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NextMind Review: select objects using your brain powers

The Ghost Howls

You all know that I love Brain-Computer Interfaces, and so I have been very happy when NextMind has proposed to give me a sample of its brain-reading sensor to review here on my blog.

Student Builds Volumetric 3D TV To Complete Bachelor’s Program


Stream 3D holographic imagery in real-time. When it comes to modern-day POV-Displays , like those LED fans that spin to create “holographic” imagery, Jan Jessen—aka u/Evlmnkey —is far from impressed.


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Did Facebook Sell One-Million Quest 2s in Q4?

AR Insider

V R appears to be in the midst of a rebound. Covid-inflicted supply-chain impediments caused shipments to decline an estimated 10 percent in 2020, but that could have been worse if not for Quest 2’s Q4 performance. We’ve also seen a strong overall start for VR in 2021.

Unassuming One-man VR Project ‘Gorilla Tag’ Sees 42K Players in First Two Weeks

Road to VR

First-time indie VR developer Kerestell Smith was taken aback at the reception of his Early Access multiplayer VR game, Gorilla Tag.

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Battlescar review: an amazing punk story in VR

The Ghost Howls

Some weeks ago I was reading Upload VR and I found an article with its review of Battlescar , a storytelling VR experience. I was very surprised to see that at the end it was awarded a 5/5 score , which is very rarely given by Upload, so I really wanted to try it.

Oculus ‘First Steps’ Now Works With Quest Hand-Tracking


‘First Steps With Hand Tracking’ and ‘Tiny Castle’ are available now via the Oculus App Lab. It was back in 2019 that Facebook first began rolling out support for hand tracking on the Oculus Quest.

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Quest 2 Now the Most Used on Steam, Monthly-connected Headsets Hit Record High of 2.8 Million

Road to VR

Another month, another record high count for the VR usership on Steam. Quest 2, despite being a standalone headset, has helped to drive much of the growth thanks to its ability to connect to a PC to play PC VR games on Oculus PC or Steam.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.03.01): Sony confirms PSVR 2, Facebook teases Quest 2 Pro, and more!

The Ghost Howls

March has just started… I hope it will be an amazing day for you and for all the AR/VR ecosystem! I will have probably something to announce soon, so stay tuned. Top news of the week. Image by Sony). Sony officially states it is going to launch the PSVR 2.

Sony 273

Niantic Shows Off Mixed Reality ‘Pokémon GO’ Demo Powered By HoloLens


Microsoft debuts its Mesh mixed reality platform during its Ignite conference alongside a Pokémon proof-of-concept.

Epson Boosts Display Specs, Adds Optional Android Controller in Moverio BT-40 Series Smartglasses

Next Reality AR

The average business person likely recognizes Epson for its printers or even its projectors, not the futuristic AR wearables.

Microsoft Announces Mesh, a Foundation for Building Multi-user XR Applications

Road to VR

Today during the Microsoft Ignite developer conference, the company announced Mesh, a new cloud-based service which Microsoft says will streamline the creation of multi-user XR applications.

Fracked is a trailblazing new PSVR action-adventure game from nDreams

Cats and VR

Fracked is the trailblazing new VR action-adventure game from nDreams, the creators of the ground-breaking Phantom: Covert Ops. Seamlessly combining relentless “run and cover” gunfights with free and fluid skiing and climbing, Fracked is uncompromising, audacious, and unashamedly stylish.

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‘Deep Nostalgia’ Brings Old Family Photos To Life Using Artificial Intelligence


Add realistic animation to historical photos in less than a minute with this free-to-use tool.

Google Adding Stereo Depth Support for Dual Cameras to ARCore Starting with Pixel 4 & 4XL

Next Reality AR

In response to Apple's implementation of LiDAR sensors in iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro models, Google is looking to leverage the dual-camera setups in recent flagship devices as depth-sensing components.

Google 225

Microsoft & Niantic Show Off Multiplayer ‘Pokémon Go’ Prototype on HoloLens 2

Road to VR

If you’ve been dreaming of a proper immersive AR experience from Pokémon GO , you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft and Pokémon Go developer Niantic are experimenting with the idea.

Immersive Technology for Education: How Virtual Reality Will Change the Learning Process


Sponsored content. Sponsored by The rapid development of technology could not but affect the educational process. Although virtual reality technology is not that new, it is being used in education since relatively recently.

US Air Force Experiments With VR Suicide Prevention Training


Airmen and their spouses are taught how to comfort distressed individuals in a virtual environment.

Is “Camera Marketing” AR’s Revenue Leader?

AR Insider

O ne striking realization about spatial computing is that we’re almost seven years into the sector’s current stage. This traces back to Facebook’s Oculus acquisition in early 2014 that kicked off the current wave of excitement….including including lots of ups and downs in the intervening years.

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Psychic VR Lab Raises $8.5 Million to Grow Browser-based XR Development Platform

Road to VR

Japan-based Psychic VR Lab has announced the close of an $8.5 million investment to grow its cloud-based XR development platform, STYLY.

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Augmented Reality Is Bringing Positive Change to Facilities Management


Augmented reality is bringing positive change beyond the world of gaming and entertainment. From hospitals and medical facilities to corporate facilities, it is being used in a myriad of ways to simplify tasks and improve efficiency.

How To Play ‘Roblox’ In VR On Oculus Quest 2


Step into the block-like world of Roblox on your standalone headset using this step-by-step guide. Those familiar with massively multiplayer online games are no doubt familiar with Roblox.

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Facebook Won’t Allow Cloud VR Streaming On Oculus Store Or App Lab

Upload VR

A new Oculus policy forbids cloud VR streaming on both the store and App Lab. Facebook lists its Virtual Reality Check (VRC) requirements on the Oculus developer website. VRC.Quest.Streaming.2

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‘Blade & Sorcery’ Update 9 Makes Combat Even More Brutal

Road to VR

As if shanking someone in the face wasn’t brutal enough, Early Access battle simulator Blade & Sorcery just got a little more gory with the new U9 update which landed on Friday. Developers WarpFrog say that the U9 content is “essentially the 8.4

Google Survey: How Shoppers Actually Feel About AR-Enabled E-Commerce


Tech publications have been showing you loads of AR experiences by major retail brands, distributors, and producers. But, do people use them? How does the average person actually feel about these experiences? Google did the math on e-commerce.

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Explore A Beautiful, But Hostile, Alien World In ‘Hubris VR’


Swim, climb, shoot, and craft your way through a futuristic alien world. Arriving on major VR headsets in Fall 2021, Hubris VR is an upcoming VR action-adventure game that will have you exploring a hostile alien world filled with dangerous wildlife, treacherous terrain, and mechanized enemies.

Intel Core i7-11700K Review: Blasting Off with Rocket Lake

Anand Tech

The march on performance with desktop platforms has unique challenges compared to other platforms.


‘Star Wars Pinball’ Coming to All Major VR Headsets Next Month, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Star Wars Pinball (2013) has been available on console, mobile, and PC for a while now. Developers Zen Studios recently announced the game is being adapted to VR for all major headsets, and it’s landing next month.

Oculus 193

HTC Vive Seems To Be Teasing A Hardware Reveal

Upload VR

HTC Vive is teasing… something.

Learn The Rules Of Survival In ‘Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever’


Join Tallahassee, Wichita, Columbus, and Little Rock on a zombie-slaying adventure. When it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse, you should follow a list of rules that will greatly improve your chances of staying alive. For example, Rule #2: The double-tap.

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 47: The Road to AR Glasses

AR Insider

T hough AR’s attention and scale mostly reside on the smartphone, its true endpoints are headworn. Interactive line-of-sight content delivered through smart glasses is the modality that will unlock AR’s native potential. This is the AR that everyone’s excited about.

‘DOOM 3’ Rips onto PSVR This Month in Special ‘VR Edition’, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Bethesda announced that a VR version of DOOM 3 (2004) is coming to PSVR later this month. The game is said to be developed for PS4, however it features backwards compatibility with PS5. DOOM 3 VR Edition is said to launch on March 29th, 2021, coming exclusively to PSVR.