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Oculus Go Dev Kit Images Show the Headset to Be Near Consumer-ready

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Two images showing a seemingly consumer-ready box containing Oculus Go, the company’s upcoming standalone VR headset, found its way to Reddit and Twitter recently, possibly indicating that launch is right around the corner.

Star Citizen Will Still Get VR Support, Chris Roberts Confirms


Star Citizen has been around about as long as the Oculus Rift has, and the crowd-funded massively multiplayer online (MMO) game once even supported VR in an early development build. But, as the years have gone on, VR support has become an increasingly distant subject for the high-profile project.

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This Is What A Mixed Reality Hard Hat Looks Like


A Microsoft-endorsed hard hat solution lets construction workers use holograms on site. Industrial collaboration tools are one of the fastest-developing areas for the Microsoft HoloLens, with many companies such as Object Theory looking for ways to diversify and broaden the market for Mixed Reality.

Book Review: Experience on Demand

Tech Trends VR

Professor Jeremy Bailenson from Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab explains what Virtual Reality is, how it works, and what it can do. I’m still old enough to remember a time when typing a message on a touchscreen keyboard felt very cutting-edge indeed.

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HTC: Vive Pro is Targeted at Prosumers and Will Be “more expensive” Than Consumer Vive

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VR/AR expert Antony Vitillo (aka ‘ Skarred Ghost ‘) got an opportunity to speak with HTC Vive China President Alvin Wang Graylin recently, and while Graylin predictably couldn’t answer the question on everyone’s mind—”how much is Vive Pro going to cost?”—we

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How Limitless And Lytro Aim To Make The VR Characters Of The Future


In the past few months I’ve seen some really impressive stuff in VR.

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Can Virtual Reality be a Game Changer for Learning?

Tech Trends VR

Will virtual reality help you learn a language more quickly? Or will it simply replace your memory? VR is the ultimate medium for delivering what is known as “experiential learning.”

Oculus Hiring Spree Suggests Facebook is Accelerating VR/AR Plans

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Starting toward the end of 2017, the number of listed job openings at Oculus has nearly tripled, with the current number of openings floating around an all time high.

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Survival Horror Roguelike Hybrid The Persistence Hits PSVR This July


Games don’t often get delayed a whole year, but it’s usually for the best if they do. Originally slated for the second half of 2017, The Persistence was pushed into summer 2018 and now finally has a firm release date of July 24, 2018.

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This AR X-Ray Could Revolutionize Modern Medicine


University of Alberta’s uses AR technology to project a patient’s internal anatomy onto their body in real-time. Ever press a flashlight up against the palm of your hand and watch the innards illuminate? Now imagine a machine that did pretty much the same thing, only 1000x more accurately.

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Keng City honors Black History Month with new museum on DigiWorldz

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Martin Luther King delivers is “I Have a Dream” speech at 1963 march on Washington. Image via Wikimedia Commons.). Keng City will open a new museum on Wednesday, February 1 on the DigiWorldz grid to celebrate Black History Month.

Hands-on: VRHero “5K” Plus Aims for Visual Fidelity Above All Else

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VRgineers is a Czech-based startup building a VR headset positioned strictly for the enterprise world.

Hands-On: In Death Is A Promising VR Roguelike Bow Shooter


One of my favorite core game mechanics in any VR game is a good, responsive bow and arrow as a weapon. It’s why games like Longbow from The Lab are so addictive, Holopoint is so engaging, and why QuiVR was one of the first major co-op success stories.

Facebook Preparing New Wave of Full Body AR Camera Lenses


The Facebook/Snap wars are heating up once again. This time, however, it’s Facebook creating technology that Snap may one day copy. – When Dancing Hotdogs Go To War. “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” ” Those are the words of the late great Pablo Picasso.

Maritime Club celebrates 10th anniversary

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OpenSim’s longest-running live music venue — Maritime Club Belfast — is celebrating its tenth anniversary this weekend. The party starts at the club location on OSgrid on Sunday, January 28, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

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Former Mozilla WebVR Pioneers Launch ‘Supermedium’ VR Browser

Road to VR

Supporting HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Supermedium is a new, fully VR browser from the creators of VR web framework ‘A-Frame’ and part of the original Mozilla team behind the WebVR initiative.

rumii Is A New Social VR App Aimed At Enterprise and Education


Doghead Simulations’ rumii wants to be the VR application you boot up when you put on your headset to go to work in the morning. With over 500 companies signed up in Early Access after launching last year, rumii is a social VR app with a difference.

Elton John Announces Final Tour With VR Video


Legendary singer/songwriter/costume-enthusiast, Sir Elton John has announced that he will retire from touring after one more trip around the world. The Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour will be mark they 70-year-old John’s final live appearances.

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Multiplayer zany racing game ‘Sprint Vector’ on PC VR Feb 8th, Feb 13th for PSVR

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Survios, a global leader in virtual reality development and publishing, today announced that the studio’s second title, the hotly anticipated multiplayer adrenaline platformer Sprint Vector , will launch on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on February 8, followed by PlayStation VR on February 13.

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Google ‘Blocks’ Update Matures Tools for Even Easier 3D Modeling in VR

Road to VR

Google Blocks, the 3D object creation tool for VR/AR app developers, just got a big update that includes new environments, improved object snapping, and a number of experimental features that the company says makes Blocks “more powerful and even easier to use.”

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CyubeVR Combines Realistic Visuals With Procedural Voxel Worlds


At first glance you’d never assume cyubeVR from Stonebrick Studios is a procedurally generated voxel-based game, similar to Minecraft.

Harvest Space Slugs With Real Plungers in This Bizarre VR Experience


Toilet plungers as VR controllers. Every so often a VR experience comes along so ridiculously insane you’re not quite sure it actually exists.

PSVR’s Bravo Team Is Getting An Aim Controller Bundle

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Team-based #PSVR FPS Bravo Team is almost here, and it works great with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller! Grab this new bundle, which includes the game and Aim Controller, at @GameStop starting March 6. — PlayStation (@PlayStation) February 1, 2018.

Xiaomi Mi VR to Support Oculus Mobile SDK, 100% Rev Share in 2018 for Localized Apps

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Back at CES, Oculus announced that Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi would exclusively bring its own branded version of the standalone Oculus Go headset to China.

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USC Backs A Record-setting March Immersive Hackathon


The Creating Reality Hackathon , sponsored by USC, will inspire participants from USC and around the world to build original AR and VR applications. Over the course of four days (March 12-15), attendees will form interdisciplinary teams to design and create new experiences.

Plex VR Brings Social Viewing To Daydream Headsets


Tons of customization, multi-user support and attention to detail could make this one of the best content viewing applications for VR yet. Finding a VR experience to watch your favorite media on can be a daunting task.

WebVR pioneers look to turn Supermedium into the home for fresh and diverse VR experiences.

Cats and VR

The creators of VR web framework ‘A-Frame have launched a new fully VR browser called Supermedium. The team behind the product have lots of experience in Web-based VR as they were part of the original Mozilla team behind the WebVR initiative.

Positron Closes $1.4 Seed Funding to Develop Next Gen of Its VR Motion Chair

Road to VR

Positron , a Los Angeles-based VR technology studio, announced at Sundance that it closed a $1.4 million seed funding deal to further develop the next generation of the company’s VR motion chair, Voyager.

Check Out This VR Sculpture Of Super Mario World Made In Google’s Blocks


I’ve always wanted to visit the Mushroom Kingdom. Ever since I was a kid watching the Super Mario Bros. Super Show , despite how terrible that show is nowadays in hindsight, the world just seemed like such a magical place.

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Facebook Experiments With New Unit of Time Called The ‘Flick’


A Facebook engineer has created a new unit of time called the flick. Flick is short for “frame-tick” and measures 1/705,600,000 of a second. The flick was created by Christopher Horvath and a team of his colleagues at Facebook R&D. According to the Gihub description , the project began as a “technical question” posted by Horvath to his personal Facebook account.

Unabomber for HTC Vive lets you skip FBI training


If you want to work for the FBI, you can look forward to 20 intense weeks of training at Quantico in Virginia. However, if that seems like a little too much commitment and you think you can start working on solving crimes now, you can download the Unabomber for the HTC Vive, now available on Viveport. Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience allows you to join the FBI Task Force in charge of investigating one of the most challenging domestic terrorist cases in US history.