Boss Battler From Ex-God of War Devs


Ever thought that Shadow of the Colossus would be really cool in VR? We certainly have , and it looks like two ex-God of War devs have too.

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World of Tanks App Lets You Relive Military Battles in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Despite the popularity of Pokémon GO, augmented reality gaming hasn't quite caught on yet. The makers of the popular World of Tanks game aren't taking a shot at Niantic's crown yet, but they are looking at giving spectators a new way to watch the game.

Imogen Heap VR Concert Experience to Land on ‘TheWaveVR’ August 31st

Road to VR

Imogen Heap, the Grammy-award winning musician, is following in the footsteps of TOKiMONSTA, Ash Koosha, and The Glitch Mob with a social VR concert experience, hosted on TheWaveVR platform soon.

San Diego’s Nanome, Inc. Releases “World’s First VR-STEM Software” for Free Download


The first collaborative VR molecular modelling application was released yesterday, August 29, to encourage hands-on chemistry experimentation. It is open-source so it’s free for download now on Oculus and Steam products. Nanome, Inc.,

Torn Review: A Weird And Wacky Delight Of A VR Puzzler


“That is the most mad scientist thing anyone has ever said,” your character, Katherine Patterson, proclaims towards the end of Torn.

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Mapbox Unrolls Magic Maps Developer Tool for Magic Leap

Next Reality AR

Less than 20 days after the launch of Magic Leap One, Mapbox has jumped at the chance to provide its map services to Magic Leap developers through its Maps SDK for Unity.

Oculus Avatars Are Finally Going Cross-platform

Road to VR

Oculus had announced almost a year ago now that they planned to take their Oculus Avatars system cross-platform.

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