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CrowsNest’s Anna is the future of hospitality

The Ghost Howls

Some days ago I had a chat with my friend Eloi Gerard , the CEO of CrowsNest XR , about Anna, the virtual concierge assistant he is launching. I found it a very interesting project, so let me tell to you about it!

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Beat Saber OST 4 Coming 2021, Guitar And Metal Themed – Preview Here

Upload VR

Beat Saber OST 4 will be releasing in 2021 and is themed around guitars and metal, developer Beat Games has confirmed. Head of Music and former CEO Jaroslav Beck confirmed the news in a livestream today (which is still going on at the time of writing).


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Apple reportedly aiming to build electric car for 2024 launch

Digital Trends

Apple appears to be revving up Project Titan again after a report suggested the firm is looking to launch an electric vehicle with autonomous features in 2024. Apple Cars News autonomous cars breaking twitter electric cars EV Project Titan

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Open-World Survival Sim ‘Green Hell’ Heading To PC VR & Oculus Quest


Struggle to survive the many perils of the Amazonian rainforest Q3 2021.

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Merry… WhateVR

The Ghost Howls

This has been a tough year. On the professional side, the COVID has created many opportunities for us all , increasing the attention towards digital technologies and virtual reality.

8th Wall Powers Netflix AR Experience for George Clooney Film 'The Midnight Sky'

Next Reality AR

Help me, George Clooney. You're my only hope. If that mash-up of cultural references doesn't make sense, it will momentarily.

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‘Quantaar’ Brings Fast-Paced Third-Person Melee To VR In 2021


The PvP VR melee game Quantaar is preparing to land on Kickstarter in March 2021.

The XR Week Peek (2020.12.21): Lenovo and NuEyes are releasing new AR glasses, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

The Winter Holidays are near and I hope you’ll spend them with the people you love. I’ll have to work also during these Holidays because we’re organizing the VR concert of Jean-Michel Jarre for New Year’s Eve (please come and enjoy it with us!), but I hope that you at least can relax a bit.

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The New York Times Reinvents the Crossword Puzzle for Augmented Reality via Instagram

Next Reality AR

At first glance, it may not sound like there's much value in doing a crossword puzzle in augmented reality, but The New York Times has managed to revamp the pastime as an immersive game.

Anker Launches Quest 2 Charging Dock to Solve One of the Headset’s Biggest Problems

Road to VR

When you’re not playing with Oculus Quest 2, chances are it’s plopped on a desk and connected to a charging cable.

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Innova’s Virtual Patients Offer Cost-Effective VR Medical Training


Cost-effective VR healthcare education in a post-coronavirus world. As medical professionals around the globe continue to focus their undivided attention on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, well-trained healthcare professionals are in higher demand than ever before.

Infinity Festival’s ART+TECH Exhibition Features Art in XR


Infinity Festival brings Hollywood and Silicon Valley together in a free online art exhibition, ART+TECH. It showcases the works of local and internationally-known artists.

Anker Oculus Quest 2 Charging Dock For Headset And Controllers Revealed

Upload VR

The Anker Oculus Quest 2 charging dock will not only keep your headset and controllers charged, it’ll give them somewhere neat to sit too. This official dock is being sold by Facebook itself on the US Oculus website and costs $87.

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Road to VR’s 2020 Game of the Year Awards

Road to VR

It’s the time of the season again for reflection, when we look back at this year’s greatest achievements in VR gaming and remind ourselves just how far we’ve come in the four years since consumers first delved head-first into truly immersive worlds.

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VAR LIVE Combines Wind, Smell, And Haptics For Next-Level Location-Based VR


VAR’s somatosensory system brings an extensive catalog of multiplayer LBVR experiences to life. We’ve come a long way since the early days of location-based VR entertainment.

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The Best Upcoming VR Games in 2021


It’s that time of the year again – when we look ahead to the coming year and its promises. For us, one of the most exciting parts is sharing with you the best upcoming VR games in 2021.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Patch Live, Here’s Our First Gameplay

Upload VR

The long-awaited Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support is now live, and we’ve already jumped into it. Below is our first gameplay video for the VR support, which is available in the PC version of the game today.

‘Jurassic World Aftermath’ Review – Cretaceous Cat & Mouse With Standout Style

Road to VR

Jurassic World Aftermath unabashedly hijacks the hide-and-seek gameplay of Alien Isolation (2014) while bringing it to VR with a Jurassic Park context and a well executed unique visual style.

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‘Quantaar’ Brings Fast-Paced Third-Person Melee To VR in 2021


The PvP VR melee game Quantaar is preparing to land on Kickstarter in March 2021.

Installing Windows on an Xbox One APU: The Chuwi Aerobox Review

Anand Tech

Ever since consoles moved to the same underlying architecture as modern desktop computers, there has always been an underlying question as to whether those same processors could run regular desktop computer versions of Windows, and subsequently be used for more than just gaming.

Green Hell VR Confirmed For Quest, PC In 2021

Upload VR

First spotted back in April of this year , first-person survival game Green Hell is getting a VR version, and we now know what platforms it’s coming to. European studio Incuvo today confirmed it’s working on the port of Creepy Jar’s gory PC title.

‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ for Quest to Get ‘The Trial’ Wave Mode Next Month

Road to VR

Skydance Interactive today announced that it’s bringing its wave-based mode to the Quest version of its hit single-payer zombie shooter, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2020).

‘Microsoft Flight Sim’ VR Update Arrives Next Week Alongside Real-Time Snow & Ice


Take to the skies this Tuesday on SteamVR headsets. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is having one hell of a month. Since launching on PC this past August, players have so far logged an astonishing 3.5

Can AR Boost Restaurants’ Holiday Cash Flow?

AR Insider

A R is a “Covid-advantaged” sector in that its benefits align with distanced and sheltered-in life. For example, its ability to add real-life interactivity to eCommerce has gained traction in 2020.

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Solaris On PSVR Now Coming Early 2021

Upload VR

The PSVR version of First Contact Entertainment’s Solaris: Offworld Combat isn’t quite going to make it out in 2020, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. First Contact stopped by PSVR Without Parole’s 2020 Awards show yesterday with an update on the sci-fi shooter.

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Augmented Reality Is Bringing Christmas Cards to Life


Getting into the festive mood isn’t easy amid a global health crisis , but augmented reality might just be what you need to spread holiday cheer. AR offers a safe and memorable way to keep the Christmas spirit alive this year.

AR Social Media App ‘Urban Legend Hunters’ Has You Solving Mysteries Throughout The Real-World


Your phone is a window to the supernatural in this extra spooky choose-your-own-adventure.

2021 Predictions: AR Advertising Exceeds $2 Billion

AR Insider

A s we approach a new year, it’s time for our annual ritual of synthesizing the lessons from the past twelve months and formulating the outlook for the next twelve. Notably, when kicking off this thought exercise, we realized that several of the topics look similar to last year.

Interactive VR Movie Baba Yaga Will Be A Quest Exclusive

Upload VR

The latest movie from Baobab Studios, Baba Yaga, comes to Oculus Quest as an exclusive release in early 2021. The piece was recently listed in the coming soon section of the Oculus Store and a prior tweet from the studio confirms it’s due in the new year.

Discover How Melting Ice Is Changing Mt Kilimanjaro in an Augmented Reality Film The Last Ascent


The effects of climate change are evident across the globe, including the summit glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ll be able to witness this for yourself through an augmented reality video experience with Canadian ice climber Will Gadd. Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool.

How A Former Disney Animator Made A VR Movie For Oculus

Charlie Fink

Yonatan Tal’s new Quill-animated VR experience, "Lifetime Achievement," is free for Quest users in Quill theater. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business Hollywood & Entertainment /hollywood-entertainment technology

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