Sat.Nov 21, 2020 - Fri.Nov 27, 2020

Data Dive: Home Depot Boosts Conversions with AR

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W e continue to see metrics that validate AR’s ability to boost product sales. This can be in both eCommerce and in-aisle retail contexts.

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Google’s The Mandalorian AR Experience Lets You Kick It With Virtual Mando


New content will roll out every week as part of “Mando Monday’s.” ” It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

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Sony Patent Filing Reveals VR Headset With Haptic Feedback Generator

Upload VR

Patent filings continue to reveal yet more of Sony’s R&D work in the VR space. This time it’s for a headset that uses sensors to tell if you’re wearing it right and even features room for haptic feedback.

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A new enterprise headset is awaiting us in 2021…

The Ghost Howls

As you for sure know, this Saturday I have been one of the hosts of the Virtual Reality Day organized by Bob Fine. I have invited and moderated some amazing speakers : Gianluigi Perrone , Ivan Varko, Gijs Den Butter , Louis Cacciuttolo, Rob Cole, and Alvin Wang Graylin.

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OpenBCI Announces Brain-Computer Interface Designed Specifically for VR/AR Headsets

Road to VR

OpenBCI, the neurotech company behind the eponymous open-source brain-computer interface (BCI), are making a new hardware and software platform specifically for immersive headsets.

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Merge Cube AR Teaching Tools Coming To Instagram And Facebook


Merge Labs brings its AR-enabled educational cube to social media. When Merge Labs launched their Merge Cube in 2017, the device instantly changed how people could access AR experiences.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.11.23): Many new AR headsets get teased, Link goes 90Hz, and more!

The Ghost Howls

I’m really crunching for two projects I’m working on, but I’m still finding the time to update you of the XR communities about the best news of the week. Not that this week there is much to talk about, actually… but I’m sure you will find here below something that interests you. Top news of the week.

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Oculus CTO Wants Android Apps on Quest, But is “not winning” the Debate Within Facebook

Road to VR

Oculus CTO John Carmack has said publicly that he’d love to open up Oculus Quest to Android apps to boost the headset’s usefulness, but admits he’s “not winning” the debate internally at Facebook.

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Engage With French Culture Through XR And Art


French Embassy launches a series that explores art and XR to promote culture.

HBO Rolls Out 'His Dark Materials' AR Experience To Bring Characters to the Real World

Next Reality AR

In this year of everything going virtual and remote, it makes even more sense now that Hollywood is leaning heavily on augmented reality. In this case, it's HBO using AR to promote its highly-acclaimed original programming.

Augmented Reality for Remote Worker Training and Collaboration


Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In the blink of an eye, it can change the way we operate daily. A sector that has already experienced a drastic shift is the remote work sector. Most remote workers must go through a training process.

Quest 2 Stock Starting to Slip Ahead of Black Friday

Road to VR

Though it has held fairly steady since its launch in October, the stock of Oculus Quest 2 is starting to dwindle heading into the Black Friday holiday shopping season.

Vive Focus Plus Adds VPN & Remote Device Management


HTC addresses security concerns with the latest update to its business-focused headset. .

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What Will AR Do for Brand Marketing in 2021?

AR Insider

W hat’s the state of AR as we enter 2021? We spend lots of time tracking the dynamics of the sector, but sometimes it helps to broaden our perspective and step outside of our own bubble. We recently did just this with AR Insider partner Matt Maher for his view on AR growth drivers.

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How Augmented Reality Can Be Used for Distance Learning


In the past decade, the use of AR and VR in the educational setting has continued to increase. It helps educators create an immersive learning environment. This actively engages learners for a better understanding of concepts.

‘Espire 1: VR Operative’ Earned $3M in Revenue in First Year

Road to VR

Espire 1: VR Operative (2019) launched across all major VR headsets this time last year, bringing a mix of high-flying acrobatics and stealth combat to the table. Now developer Digital Lode says Espire 1 has generated “over $3 million in revenue” since its November 2019 launch.

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‘In Death: Unchained’ Free Update Will Add Ruthless Wave Defense Mode


Battle a never-ending horde of demonic creatures in the “Siege of Heaven” update.

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Are Mobile AR Users Approaching 600 Million?

AR Insider

O ne of the factors that’s always been a confidence signal for mobile AR is the sheer size of the smartphone installed base. Compared to the uphill battle that AR glasses face , mobile AR — though challenged in its own ways — has an easier climb due to ubiquitous hardware.

Virtuality Experience Is the Immersive Remote Conference to Attend in December


The next remote conference on XR is coming to a computer or headset near you. This time, it’s Virtuality , taking place everywhere on December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Virtuality Goes Virtual.

Quest’s Official Non-store App Distribution Channel is Coming in Q1, 2021

Road to VR

Facebook announced back in June that it planned to offer developers a way to distribute Oculus Quest apps outside of the official, curated, Quest store. Now the company indicates it has “high confidence” that the feature will be deployed in Q1, 2021.

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Inside ‘Battle Sister’: Warhammer 40K’s First Original VR Game


We sat down with developer Pixel Toys to get the details on this gruesome VR shooter. The Warhammer universe is heading to the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, bringing with it all the over-the-top violence you know and love.

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XR Talks: Scaling Enterprise AR

AR Insider

W ith the exception of socially-distributed mobile AR lenses, consumer AR mostly isn’t ready for prime time. This is due to cultural readiness and the technology’s underbaked status. But the calculus is different in enterprise environments where AR glasses have a clearer path to adoption.

Which Startups Are Hiring for Augmented Reality Jobs?


In 2019, the demand growth for augmented reality and virtual reality engineers skyrocketed 1400% from the previous year, surpassing the demand for blockchain engineers (the most in-demand skill in 2018). Venture capital investment in augmented reality and virtual reality hit $4.1

Flight Combat Game ‘Project Wingman’ to Launch December 1st with SteamVR Support

Road to VR

Project Wingman, an upcoming aerial combat game for PC, is finally set to launch on December 1st. In addition to traditional monitor support, developer Sector D2 says that SteamVR headset support is coming on launch day too.

‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Adds AR, Infuriates Playerbase


Players feel scorned after a new update drops support for older devices.

Myst VR: How Cyan Worlds Is Modernizing A PC Gaming Classic

Upload VR

Myst is often regarded as one of the most important and influential PC games of all-time for good reason. And now it’s coming to VR for the first time via the Oculus Quest on December 10th with Myst VR. A PC version with optional VR support is slated for 2021.

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Meet Brendan Bradley, the Artist Turning to Virtual Theater


In times when most theaters are closed in social distancing efforts, it’s worth thinking twice about live theater. The audience, of course, is potentially in relatively close quarters. However, the actors on the stage are also in tight proximity in their own space on the stage.

Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday Deals Feature Five Game Bundles

Road to VR

We’re keeping an eye on the best Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday 2020 deals, don’t blink or you might miss the best Quest sale of the year! Updated – November 26th, 2020. The Best Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday 2020 Deal. Image courtesy Facebook.

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Grab ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Free With HTC Vive’s Black Friday Sales


Save big on the latest HTC VR hardware with these sweet holiday deals. ‘Tis the season to be spending and what better gift to give a loved one than the magic of VR?

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You Can Now Play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind In VR

Upload VR

Thanks to tireless work of a member of the OpenMW team named Mads Buvik Sandvei, a VR version of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002) is not only in development, it’s already playable with full motion controller support. Read more details in this Reddit post by u/gurufabbes123.

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Case Study: Miller Lite Boosts Engagement with AR

AR Insider

A R continues to evolve and take shape as an industry. Prominent sectors include industrial AR , social , gaming , and shopping. But existing alongside all of them is AR advertising. This includes paid/sponsored AR lenses that let consumers visualize products on “spaces & faces.”.