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Report: Apple AR Headset Launching Early 2020


Will Apple be the first to kick-start the AR headset market?

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Sony Patent Filing Reveals Unseen PSVR Design With Mix Of Tracking Tech


A seemingly uninteresting patent recently granted to Sony may reveal some features of the hotly-rumored new PSVR 2.

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Microsoft Files ‘Virtual Reality Floor Mat’ Patent, Possibly Aimed at an Xbox VR Headset

Road to VR

A Microsoft patent application for a ‘virtual reality floor mat’ describes a special mat which defines a virtual playspace and can be used for tracking.

How to update your Oculus Quest (manually or automatically)

The Ghost Howls

Last week, I published my post about the latest update of Oculus Quest that provides new interesting features like Passthrough+ and 3 DOF mode.

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This Facebook AR Filter Lets You Become the 'Joker' Just in Time for Halloween

Next Reality AR

Whether you loved or hated the blockbuster hit Joker for its slapdash violence and unflattering portrayal of mental illness, if you have been online lately, you know you can't afford to miss it.

Research Finds VR Burns More Calories Than Sex


Five minutes of Audio Trip offers twice the cardio than a night of passion. Is there anything better than sex? According to newly released data from the Virtual Reality Institute of Health & Exercise , the answer is a definite yes, yes, YES! At least when it comes to burning up calories.

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See you at WCVRI and View Conference!

The Ghost Howls

It’s time for me to head to new adventures! In this month, I will participate both at the WCVRI in Nanchang and the View Conference in Turin! Are you going to meet me there? WCVRI. The World Conference on VR Industry (??VR????) VR????) is one enormous VR exhibition held in Nanchang, China.

Asgard’s Wrath Review: VR’s Best And Most Ambitious Game Yet


The massive action-adventure RPG from Sanzaru Games, Asgard’s Wrath , is finally releasing on October 10th and we’ve spent the better part of the last few days immersing ourselves in the annals of Norse mythology to bring you our full, comprehensive review.

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Location-Based AR Ghostbusters Experience Launching In Japan


Work together with friends to rid Ginza Sony Park of a ghostly threat. Beginning this weekend in Tokyo, Japan, Ginza Sony Park will be hosting Ghostbusters In The Park , a massive live event celebrating the historic 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters.

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Colorado State University Has Deployed a 100 Headset VR Lab for Biomedical Education

Road to VR

Colorado State University has deployed a new VR lab; designed to accommodate up to 100 students simultaneously, the lab’s headsets run custom software which allow students to visualize life-sized virtual cadavers and medical imagery in a shared virtual space.

Playing With XR

Tech Trends VR

How immersive technologies like Augmented Reality are changing TableTop gaming and making it even more social. By Brian Thomas at Enlightened Digital. The gaming market has been on the rise for a long time now. The industry as a whole is projected to hit over 90 billion dollars by 2020.

HTC Now Says Vive Cosmos Controller Batteries Should Last 4 To 8 Hours


HTC addressed some common user and reviewer concerns relating to the newly-launched Vive Cosmos in a new blog post. Last week, we posted our review of the headset. In a nutshell, the headset is a mixed bag and in a difficult spot.

Minecraft Developer Responds To Requests For Oculus Go & Quest Versions Of Game


Will the Minecraft experience ever be available on standalone VR? This past May, a user by the name of “Siroto” left a post on Mojang’s official feedback site requesting the release of Minecraft on the Oculus Quest.

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‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Review – VR’s Epic Norse Saga of Godlike Proportions

Road to VR

Sanzaru Games made some pretty big claims about Asgard’s Wrath when it was first revealed earlier this year, calling it their “deepest title yet” and promising 30+ hours of first-person combat, dungeoning, and all of the RPG goodness you could hope for.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.10.06): Vive Cosmos has a mild launch, Quest updates its runtime and much more!

The Ghost Howls

First newsletter of October! This week in XR has not been that intense, but I think we needed some rest after the big news of the OC6 … don’t you agree? Top news of the week. Image by HTC). Vive Cosmos has just had a not-so-great launch.

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Sideloaded: Facebook Clarifies Intention Of Oculus Quest ‘Developer Mode’


Facebook recently updated its Content Guidelines for Oculus Quest to include a new section titled “Oculus Platform Abuse Policy” that could affect certain types of sideloaded Quest content.

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Toyota Using VR To Train Robots To Assist The Elderly


Practice makes perfect for this army of house-cleaning robots. Earlier this week Japanese-based Toyota Research Insitute released details regarding a new project currently in development that will have researchers teaching robots how to complete various types of housework using VR technology. .

Holoride to Offer Immersive in-car VR Experience to the Public This Month

Road to VR

Holoride, the Munich-based startup co-founded by Audi that looks to change everyday travel by injecting VR into the passenger’s experience, is offering free rides in Los Angeles starting this week to demonstrate the technology to the public.

XR For Business

Tech Trends VR

Tech Trends Editor-in-Chief Alice Bonasio was the guest of this week’s XR for Business Podcast with Alan Smithson. Alan is always ready with an interesting XR anecdote or two on this podcast, but even he has a source for interesting XR tidbits.

Toyota Is Using VR To Train Domestic Robots


The robotics division of the Toyota Research Institute is using VR headsets to train robots to help perform and learn domestic actions.

Kung Fu Boogie – Bring On The AR Dance Battles


AR meets papercraft in this 70’s-inspired immersive toy experience. In the 1970’s everyone was Kung Fu fighting.

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‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Behind-the-scenes – Insights & Artwork from Sanzaru Games and Oculus Studios

Road to VR

Sanzaru Games has been working closely with Oculus Studios since the early days of the Oculus Rift. And while the studio has three other VR games to its name, none of them come close to the scale of Asgard’s Wrath —in fact, Oculus believes that the game is the largest VR production to date.

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How Augmented Reality Is Revolutionizing Hospitality Industry (From Inside Out)


Guest Post. Augmented reality has become a trend-setting technology in many industries. It has changed the way the customers used to see and interact with brands and companies. There are many real-world applications of augmented reality that help companies to build their brand and gain trust.

Hands-On: Death Lap Channels Twisted Metal For Intense VR Combat Racing


Death Lap is a new upcoming VR combat racing game from OZWE Games featuring cross-play and cross-buy that releases “soon” for Rift and Quest.

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Hands-On: Vive Cosmos Offers New Possibilities, For A Price


The Vive Cosmos signals a bright future for HTC, but at $699, will people buy it? HTC’s latest VR headset, the Cosmos is officially available for purchase and at $699 the headset doesn’t come cheap, but it does come with some much-needed improvements.

Vive Cosmos Review – A Decent Headset Up Against Stiff Competition

Road to VR

Vive Cosmos has arrived and takes HTC’s consumer headset ambitions in a somewhat different direction.

Why Virtual Reality Matters To Experiential Marketing [Infographic]


Guest Post. Immersion is the main focus of virtual reality. At the same time, immersion has also become incredibly important to people in marketing all over the world. The popularity of virtual reality has increased rapidly over the last few years.

Hideo Kojima Now Owns A Valve Index


Hideo Kojima, famous for creating the Metal Gear Solid series, is now the proud owner of a Valve Index. Kojima posted to both Twitter and Instagram to show off his brand new, semi-unboxed Valve Index. He enthusiastically wrote on Twitter , “VALVE INDEX has arrived from VALVE!

Asgard’s Wrath – An Ambitious VR RPG Adventure


Impressive visuals, a robust crafting system, and decent combat collide in this Norse-inspired adventure. .

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‘The Room VR’ Coming to All Major VR Headsets Early 2020, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Fireproof Games, the studio behind VR game Omega Agent (2016) and critically-acclaimed The Room series of puzzle games, recently unveiled its next VR game called The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

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OC6 Interview: Ana Ribeiro Gets Into Pixel Ripped Character

Peter Graham

During Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) a couple of weeks ago VRFocus was lucky enough to get an early look at the third level of Pixel Ripped 1995, the sequel to ARVORE’s successful virtual reality (VR) title Pixel Ripped 1989.