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The ‘Wolfe’ External GPU Aims to Make Macbooks VR Ready

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The Wolfe is a new project about to hit Kickstarter that claims to offer a hardware solution to Macbook owners wanting to run virtual reality applications, an external Thunderbolt connected GPU.

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The New York Times Continues To Pivot Hard Into Virtual Reality With Ad Agency Buyout


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Forecast: VR Market Will Reach $162 Billion by 2020


The virtual and augmented reality industry is just starting to take off. According to research from the International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide revenues for the augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) market is forecast to grow from $5.2

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Will VR Porn Become Too Realistic?


Let us get this out of the way first. Porn is big, and by big, I mean big business, not just big breasts or penises. But how big is big? By 2025 porn will be the third-largest VR sector following video games and NFL-related content, so that is pretty darned big.

President Obama Makes His 360 Video Debut

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Felix & Paul Studios got together with Oculus Studios and National Geographic to shoot 360 video footage of President Barack Obama’s recent Father’s Day trip to Yosemite National Park, becoming the first official appearance by Obama in a VR presentation.

‘PlayStation VR Worlds’ Is Shaping Up To Be The ‘Wii Sports’ Of The PS VR Headset


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Gamescom: Blue Effect VR

VR Bites

Blue Effect was one of the games that gave me a big smile on this year’s Gamescom. Blue Effect is a futuristic horror-survival first person shooter. While waiting at their booth, the developer was great and explaining the game to me.

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‘Obduction’ VR Review

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Obduction is an adventure game hailing from Cyan , the same studio that produced the ’90s point-and-click classics Myst (1993) and Riven (1997). The game has been hotly awaited since it netted over $1.3

The World’s First Simultaneous Film/VR Release Is Happening Today


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Universal Bringing VR Haunted House to Halloween Horror Nights


You will work in small teams to solve a dark mystery in this limited-time VR attraction. With Halloween just a couple months away, we can definitely expect virtual reality to play a greater role in this year’s spooky holiday attractions and theme parks.

When will we be able to visit a VR Casino?


We’ve already seen many spectacular additions to the Virtual Reality gaming realm with advanced flight simulators, such as Aerofly FS 2 , my personal favorite where just yesterday I flew a KLM 747 through the Grand Canyon, awesome!

AMD Launches Open Source Ray Traced VR Audio Tech “TrueAudio Next”

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AMD has announced TrueAudio Next a “scalable” physics-based audio rendering engine for generating environmentally accurate, GPU accelerated audio for virtual reality.

Lawyers Using VR To Save Animal Rights Activist’s Bacon


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VR eSports Platform Launches Open Beta


The next-generation 360° platform will support Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , League of Legends and Dota 2. We’re finally getting a look at what Sliver VR Technologies has been quietly brewing over the past year. The Cupertino, California based company has announced the close of a $6.2

Bigscreen Brings Your Desktop Into Virtual Reality


Bigscreen takes your screen and quite literally makes it bigger. With the help of Virtual Reality of course. Bigscreen allows you to project your regular desktop into your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive in any number of customizable ways.

Sos Sosowski’s ‘Mosh Pit Simulator’ is Disturbing, Funny, and Unapologetically Terrible

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A video game is a reflection of its maker, and usually the smaller the developer team, the more clear it is to see something of its creator within.

D&D Director Explains How The Tabletop RPG Could Work in Augmented Reality


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Leap Motion’s Interaction Engine Lets You Get a Grip in VR


Launched back in 2012, Leap Motion first introduced us to their new way of interacting with computers in three dimensions. At the time, the Leap Motion sensor sat on your desk or was built into your keyboard, allowing for natural hand and finger movement tracking.

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree In Virtual Reality


Looking at the long list of college courses and making the usual decisions? Marking, Business, Computer Science or Engineering? Bla Bla, how about Virtual Reality? Talk about cutting edge technology.

PlayStation VR Had “Quickest Sellout in GameStop’s History”

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GameStop executives have revealed that the last pre-order event for the soon-to-be-released PlayStation VR was the “Quickest Sellout” in the company’s history.

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Capcom Is Trying To Make Sure Resident Evil 7 VR Won’t Make You Sick


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Creepy VR Films Coming to Fantastic Fest Next Month


The Austin-based film festival will be premiering VR content for the first time. As with many other film festivals, including Sundance and Tribeca , virtual reality has been slowly solidifying its position into festival programs.

Best Buy bets on VR for the holidays with 500 stores demoing Oculus Rift


Best Buy has provided in-person demonstrations for Oculus Rift basically since there were real Oculus Rift headsets to demonstrate – the retailer announced back in May it would provide demos at 48 locations in the U.S.

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Uncorporeal Claims They Can Create 3D VR Scenes from Your Photos

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Uncorporeal are unveiling what it terms as it’s “Holographic Photography Technology” which the team claim will allow anyone with a smartphone to create 360 VR viewable scenes with 3D parallax from a few dozen photos.

Check Out Job Simulator Dev’s Ingenious Way Of Calibrating Height In PS VR


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Dexta Robotics Unveils Exoskeleton Glove Designed for VR


Say hello to the Dexmo. We’re at a very crucial point in the development of virtual reality. We have several mainstream VR headsets out in the wild and the industry is gaining major traction.

STX Entertainment acquires VR studio Surreal


Virtual reality is quickly earning a reputation in Hollywood beyond its nerdy niche, with many industry professionals shifting resources and attention to catching this platform wave early.

Dexta Shows Off Latest Exoskeleton Gloves That Let You Touch VR

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Dexta Robotics are looking to create the next generation VR input device, one that not only lets you interact with virtual objects but also lets you sense the size and solidity of them, letting you touch virtual reality. This is the Dexmo exoskeleton glove.

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Dexmo Exoskeleton Tugs On Your Fingers To Simulate Touch In VR


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Bandai Namco Adds Gundam Experience to VR Arcade


You’ll be clinging for dear life in this new addition at the Tokyo virtual reality arcade. Back in April, Bandai Namco opened their first virtual reality center in Tokyo called “VR Zone: Project I Can”.

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VR Bites

Experience Soul Keeper, the first ever AAA RPG for Virtual Reality, in first person. More immersive than ever, taking full advantage of HTC Vive’s room scale VR, you can literally be a spell fighter. You can do spell fighting, use a staff that lights up and a shiny sword.