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Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Debuts Virtual Reality Pictionary Segment with ‘Tilt Brush’

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NBC’s popular late night talk show The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon has debuted a new segment called Virtual Reality Pictionary which uses the HTC Vive and Google’s Tilt Brush VR paint app. Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to VR.

The 5 VR YouTube Channels You Need in Your Life


From news to entertainment to gaming, these channels hit the pavement this year to produce stellar immersive content. The guys over at Node are some of the hardest working people on YouTube.

‘MasterpieceVR’ Brings Cross-Platform Multiplayer Painting And Sculpting To Rift And Vive


Creating art with several people at once can be a crowded experience. But not in MasterpieceVR.

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Robinson the Journey Coming to Oculus Rift in January 2017


Crytek announced that Robinson the Journey timed exclusive release for PSVR ends in January 2017. Crytek will bring their Dinosaur romping VR experience to the Oculus Rift next month in January 2017.

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WordPress Blogging Platform Gets Support for Embedded VR Media

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Virtual reality 360 degree photos and videos are now supported by Powering over 26% of the web, WordPress is the world’s most popular online publishing platform. A recent update on’s official blog confirmed that virtual reality media is now supported.

The New Front Row: How VR Sports Change the Game for Fans


For those of us without a SAG membership or platinum album plaques on the wall, sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden seems like a dream. Thanks to VR, the dream is virtually real. Sports leagues such as the NBA , NFL and MLB have embraced VR technology.

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Serious Sam Coming to VR


Serious Sam has always been a great run and gun shooter. Developer Croteam released a stationary style shooter in June of 2016. However, they have been hard at work on Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter. The first encounter features two methods of movement.

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Sensics is Building a VR Headset Specially Made for Arcades and Theme Parks

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OSVR co-founder and long-time HMD maker Sensics is building a new ‘Goggles for Public VR’ headset which is designed for the unique needs of the Out-of-Home market.

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‘President of Virtual Reality’ Plans to Create 300,000 VR Jobs


According to multiple market analysts , the virtual reality industry will grow into a business worth hundreds of billions of dollars by 2020, and we’ve already seen a massive uptick in VR developer jobs in recent years.

PocketStrafe Is A Different Answer To VR Locomotion Issues


Locomotion in virtual reality experiences and games is something that hasn’t been figured out entirely just yet. With headset tracking and sensors, players can move around defined spaces that reflect the rooms they inhabit to a degree, but you’re limited by the size of your physical space.

HTC Kicks Off VR Development Studio - Vive Studios


HTC has launched Vive Studios with a focus on delivering virtual reality experiences through both first and third-party developers.

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Smart Solution Makes Handheld VR Cinematography Easy with a Real Virtual Camera

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VFX professional Kert Gartner has been pioneering new ways to make capturing virtual worlds as compelling as filming in the real world. His latest technique makes a real virtual camera out of an extra Vive controller and a smartphone.

Grab Games is Coming Out Swinging with Knockout League


Los Angeles game developer Grab Games is coming out of stealth mode. Grab’s new VR game, Knockout League, is coming to Steam, Oculus, and Viveport in January. Here’s a first look at the trailer, filmed at the VRScout Mixed Reality Studio in LA. Knockout League: First Look.

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Ten 360-Degree VR Projects You Might’ve Missed


As more filmmakers dip a toe into VR, the sheer volume of 360-degree video releases can be overwhelming.

Sanctuary VR

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“Sanctuary VR” is a first-person puzzle solving and exploration game designed for Oculus Rift, it has a strong narrative that is fully voice acted. The game is a seated VR experience played with a controller. WP-Appbox: Sanctuary VR (2,99 €, Steam) →. adventure Games Windows

HTC Launch Viveport Arcade, Partnering with Leke VR to Open “1000s of Locations”

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How Virtual Reality Can Assist the Elderly


Among the many new technologies on the market, virtual reality offers plenty of possibilities for exploration as it can be used in different industries including senior care. The technology has arrived at the right time with mobile devices already being widely used by the elderly.

Build The Model Kits Of Your Dreams With ‘Monzo VR’


Most nerdy kids go through a model building phase at some point. For some, that phase carries through to adulthood and becomes a beloved hobby.

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Grab whatever you can find,kill whoever you can see. Clenching your weapon and light could help you survive in the waste subway station in Tokyo. Immerse your soul in the darkness,and good luck… WP-Appbox: Fastigium (0 , Steam) →. Action adventure Games Indie Windows

Visualising UI Solutions for Our Mixed Reality Future

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Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies are rapidly evolving, with consumer devices on the horizon. But how will people interact with their new digitally enhanced lives?

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Jimmy Fallon Debuts ‘Virtual Reality Pictionary’ on ‘Tonight Show’


The king of pitting celebrities against each other in bizarre games just took it to a whole new level. When it comes to finding and concocting ridiculous party games, there’s no one craftier than Jimmy Fallon.

Get A Glimpse Into Conditions Filmmakers Braved To Create ‘ClimbEverestVR’


Media has always been a bridge to experiences we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see, whether via text, video, or photography. 360-degree media have given us dynamic looks into many different settings that may even be dangerous, but what of the people exploring in those dire conditions?

THE NEW VR WOLFENSTEIN 3D? | Quell 4D (HTC Vive Gameplay)

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Quell 4D is a VR FPS for the HTC Vive. It’s a game about shooting first and asking questions later in a “retro but awesome” vector art style. Check it out in Virtual Reality: [link]. Did you like this video? Subscribe Nathie! link]. Gameplay Nathie YouTube Players

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IMR are Building a Wireless Video System to Power 4k Per-Eye VR Headsets

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Australian startup Immersive Robotics are poised to deliver what they claim is a truly universal wireless solution for PC VR headsets that delivers tether-free virtual reality with minimal compromises in quality and extremely low latency.

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The Top 5 Most-Watched Pieces on Samsung VR


2016 has been a big year for Samsung VR.

Startup Dabkick Demos Cool Phone-To-VR Social Features


Startup DabKick has expanded to include virtual reality functionality on HTC Vive. CEO Balaji Krishnan told UploadVR the company has plans to support all VR platforms.

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We Are Stars

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We Are Stars is the most immersive science documentary in the Universe! This 360°, 3D, high-framerate experience seeks to answer some of the biggest questions of all time. What are we made of? Where did it all come from? Explore the secrets of our cosmic chemistry and our explosive origins.

Oculus Launches ‘Quill’ Tutorial Series for Aspiring VR Artists

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Oculus has created a series of tutorial videos for newcomers to Quill , the company’s VR paint app. Available for free with every Touch purchase, Quill is an artistic creation tool designed for virtual reality and motion controllers.

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Weekend Downloads: New on Gear VR, Rift and Touch


Weekend Downloads is part of our weekly update to bring you the latest additions to the Samsung Gear VR , Oculus Rift , and Touch Controllers. We are kicking off weekend with a massive amount of new content.

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The Gallery – Call of the Starseed Review: Awe Inspiring Mystery


After you’ve been playing and critiquing games for a while, you start to get a bit jaded. You start to recognize a lot of the little tropes and tricks that developers use to try and catch an audience by surprise.