Sat.Sep 05, 2015 - Fri.Sep 11, 2015

Experience and Configure Your Dream Car? – Now You Can, with Augmented Reality!

EON Reality

Use EON Reality’s Augmented Reality technology to display and experience a car in full-scale.

Why We Open-Source Our Camera Designs


It all started with an idea: can we create films for Virtual Reality headsets? This was 9 months ago. The first major hurdle was to develop a camera that can film on all sides in 3D.

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3D Jam: Now with Over $75K in Prizes!


Our second annual 3D Jam kicks off in just a few weeks, and it’s bigger than ever! Today we’re excited to announce new prizes for competitors, bringing up our prize total to over $75,000. And we’re just getting started.

DC 45

#Idea: Office Productivity with VR Gaming

Immersive Authority

For those struggling with a work/life balance between spending hours at the office doing menial admin tasks or chilling at home playing console games perhaps there is an opportunity to accomplish both activities at the same time. How about linking your email Inbox to a first-person shooter game. In a virtual environment your emails appear as avatars around you (like falling asteroids or alien monsters) that you eliminate with a hand-held weapon instead of hitting delete on the keyboard.

Football (Soccer) training and experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech at Soccerex 2015!

EON Reality

Join us tomorrow for the final day of Soccerex Global in Manchester, UK, and discover the place where athletes are using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tech to take their game to the next level.