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Ghost Pacer Headset Offers Runners Their Own Holographic Training Partner


An augmented reality running coach designed by runners, for runners. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, especially when it comes to physical fitness. Unfortunately, finding a reliable training partner compatible with your specific workout goals can often prove difficult, especially in a post COVID-19 world.

Is Oculus Quest killing PC VR?

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As I promised you in my latest Week Peek , I’m writing an editorial to share with you my thoughts about what has just happened with Onward, and why this may be a negative turning point for PC VR , that in the end may even disappear from the consumer market. Let’s start from Onward… Onward on Quest. Avatars in Onward on Quest (left) vs PC, old version (right) (Image by Upload VR).

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‘Firefox Reality’ VR Web Browser Comes to PC in Preview Version

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Firefox Reality , Mozilla’s made-for-VR web browser, has been available on standalone devices for some time now, featuring support for Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive Focus, and Pico standalones. Now Mozilla has brought its WebXR-capable browser to PC VR headsets with its new PC Preview version. Like with its standalone headset variant, Firefox Reality PC Preview supports standard 2D web browsing, 360 video, and immersive content.

Can Virtual Reality Be Used to Train Firefighters?


Utah-based company eLearning Brothers has made a safer approach to training firefighters using virtual reality. Volunteers and veterans alike can hone their skills without putting their lives in danger. Trainees can also easily retain information using VR. Moreover, they will feel more confident in high-risk situations. Here, we’ll delve into the advantages of virtual reality in training firefighters. We’ll also discuss future opportunities for VR fire training.

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KAT VR’s Consumer VR Treadmill The Most Funded VR Peripheral In History


The KAT WALK C finishes its Kickstarter campaign with a stunning $1.66M in funding. This past June we saw the reveal of the KAT WALK C , KAT VR’s first omnidirectional VR treadmill aimed specifically at the consumer market. Featuring a lighter, more compact design than its enterprise-focused counterparts, the KAT WALK and KAT VRMIS – ARENA , the KAT WALK C offers a more affordable entry point to the world of artificial locomotion.

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FeetSaber Mod Basically Turns ‘Beat Saber’ into ‘Dance Dance Revolution’

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Beat Saber has often been described as being ‘like Dance Dance Revolution but for VR’, and it seems that couldn’t have been more prophetic, because here we are with the FeetSaber mod which basically turns the game into DDR. Beyond its ‘easy to learn hard to master’ gameplay, Beat Saber’s extensive community of track makers and modders are a major reason why the game is one of the best selling VR titles to date.

3 Virtual Reality Films to Watch in Quarantine


Life is slowly going back to normal in some parts of the world. For others, however, the fight against COVID-19 continues. Virtual reality offers a welcome escape from isolation and loneliness during this global health crisis. Although it is important to stay up to date with the latest news, it’s just as important to occasionally tune out for our own mental and emotional health. One of the most exciting things you can do in quarantine is watch a VR movie.

Award-Winning Fashion Photographer Starts Virtual Modeling Agency


With the modeling industry on hold, virtual models are stepping up to fill the runways. Shavonne Wong is an award-winning fashion photographer with 10 years of experience. She’s a returning guest photographer on Asia’s Next Top Model, has photographed actor/singer Billy Porter for Vogue, is an ambassador for (X-Photographer) for Fujifilm, and was recently included in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list for 2020.

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Pico G2 4K Enterprise review: 3DOF VR is not over yet

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While Oculus has decided to discontinue the Oculus Go and abandon completely the 3DOF sector, Chinese vendor Pico has decided to double down on 3DOF offering two new models , the Pico G2 4K S and the Pico G2 4K Enterprise , that are two improvements of the original Pico G2 4K. Pico has sent me one Pico G2 4K Enterprise headset and guess what, I ‘m writing a full review here for you! Pico G2 4K Enterprise video review.

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Someone Remade Disneyland’s Classic Indiana Jones Ride in VR with ‘Dreams’

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Dreams (2020) , the VR-compatible game-maker tool suite, has unleashed a ton of creativity since it launched on PS4 earlier this year. You may be (very wisely) planning on skipping the trip to Disneyland this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a head-first dive into the classic Indiana Jones ride with the help of Dreams PSVR mode.

The Best VR Meditation Apps to Try


A lot of people turn to meditation in this period to find inner peace, balance and the strength to deal with stress. Since offers always appear where there is demand, users can choose from a large variety of VR meditation apps. These apps allow you to meditate at your own convenience and in a place where you are comfortable and at ease. Why Should You Try VR Meditation Apps? Meditation involves getting into a deep state of mental relaxation.

‘Tarzan VR’ Just Released The Coolest Mixed Reality Video Game Trailer Ever


Grab your virtual loincloth and get ready for some mixed reality action. It was just over a year ago Fun Train , developer behind The Exorcist: Legion VR , dropped the first trailer for Tarzan VR , an episodic VR adventure that has players stepping into the shoes (bare feet?) of the fictional vine-swinging character from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1912 classic, Tarzan of the Apes.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.08.03): OpenXR is taking foot, new cool features found inside Oculus runtime, and more!

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The typical summer week has passed by, with some interesting XR news, but mostly no amazing event to talk about. Before starting talking about the news of the week, I want to thank everyone for the compliments I got for the interview with Robert Scoble. If you want to watch it, it’s a very interesting 2-hour-long video and you can find it here [link] together with a summary of the key points he said. Top news of the week. Image by Khronos Group). OpenXR is now ready for prime time.

Applications for Oculus Launch Pad 2020 Developer Program Now Open

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Oculus has now opened applications for this year’s Launch Pad program , which aims to give a select number of developers from diverse backgrounds some hands-on support with their VR projects. Launch Pad 2020 is set to invite up to 100 participants to what the company calls a “virtual boot camp” this September. Oculus says development support will be available as participants work to finalize their working prototype in the coming months.

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Niantic: “AR is a Technology, Not an Application”

AR Insider

This post is adapted from ARtillery Intelligence’s report, Lessons From AR Revenue Leaders, Part II: Niantic. It includes some of its data and takeaways. More can be previewed here and subscribe for the full report. P icking up where we left off in examining Niantic’s business strategy, one remaining question is its path forward.

Legendary ‘Hitman’ Franchise Heading To VR


Play the entire “World of Assassination” trilogy on PSVR January 2021. Sony held it’s annual State of Play showcase earlier today, revealing a variety of exciting titles on their way to PlayStation VR, including the entire Hitman “World of Assassination” trilogy. Arriving later this year alongside the launch of Hitman 3 , developer Io Interactive and Sony today confirmed upcoming VR support for the legendary stealth franchise.

COVID-19 Accelerating VR Adoption

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The Coronavirus pandemic has become a catalyst for us to embrace immersive technologies in our “new normal” workflow. This pandemic may prove to be the inflection point for humanity to reimagine the way we interact with each other,” Professor Shafi Ahmed tells me.

Analysis: Steam Hangs on to VR Surge Four Months After ‘Half-Life: Alyx Launch’

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Half-Life: Alyx led to a huge leap in VR usage on Steam when it launched back in March. Four months later, there’s nearly as many VR headsets on Steam as there were right after the game’s launch. Each month Valve collects info from Steam users to determine some baseline statistics about what kind of hardware and software is used by the platform’s population, and to see how things are changing over time, including the use of VR headsets.

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XR Talks: How Big Will AR Commerce Get?

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XR Talks is a series that features the best presentations and educational videos from the XR universe. It includes embedded video, narrative analysis and top takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. For a full library of indexed and educational media, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. A R continues to demonstrate its strength as a product visualization tool. This applies to AR advertising , which our research arm ARtillery Intelligence projects to grow to $1.4 billion this year.

Pico Neo 2 Eye Review: Untethered 4K VR In A Tidy Little Package


Enterprise-level Tobii eye-tracking and foveated rendering at an affordable price. The newly launched Neo 2 & Neo 2 Eye headsets from Pico Interactive are lightweight, untethered, deliver 4K, and look most like a beefed-up Oculus Quest. Great!” I can hear VR enthusiasts and gamers around the world exclaim, but hold your horses. Closer inspection reveals these headsets are very definitely industry-only, at least for now.

Scope AR and ServiceMax Partnership Expands Augmented Reality Remote Assistance


Today, remote assistance and education platform Scope AR announced a partnership with field service management company ServiceMax. The partnership is a significant step forward for both of these companies but also signifies a major development in terms of augmented reality adoption in industry. Scope AR and Remote Assistance. Remote assistance” is one of the biggest terms in enterprise XR. It refers to using mixed reality or augmented reality to provide technical support across distances.

‘STRIDE’ to Release This Month in Early Access, New Gameplay Highlights Creative Parkour Movement

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STRIDE is a Mirror’s Edge inspired VR parkour action game with an impressive locomotion system that we really hope plays as good as it looks. Developer Joy Way announced today that the game will launch in Early Access later this month with additional updates coming “in short succession.” ” A new gameplay video shows the game’s impressive range of movement interwoven with gunplay.

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Will Covid-Era Lockdowns Catapult AR Shopping?

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Data Dive is AR Insider’s weekly dive into select spatial computing figures. Running Mondays, it includes data points and strategic takeaways. For an indexed library of data, reports, and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery Pro. P roof points for AR’s efficacy as a shopping tool continue to roll out. We’ve been hearing this rallying cry for AR commerce for a few years, but it takes on new meaning during Covid-era retail lockdowns.

Five Incredible ‘Dreams’ VR Games You Can Play Right Now On PSVR


Dive into these fantastic player-created PSVR games today. Media Molecule’s Dreams VR update is officially out in the wild, offering PS4 players the chance to build, play, and share their very own PlayStation VR games, no prior game development knowledge necessary. Despite having only been live less than a month, Dreams has already amassed a sizable catalog of player-created games tailor-made for PlayStation VR.

Intel Suffers Apparent Data Breach, 20GB of IP and Documents Leaked on to Internet

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Intel today became the apparent victim of a massive internal data breach, as roughly 20 GB of various Intel documents and tools have begun showing up in a data cache uploaded to the wider internet. With materials seemingly spanning over a decade, the breach reportedly includes everything from Intel presentation templates to BIOS code and debugging tools, and would represent one of the biggest intellectual property leaks from a chipmaker in years.

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Wolf3D Raises $1.3M to Further Support Its Cross-game Avatar Platform

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Wolf3D , a Tallinn, Estonia-based 3D scanning and avatar company, has raised $1.3 million in its latest funding round, something it says will help further improve its cross-game avatar platform. The investment round includes support by Trind Ventures, Presto Ventures, Koha Capital, Spring Capital, Contriber Ventures, and various angel investors. This brings the company’s overall funding to $2.8 million.

Valve Index Now Used More On Steam Than Original Oculus Rift

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Valve’s Index HMD is now used by more people on Steam than the original Oculus Rift, according to the Hardware Survey. Index grew more than any other headset in July, now the tool of choice for 14.45% of Steam’s VR users. The original Rift launched in 2016 for $599- excluding the Touch controllers, which shipped in December for $199. By late 2017, a $399 bundle emerged, likely in response to weak sales. Valve’s Index launched just over three years after the original Rift.

Interactive VR Comedy Has You Staging A Fake Moon Landing For The Taiwanese Government


Great Hoax: The Moon Landing arrives on Viveport this September as part of the Venice Film Festival. This September marks the start of the 77th annual Venice Film Festival in Lido di Venezia, Italy. While a “more restrained” version of the main event is scheduled to proceed on-site, Venice VR Expanded, a portion of the festival dedicated entirely to VR-based projects, will this year be held online due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19.

Case Study: Zappar Brings 7-Eleven 2.7M AR Engagements

AR Insider

“Vantage” is AR Insider’s editorial contributor program. It enlists spatial computing executives and innovators for first-hand strategic insights. Find out more or contact us to participate here. Authors’ opinions are their own. . Lessons from Zappar and 7-Eleven’s Fall Football AR Campaign. by Martin Stahel.

Vive Cosmos Rated Least Accurate Among Top Headsets in Controller Tracking Test

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Ever wonder how VR tracking systems really stack up? A research and engineering group called the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) in Fellbach, Germany conducted a study recently that reveals just how accurate some of the top VR headset’s are when it comes to tracking their respective motion controllers.