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Activision Unveils Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PlayStation VR Experience


This is the Call of Duty PlayStation VR experience that lets you feel what its like to pilot a personal fighter jet in space. Coming to PS4 later this year. Activision’s much anticipated Call of Duty XP event has returned Friday at the Forum stadium in Los Angeles.

Qualcomm’s New VR Headset Could the Reference Platform We’ve Been Waiting For

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For a while now we’ve been waiting for the industry to coalesce around a standard VR hardware platform.

The 9 Best Vive Games to Play Right Now


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Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Courtroom


Next time you receive that dreaded jury duty summons, your experience may just be a little different with the help of VR. What if you could be in the middle of the crime scene without even leaving the courtroom?

Interactive VR Storytelling With John Favreau and His Tiny Goblin


‘Gnomes & Goblins’ will be released for the HTC Vive on September 8th. I’m standing in the middle of a dark wooded forest, surrounded by sprawling trees that tower overhead. Each tree is glowing a soft warm color from tiny candles that line the surface of the weathered trunks.

‘Jesus VR’ Claims First Ever Feature-length VR Film, to Preview at Venice Film Festival

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Jesus VR: The Story of Christ , an upcoming feature-length 360 film, is getting its first public preview at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Hailed as the world’s first ever feature length VR film production, the 90-minute movie depicts the life, works, and death of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Gran Turismo Sport for PSVR Delayed Until 2017


Auto racing in VR is one of the best aspects of VR.

Tour This Famed Fashion Photography Studio in VR


Omelet and Smashbox Cosmetics invite you to go on a virtual tour of their fashion photography studio and check out some products while you’re there. You’re on set during a fashion shoot with models strewn on top of a convertible blasted with giant red lips.

Viacom VR Summer Fellowship Fosters Fresh Talent in NYC

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The park is green, the mother behind me. She pushes my stroller perfectly straight; we glide across the pavement, green at either side. I face forward and listen to her voice, the only one audible in the park.

You Can Watch Breaking Forth’s Amazing ‘Ctrl’ Next Week


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On Gamescom I found a really interesting game that was made by two young developers for their graduation assignment: Filipe Simonette and Julie Baechtold. The game had a really nice concept. As a parent you watch over your young cubs and tell them what to eat and what not to eat by shaking you head.

Alibaba Wants You To Shop in Virtual Reality


You’ll soon shop for your next outfit in VR. Not satisfied with disrupting China’s financial transaction industry, the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba now wants to enable consumers to purchase almost anything in VR with its new BUY+ service.

Google Says Global VR Search Volume Grew 400% in 12 Months

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Google, who has now has several major VR initiatives underway, notes major gains in interest in virtual reality and 360 degree video capture and sharing. The company is now prompting brands to consider what role VR will play in their marketing strategies.

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Report: Google’s Daydream Headset Is Daydream View, Debuts Oct 4th


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Thank You Instagram Friends!

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1000 Followers on Instagram! Thank you guys so much! You are the greatest online friends! Hopefully I see you all in the game soon! Just add me as a friend! Oculus: RoTaMi. Steam/Vive: ClassicGamerNL.

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Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of the Keanu 360° Video


A couple months before the Blu-Ray DVD release of the comedy flick Keanu, VRScout was invited to the production for the 360-degree video companion piece. Below are several photos captured on set. . People love cats – especially on the internet.

Oculus Explains Why They Didn’t Launch Touch with the Rift (Even Though They Could Have)

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Oculus says they could have shipped Touch alongside the launch of the Rift back in April, but explains why they’ve been biding their time. Despite delaying their Touch VR motion controller to the latter half of 2016, Oculus says the hardware could have gone out the door on day one.

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The American Dream Is A VR Game In Which Guns Solve All Of Life’s Problems


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Virtual Drone Flying with Project Drone No Limits

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Not far from my house lies Schiphol airport. With almost 60 million passages a year I see a lot of airplanes landing and taking off every single day. Flying is an amazing thing that’s why I bought a micro drone a year ago.

The World’s First Ballet Virtual Reality Premiere


Dance is a natural fit for a virtual reality setting, as it is theatric by nature, and movement does well to keep and guide viewer attention, something that is a current challenge within the VR content creation space.

Lytro Shows First Light Field Footage Captured with Immerge VR Camera

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Back toward the end of 2015, light field camera company Lytro announced a major turn toward the VR market with the introduction of ‘Immerge’, a light field camera made for capturing data which can be played back as VR video with positional tracking.

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Call of Duty: Virtual Reality DLC Coming To PS4 Purchasers


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DEO VR is the new King of the Hill of VR Video Players


Playing 360-degree or 180-degree videos on either the Rift or Vive has alway been rather hit or miss. Many of the better players on the DK2 such the VRPlayer were never updated for the CV1 or Vive. Up till now, Whirligig was the best player in town, and one could argue still is due its maturity.

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This Guy Proposed in VR Using Tilt Brush


He painted his proposal in virtual reality and let her reveal the question. Standing in a room with HTC Vive headset on and controllers in hand, Autumn began reading a love letter painted in virtual reality by her boyfriend. The hand-painted note ended with “I have something to ask you.”.

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Hands-on with the VR Ready Asus GL502VS Laptop with Nvidia GTX 1070

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With the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs, the company opted to stick what they say are desktop-equivalent cards into the next generation of gaming laptops, putting VR Ready performance into highly portable systems. How do they handle? Ritchie Djamhur takes the Asus GL502VS with GTX 1070 for a spin.

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Ex-Bungie Developers Raise $3.5 Million For VR Startup Polyarc


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How to Build a Budget Virtual Reality Ready PC for UNDER $699


The constant march of technology is a beautiful thing. As time goes by, PCs get cheaper and faster. In March last year I wrote about how to build an Oculus Rift Ready PC for under $1,000.

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This Fireproof VR Camera Rig Could One Day Save Lives


The New Zealand Fire Service is testing fireproof 360 camera rigs that could one day save lives. House fires can be difficult for the average person to ever comprehend without experiencing one in person.

Crazy Camera Rig Captures Volumetric VR Video with 14 Cameras and LiDAR

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HypeVR is working to bring live-action volumetric 360 video to VR. The company’s crazy camera rig, built to capture the necessary data, is a mashup of high-end cameras and laser scanning tech.

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Gear VR Users Beware: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Might Explode


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