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Researchers Demonstrate 100° Dynamic Focus AR Display With Membrane Mirrors

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Achieving a wide field of view in an AR headset is a challenge in itself, but so too is fixing the so-called vergence-accommodation conflict which presently plagues most VR and AR headsets, making them less comfortable and less in sync with the way our vision works in the real world.

Google Opens The Floodgates To Let More Developers Submit Daydream Apps


For its first few months of availability, Google only worked with a select group of developers on Daydream-compatible apps.

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NBC Orders Pilot for New Drama About Virtual Reality


Writer/Executive Producer Mickey Fisher is bringing one of the hottest technologies of the year to television. TV is no stranger to virtual reality.

Recommended Oculus Rift Room Scale Setup


You want room scale, but you purchased the Oculus Rift, and you are jealous of your Vive room scale friends? Never fear, Oculus are here to help. Or at least, so they say since the feature is still marked experimental.

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Experts Share 6 Legal Considerations to Know Before Jumping into the VR/AR Industry

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Earlier this month, a panel of legal experts met at the SIXR Legal Workshop to discuss legal challenges in VR and AR development and how to navigate them.

Oscar Nomination For ‘Pearl’ Shines Spotlight On VR


Months after its release, Google’s short film Pearl remains the best of its Spotlight Stories series of 360-degree films. The Oscars seem to agree. The nominations for the 2017 edition of Hollywood’s prestigious awards ceremony were announced today.

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FeelVR Racing Seat at CES 2017


Warning: The video below is an accurate representation of my driving skills. I’ve played race car games using the Oculus Rift before and it seems pretty realistic. The Rift combined with the FeelVR system made me forget I was in middle of the Las Vegas Sands Hall at CES!

One of VR’s Best Party Games Now Supports Rift & Vive Motion Controllers

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an undeniably fun VR party game that you can play together with a big group with only one VR headset. Now the game has added much requested support for both Vive and Rift’s VR controllers.

Oculus Sensors Are Technically Hackable Webcams


Oliver Kreylos is a researcher at UC Davis focusing primarily on virtual and augmented realities. He is known as something of a sleuth in the industry and was one of the first people to determine the actual field of view of the HoloLens before Microsoft released the official specs.

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Man Bikes Entire Length Of Britain In VR


British programmer travels 900 miles, all without leaving his living room. Aaron Puzey has become the first person ever to cycle from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, the entire length of Britain, in virtual reality.

Play Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games with your smartphone

VR Bites

Play Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games with your smartphone. The most common complaint about virtual reality is the price of VR headsets. For this reason, more and more developers are looking for a cheaper alternative.

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HTC Opens Applications for Free Vive Tracker Dev Kit

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HTC announced earlier in January that they’d be giving away 1,000 Vive Trackers to developers. Applications to get your hands on one of the Trackers are now open through February 7th.

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Remedy Entertainment Alums Form New VR Company, 3rd Eye Studios


Starting a new game studio specifically dedicated to VR content is all the rage these days. Indie developers, former AAA stalwarts, and everything in between are ceasing the opportunity to dive into the VR market head first and take advantage of the early years of creative experimentation.

Hackathon Brings Much Needed Attention to WebVR


Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh and his teammates Mohamedy Hamdy and Hossein Jalai over at Virtuleap see a future where WebVR will bring virtual reality to the masses through web browsers, rather than through a headset.

PlayStation VR Sales Disappointing - But Why?


Playstation VR (PSVR) was the next best hope for VR sales. Alas, it was not to be. Research group SuperData initially expected Sony to sell 2.6 million PlayStation VR units in 2016 but revised that estimate down to less than 750,000.

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HTC’s VP of Design Leaving to Join Google’s VR Team

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According to a report by The Verge , HTC’s VP of Design is leaving the company to join up with Google’s Daydream VR team.

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Jury Decides ZeniMax v. Oculus On Monday


Although Mark Zuckerberg already left the Earle Cabell Federal Court building last Monday, UploadVR continued to attend and take notes throughout the rest of the trial.

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The Australian Air Force Is Now Testing the Microsoft HoloLens


The Australian Air Force and Saab Australia are trialing the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset as the Australian military evolves into a “fifth-generation fighting force.”

VR Hololamp Brings The Future Today


Do remember the scene from Star Wars when Princess Leia pleads for help from Obi Wan Kanobi? Asking "Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you're my only hope" Check out the world’s first portable spatial augmented reality projector HoloLamp!

Animated Short ‘Pearl’ is VR’s First Oscar Nominated Film

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Pearl (2016), a 360 animated short film from director Patrick Osborne and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), has landed an Academy Award nomination for this year’s best animated short film, making it the first VR film in the running for an Oscar.

Social App VRChat Launches Next Week With Multiplayer Games And Unity SDK


The social VR race heats up next week as a new challenger looks to take on the likes of High Fidelity , AltSpaceVR and vTime. VRChat will be releasing on Steam in Early Access on February 1st 2017. The platform will support the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and OSVR and is free-to-play.

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ASTEROIDS! is a Playful Act of Intergalactic Compassion


When I sat down with Maureen Fan and Eric Darnell, CEO and CCO of Baobab Studios, at Sundance this past weekend, the snowy vista outside their cottage window looked like it was pulled straight from their 2016 breakout hit, INVASION!,

Do you remember your first VR?


It is the weekend, so time for something fun. You probably remember your first VR experience. Mine, was simply the Oculus Demo in the DK2, nothing too exciting but still memorable. With some people, their first time is just down right scary. For example.

Vive President Says Next-gen VR Headsets Likely to Come in 1 to 3 Year Cycles

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Over the course of the last 50 years, capital markets have significantly codified a generational model approach consumer technology products. New “generations” of products are expected to come at a regular pace and provide increased features and reliability at the same prices.

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HTC Is Sending 1,000 Vive Trackers To VR Devs For Free


The HTC Vive Tracker presents a lot of new possibilities for VR software, and the company is making sure developers make the most of it. Vive today opened up applications for developers to get their hands on one of 1,000 Tracker units before they launch later in the year. Successful studios will get one of an “initial batch” of Trackers, according to an official blog post. The application process is open for two weeks, closing on February 7th.

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FX Series ‘Legion’ Gets Augmented Reality Art Experience


FX promotes its new X-Men-related show with cool augmented reality art murals. One of the years most anticipated new shows, Legion , premieres this February 8th on FX and the network is advertising the interesting new show by launching five augmented reality murals spread across the United States.

Like Plex? Plevr is coming to VR this month


For those of you have not tried Plex. Plex is an excellent media organization and a streaming tool allowing you to organize all your media in one place and stream to other TVs, iPads, iPhones and even store them locally for traveling.

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EXOS Haptic VR Exoskeleton Glove Aims to Deliver Practical Touch Feedback

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EXOS is a new haptic enabled VR glove which uses force feedback to deliver the sensation of physicality when inside immersive applications.

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Should You Play ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ in VR?


Sitting in the audience of the Sony press conference at E3 2016 was a special moment in the VR industry for me. It was the last major event before the launch of the PlayStation VR headset and the stage featured footage and announcements for several VR games over the course of the evening.

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Regal Cinemas Brings VR Zombies to Theaters for ‘Resident Evil’ Premiere


Stand back and blast your way through waves of zombies. Before you head to the concession stand and load up on drinks and buttered up popcorn, you might want to make one more stop — if you’re brave enough.

GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE | HoloBall VR (Oculus Touch Gameplay)

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HoloBall puts players into an Virtual Reality arcade arena inspired by one of the most iconic game titles of all time. You will have to use powerful paddles to hit, smash and curve the HoloBall past your enemy to score. Learn and master skillshots to outmatch your increasingly difficult opponents.