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Windows VR Headsets See Huge Sales at Amazon US

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If you’ve been eyeing a Windows VR headset, you’ll be interested to see the huge discounts currently available from Amazon US on every Windows VR headset except for the Samsung Odyssey.

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‘Wolves in the Walls’ Marks a New Chapter for Interactive Narrative VR


Fable Studio’s long-awaited Wolves in the Walls carries the banner of Story Studio with its Sundance debut.

End Space Coming to Oculus Rift January 25th


The wildly successful End Space VR on the Gear VR is coming to the Oculus Rift tomorrow, January 25th, and the HTC Vive in February. End Space may not have the top-end graphics of the likes of Eve: Valkyrie, however, the game is priced at only $14.99

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VR Mech Combat Game Vox Machinae Returns With Hand Controls


Remember Vox Machinae? It was a solid-looking mech action game on its way to the Oculus Rift. We first noticed it all the way back in 2016 but it since disappeared from the spotlight and, frankly, we’d forgotten all about it. But now it’s back with some big improvements.

Compact Portable Motion Simulator ‘Yaw VR’ Launches on Kickstarter

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Claiming to be “the world’s most compact and affordable VR motion simulator,” Yaw VR is a 3DoF motion system using a spherical dome design that allows for unlimited, 360-degree yaw movement and 50 degrees across the horizontal axes.

The Empowering VR Story of an All Female Brigade Fighting ISIS


Sun Ladies VR makes its debut at Sundance. Making its debut at Sundance this week, the roughly seven-minute immersive live-action documentary brings you face-to-face with a troop of Yazidi women fighters.

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Spielberg in New Ready Player One Trailer: ‘Virtual Reality Will Be A Super Drug’


Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One may initially strike you as a far-fetched dystopian future, but to Steven Spielberg it’s a first glimpse of the inevitable.

Exclusive: Summoning & Superpowers – Designing VR Interactions at a Distance

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Manipulating objects with bare hands lets us leverage a lifetime of physical experience, minimizing the learning curve for users. But there are times when virtual objects will be farther away than arm’s reach, beyond the user’s range of direct manipulation.

Google’s Experiment With Web-Based Augmented Reality


Google reveals new prototype that lets you share interactive augmented reality assets online. Reza Ali and Josh Carpenter work on Google’s Daydream WebXR team—a group working to integrate more virtual and augmented reality elements into everyday web browsing.

Tencent invests in film and VR maker Skydance Media, the company behind Archangel

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This AR App Brings Pulp Fiction Characters Into Your Living Room


Ever wanted to dance alongside John Travolta and Uma Thurman in that scene from Pulp Fiction? This AR app could one day bring it right to you. Volume is a new experience made by Or Fleisher and Shirin Anlen that brings recognizes 2D images in movies and projects them into a 3D space.

A Glimpse of the New Vive Pro Controllers & SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Base Stations

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While HTC is planning to launch the Vive Pro headset itself starting in Q1, the full package including the headset, controllers, and new SteamVR Tracking 2.0 base stations won’t come until later in the year.

7 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Apps and Experiences


It may be hard to believe but its been four years since Samsung and Oculus first announced their smartphone-powered Gear VR headset. Since then, Marvel has released not one but two Guardians of The Galaxy films that people actually love. I’m not sure which impresses me more.

Darren Aronofsky produced VR Experience lands a massive seven-figure deal at Sundance.

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Executive produced by Darren Aronofsky , Ari Handel , and Jessica Chastain , who also serves as the narrator and with an original score comes from Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon the minds behind the Stranger Things, Spheres just landed a massive seven-figure deal at Sundance.

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Xing Dev On Poor Sales: ‘We Are Depending On PlayStation Launch To Be Successful’


The developer of visually enticing VR adventure game, Xing: The Land Beyond , is placing all its hopes on the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR (PSVR) release after disappointing PC sales.

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Facebook Open-sources ‘Detectron’ Computer Vision Algorithm for AR Research

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Facebook announced this week the open-sourcing of Detectron , the company’s platform for computer vision object detection algorithm based on a deep learning framework.

The Future of VR Headsets Is Wireless With Inside-Out Tracking


CES ushers in next-generation VR headsets with inside-out tracking. Aside from the lights going out and what seemed like days of rain, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the place to be if you wanted a sneak peek of new VR headsets dropping this year.

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The new Paul George Nike and Playstation colab is the shoe for your VR future.

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Paul George considers himself one of the biggest gamers in the NBA. Ever since getting his PS2 for Christmas as a kid, he has always wanted to work with Playstation. This collaboration has been a long time coming.

Elton John Announced His Last Ever Tour In An Amazing VR Video


Elton John will soon be ending his decades-spanning career, but he’s immortalized his work in VR before he goes.

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Oculus Research Reveals New Multi-focal Display Tech

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Oculus Research, the company’s R&D division, recently published a paper that goes deeper into their eye tracking-assisted, multi-focal display tech, detailing the creation of something they dub a “perceptual” testbed.

VR & AR Goes For Gold At 2018 Winter Olympic Games


You can experience the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in entirely new ways. The 2018 Winter Olympic Games is getting a big technology boost when it opens on February 9th in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

PlayStation VR exclusive Pop-Up Pilgrims comes to our hearts in time for Valentines Day.

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Subnautica Review – Surviving A Whole New World Of Aquatic Wonder


Survival games feel like the perfect genre for VR to take over next.

The Key Technology Behind Varjo’s High-res ‘Bionic Display’ Headset

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Varjo is a relatively new name to the VR scene, but the company is certainly making a buzz, having quickly raised some $15 million in venture capital touting the promise of delivering a VR headset achieving retina resolution at the center of the field of view. But how exactly does it work?

Sony’s ‘Jumanji: The VR Adventure’ is Unacceptably Terrible


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a massive, and desperately needed, hit for Sony Pictures. Its tie-in virtual reality experience is…not.

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The 2018 GDC survey shows that interest may now be waning for VR development.

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The 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC) has released the results of the sixth annual State of the Industry Survey, revealing trends in the games industry ahead of GDC 2018 this March.

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The Biggest Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Releases Of The Week 01/21/17


If you’ve been starved for content so far in 2018 then good news; the content drought ends here. This week is packed full with interesting VR experiences you should be checking out. If you missed last week’s releases, they’re right here.

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Dell Partners With Meta to Sell Meta 2 AR Dev Kit in February

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Dell and AR headset manufacturer Meta announced a new partnership, allowing Dell to be the first third-party seller of the Meta 2 Augmented Reality Development Kit.

CityLights Buys Darren Aronofsky’s VR Series ‘Spheres’ for $1.4M


This is a huge deal. Sundance has just seen its first massive VR film deal. VR financing and distribution venture, CityLights, has acquired Spheres , a three-part VR series that lets you explore the depths of space, even drop into a black hole in VR.


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Primetime Emmy® Award-winning developer Secret Location and publisher Archiact have joined forces to bring the unabashed bullet hell mayhem of Blasters of the Universe to PlayStation®VR. Available on Feb.