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Top 10 Most Downloaded PlayStation VR Games So Far

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PlayStation VR launched just last month, and now Sony has shared which games players have downloaded the most so far.

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OTOY Is Building One of VR’s Most Important Technologies


Last week I had the chance to interview OTOY’s CEO Jules Urbach about their recent announcements and future roadmap. We talked Unity, open standards, the metaverse, and more, but the general thread pointed to OTOY as one of THE pivotal companies in the VR space.

Watch Conan O’Brien Get His Mind Blown in VR


He mostly wanted to know about virtual porn. This may be our favorite VR reaction video yet. In a recent segment of Conan on TBS, the television host and comedian visited the YouTube Space in New York to get a taste of VR and mixed reality with the HTC Vive.

TPCAST Brings Wireless Add On to HTC Vive


Fed up with tripping over the HTC Vive cable, or not interested in strapping the whole computer to your back with the likes of the MSI backpack ? Then you are in luck. TPCAST have put up for pre-order an addon allowing any HTV Vive to be 100% wireless. The headset will last for around 1.5

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Google Launches Earth VR on HTC Vive, A Breathtaking New Way to Know Our Planet

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Today Google launches Earth VR for the HTC Vive for free, giving us a whole new perspective on the world. I remember, back in 2001, how amazed I was to see Google Earth for the first time. I remember huddling around the computer monitor with friends shouting “go to New York City!”

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The Living Page: How Augmented Reality is Bringing Comic Books To Life


Hitting a 20 year high of $870 million in 2014, the comic book business is booming.

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MSI VR ONE Backpack for untethered VR Available for pre-order


The MSI backpack is now available for pre-order. The MSI backpack allows the most hardcore of VR fans to strap a computer to your back and allow you to walk around untethered. The backpack is now up for pre-order from Newegg for the starting price of $1,999.

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More Details Surface on Wireless Vive Upgrade Accessory, Global Orders May Be on the Way

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Earlier this week it was revealed that HTC would be offering a wireless Vive upgrade kit made by TPCAST. More details have surfaced on the device ahead of its Q1 2017 launch.

How To Make Money As A VR Game Developer


As we start to move out of the novelty phase of the VR boom and into a real industry, every game developer is asking the big question: How do I make a business out of this?

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Jaguar Just Showed Us The Future of Car Launches


The VR reveal for the company’s first-ever electric car blew our minds. During a press event at Milk Studios in Los Angeles Sunday night, Jaguar revealed the I-PACE, the company’s first-ever electric car.

Oculus Announces Drawing App Quill for FREE with Oculus Touch


Oculus announced today that it will be releasing Quill for FREE on December 6 alongside the launch of Oculus Touch motion controllers. Quill was originally built as a custom tool for Art Director Wesley Allsbrook to assist in creating the Oculus Story Studio original film, Dear Angelica.

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VR-optimized Forward Renderer Comes to Unreal Engine 4.14, Said to Be 22% Faster

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Epic Games touted their VR-optimized forward renderer as the reason why their forthcoming Robo Recall game looks so crisp in VR. Now the tech is available to all Unreal Engine developers in version 4.14 released today.

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VR Sales Analysis: Rift and Vive to Sell Under 500,000 in 2016, PS VR to Top 2 Million


The age of high-end, commercially available virtual reality began on March 28 with the launch of the Oculus Rift. Since then the HTC Vive , PlayStation VR and Google Daydream View have all entered the arena.

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Google Bringing VR to One Million UK School Children


Google CEO Sundar Pichai made the announcement in his first visit to Britain since becoming chief. Since Google launched their educational Expeditions Pioneer Program, millions of students from around the world have already taken VR trips in the classroom.

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Linda Kellie is back at work!

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Finally, in these dark and tumultuous times, some good news — Linda Kellie is back, and creating new content. Outside of the core developers themselves, Linda Kellie is the most valuable member of the... Features Metaverse Linda Kellie


Sony Pictures Plans to Use Nokia’s OZO to Make VR Content

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Sony Pictures has struck a deal with Nokia to create 3D 360 content using Nokia OZO , the company’s professional-quality 360 degree camera platform. Sony has said they’ll be using OZO to create both special 360 content and to livestream their own events.

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HTC Announces $1.5 Billion VR Investment Fund and Research Institute in China


HTC is making yet more moves in China today, announcing a partnership with the Shenzhen Municipal Government to kick off two new initiatives. The first of these is a new China VR Research Institute.

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Google Earth Lets You Explore the Planet in Virtual Reality


Google Earth is now available for the HTC Vive. If you have access to a Vive, try Google Earth VR for yourself before reading any further. It’s free. A team of engineers and filmmakers worked together on a cinematic introduction that I’ll never do justice. Go in blind. Feel all the feelings.

SkyLife, Sinful merge grids

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SkyLifeGrid, launched after the most recent collapse of AviWorlds, has now merged with the Sinful Grid. However, SkyLife will continue offering hosting services, owner Josh Boam told Hypergrid Business.


SteamVR to Get Linux and Mac OSX Support Within “a Few Months”

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Valve is planning to introduce beta versions of its SteamVR platform for Mac OSX and Linux users within a few months.

Venture Capitalists Contemplate How Much Exuberance Is Good for VR Investing


Is virtual reality a bubble? That’s a common question in a number of panels I’ve covered in the past year. The answer isn’t quite knowable until a major event comes along that either expands or pops the bubble.

Snapchat’s Augmented Reality Vending Machines are Marketing Gold


Editor’s Note: VRScout was able to independently verify valid re-sale permits for Snapchat’s Bot in the states of Nevada, Texas, Washington and Hawaii.

Logicamp grid falls victim to ransomware

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The Belgium-based Logicamp grid has suffered a catastrophic ransomware attack, and has lost some content due to a lack of current off-line backups. “I know that it is unforgivable but I am alone to manage... Metaverse News Logicamp

Tactical Haptics Raises $2.2 Million to Build Haptic VR Controller Dev Kit

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Tactical Haptics , a company pioneering a novel form of haptic feedback which can create compelling sensations that go far beyond rumble, announced today it has raised $2.2 million to create a development kit of a haptic VR controller as a stepping stone to an eventual consumer product.

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PlayStation VR’s Star Wars: Rogue One VR Experience Dated


It’s just a few weeks now until the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters on December 15th, but the anticipated tie-in VR experience from DICE is even closer than that.

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Qualcomm Is Launching a Chinese VR ‘Innovation Center’


The Chinese branch of smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm has joined forces with internet services company Tencent to build an “innovation center” in China focused on accelerating R&D for next-gen virtual and augmented reality systems in mobile devices.

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New browser-based world Space offers free regions

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Press release: Space, a new virtual world, launched today with free regions LONDON — Space, a browser-based virtual world platform from Sine Wave Entertainment, opened to the public after two months of private beta and seven years of... News VR & AR Sine Wave Entertainment

WorldViz is Creating a VR Platform for Enterprise Collaboration

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WorldViz, provider of virtual reality solutions for the enterprise and public sectors, is launching a new VR communication platform for businesses. Based on their popular Vizard software, it enables complex visual ideas to be assessed remotely, through VR presentations and virtual meetings.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 11/13/16


This week marks the arrival of one of the pivotal VR gaming experiences, EVE: Valkyrie , on HTC Vive. Valkyrie is an immersive, visual feast with intense combat that you shouldn’t miss out on, despite the high price tag.

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Exploring Prosthetics in VR


An exhibition at the Sheffield Museum in England called “Body and Mind – Virtual Reality Prosthetics” is exploring what it’s like to live the everyday challenges and responsibilities of life without a limb using VR.

SPEED DEVIL IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | VR Luge (Playstation VR Gameplay)

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VR Luge let’s you step into the shoes of an illegal street racer. With the PSVR you will be able to thunder down a beautiful road, only inches off the ground in a position that only Virtual Reality can put you in.