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Data Dive: 7 of the Top-10 Mobile Apps Feature AR

AR Insider

I t’s clear that mobile AR is where the scale is today, given 3 billion global smartphones. As for the portion that’s AR-compatible, the common industry rally cry is that there are 1 billion+ AR-enabled smartphones. That figure applies to ARkit and ARCore-compatible smartphones.

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The Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Has Begun

GizModo VR

Bad news for streamers mooching their Netflix access. Read more. password netflix software streaming computing criticism of netflix universal windows platform apps technology internet lendingtree xbox 360 software los gatos california twitter streaming media operating systems


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Microsoft Ignite May Have Permanently Changed How We Think About Mixed Reality


Microsoft Ignite was a three-day conference that took place virtually on YouTube,, and in Altspace from March 2-4. The conference included hundreds of sessions, but we’re mainly here for those that particularly touched on mixed reality – which is enough.

HTC Unveils VIVE Facial Tracking And Next Generation VIVE Trackers


The next generation of nonverbal communication arrives in VR courtesy of HTC VIVE. Facial expressions are an important part of how we communicate with others face-to-face. Without saying a word, we’re able to express a wide range of subtle emotions, from happiness and despair to anger and fear.

HTC 378

The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Happy Women’s Day to all the women in XR ! I think the spirit of this day is to show our men’s appreciation for what women do and our support for their future goals.

HTC Announces Face-tracker for Vive Pro and Vive Tracker 3.0, Launching This Month for $130

Road to VR

HTC today announced two new VR accessories: a consumer version of its face-tracker and a new version of the Vive Tracker which is said to bring a large jump in battery life alongside being smaller. Both accessories are priced at $130 and will launch in the US starting on March 24th.

HTC 285

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Mark Zuckerberg: Realistic Avatars An Important Part Of Facebook’s VR Future


“One of the things that I’m really excited about for future versions is getting eye tracking and face tracking in.”

Indie developer shares the lessons learned from publishing the first App Lab bundle

The Ghost Howls

Some weeks ago, a group of 12 indie development studios decided to launch the first bundle dedicated to App Lab experiences for Oculus Quest.

Facebook Already Working on Quest 3 & 4, Zuckerberg Talks Key Features for Future Headsets

Road to VR

In an interview with The Information , Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continued to project his bullish outlook on XR as the future of computing, saying that the company is already working on Oculus Quest 3 and 4.

Snapchat's Body Tracking AR Tech Lends Hand for Organ Donation Education

Next Reality AR

Sure, Snapchat AR Lenses can be fun, but they can help communicate complex issues as well.

Morehouse College Opens VR Campus Powered By The Oculus Quest 2


Remote students can study men’s health and world history from a virtual classroom. This week the famed Morehouse College, alma mater of such influential figures as Martin Luther King Jr.,

Oculus 369

Defining a Tech Cycle and Where Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Stand


In the early 1980s, no one could have predicted how the Internet would eventually come to rule our lives. No one could have guessed the ways it would revolutionize the world around us, from ordering food, to streaming videos. We went through what is called a tech cycle.

Report: Nearly 10,000 People at Facebook Are Working on AR & VR

Road to VR

By now, it’s pretty clear Facebook is serious about leading virtual and augmented reality.

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USA Today Teams Up with 8th Wall to Launch AR Basketball Game for March Madness

Next Reality AR

Just as the NCAA men's basketball tournament is set to start later this month, USA Today has decided to trot out an augmented reality mini-basketball game to promote its bracket competition.

Save Your Google Poly Projects Before They Expire With Poly To Sketchfab Tool


Transfer your 3D models before June 30th using the easy-to-use tool available free via Sketchfab. In less than four months Google will be permanently shutting down its 3D model sharing platform Google Poly , marking the end of an era for the VR community.

Tools 358

The AR Location Wars, Part I: Google

AR Insider

A s you likely know, one of AR’s foundational principles is to fuse the digital and physical. The real world is a key part of that formula….and and real-world relevance is often defined by location. That same relevance and scarcity are what drive real estate value….location,

Google 148

Microsoft is the First Major Tech Company to Host a VR Keynote, and it Went Down Without a Hitch

Road to VR

Last week Microsoft became the first major tech company to host a keynote presentation fully in virtual reality. Despite many moving parts, the company managed to delivery a seamless, immersive presentation that could mark the future of this sort of marketing communication.

Nearly 20% Of Facebook’s Employees Are Working On VR/AR

Upload VR

New figures suggest nearly 20 percent of Facebook’s employees are working on virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Facebook employed 58,604 at the start of 2021 and a new article from The Information counts nearly 10,000 people working in its AR/VR group.

‘The Climb 2’ Is My New Favorite VR Fitness App On Quest


Crytek’s VR climbing simulator offers a killer upper-body workout disguised as a game. Try as I might, I struggled for months to find a comfortable way of integrating VR into my daily workout regiment.

XR Talks: Microsoft Doubles Down on AR

AR Insider

A mong tech giants investing in AR, Microsoft continues to show strong signs as a leading platform for enterprise productivity. That not only includes its best-of-breed hardware in the Hololens 2, but an expanding suite of software (it is Microsoft after all) for enterprise AR.

Pico Raises $37M Series B+ Financing, Neo 3 Standalone to Release in Q2 2021

Road to VR

Pico Interactive, the Beijing-based VR headset creator, announced it has secured a fresh funding round of ¥242 million RMB (~$37 million), something the company says will help launch new hardware, and better position itself as a consumer-focused company.

China 246

HTC Vive To Release ‘Next-Gen Standalone’ Headset In 2021, But Not A Quest Competitor

Upload VR

A new, “next-genetation HTC Vive standalone headset will release in 2021. Alvin Wang Graylin, President of Vive in China, revealed as much in an interview with TeliportMe last month (as spotted by Nathie ), two weeks before HTC itself teased a possible new hardware reveal.

HTC 114

Report: Apple Mixed Reality Headset Coming In 2022, Apple Glass In 2025, AR Contacts in 2030


Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo returns with a supposed timeline for Apple’s rumored XR technology.

Apple 321

What is Niantic Doing Right?

AR Insider

O ne striking realization about spatial computing is that we’re almost seven years into the sector’s current stage. This traces back to Facebook’s Oculus acquisition in early 2014 that kicked off the current wave of excitement….including including lots of ups and downs in the intervening years.

Survey 117

‘Rec Room’ Plus Members Can Now Exchange In-game Tokens for Real Cash

Road to VR

Rec Room wants to create a functional digital economy which would let creators generate content for the social VR app and sell it to others for cash. The studio took a big step late last year by allowing its premium members to to sell their creations for in-game tokens.

Gaming 220

Seagate's Roadmap: The Path to 120 TB Hard Drives

Anand Tech

Seagate recently published its long-term technology roadmap revealing plans to produce ~50 TB hard drives by 2026 and 120+ TB HDDs after 2030.

Turn Your Oculus Quest 2 Into A Home Gym With These Five Apps


Who needs an expensive gym membership when you have the power of VR? If you’re anything like me, you’re less than ecstatic at the idea of working out. I mean, you’ll do it, but it’s by no means an enjoyable experience, just a necessary one.

Oculus 278

Oculus Quest 2 120Hz Support Delayed To Q2 2021 At The Earliest

Upload VR

Last week we reported that Oculus Quest 2 120Hz support was aiming for a release later this month. Now we know that won’t be happening.

Oculus 112

Tundra Tracker Pricing Revealed, Here’s How it Compares to Vive Tracker

Road to VR

Tundra Labs, the company developing the Tundra Tracker SteamVR Tracking accessory, has revealed pricing for the device starting at $95. Previously planned for earlier in the year, a Kickstarter campaign for the tracker is set to launch on March 29th with the first deliveries expected in July.

Intel to Build Silicon for Fully Homomorphic Encryption: This is Important

Anand Tech

When considering data privacy and protections, there is no data more important than personal data, whether that’s medical, financial, or even social. The discussions around access to our data, or even our metadata, becomes about who knows what, and if my personal data is safe.

Data 113

Epson Adds Two New AR Smart Glasses To Its Moverio Lineup


Epson’s latest wearable devices can connect to your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Epson already has a solid lineup of AR smart glasses with their Moverio series, each designed for enterprise use.

AR 279