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US Fire Administration Advocates The Use Of VR For Firefighter Training


An average of 11 firefighters have died every year since 2008 during training sessions; VR could help reduce those numbers. Between 2008 to 2019, 110 firefighters lost their lives during routine training sessions that involved putting out real fires, climbing ladders, hauling heavy equipment, and performing other essential parts of the job that a firefighter would have to do during an actual emergency.

Mojo Vision: AR contact lenses are coming far sooner than you think

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One of the most mind-blowing interviews I had in recent months has been the one with Mojo Vision, the company producing AR contact lenses that got famous during CES 2020. I thought it was an ultra-experimental company needing 20 years to release a product, and instead, they are far ahead from where we all imagined they were. AR contact lenses will come far sooner than we thought.

The “War of Words” Taking Place in XR Technology


The title of this article uses the term “XR technology,” but, what is “XR”? Is the “X” like a variable that can stand for anything – “V” for “Virtual,” “A” for “Augmented,” “M” for “Mixed,” etc.? Or, is the “X” short for “eXtended”? The difference may seem small, but “eXtended” has much larger connotations when read in view of spatial computing or distributed computing as we’re increasingly seeing in edge applications. What about “Social XR”?

Elon Musk: August 28th Update to Further Detail Neuralink’s Brain-computer Interface

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Elon Musk unveiled Neuralink nearly a year ago , and it appears we’ll be getting a progress update in August that further details the company’s research into brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). Musk announced the event via Twitter earlier this month, however didn’t include any info as to what the progress update would entail.

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Combining VR With Esports To Train The Next Big Soccer Star


VR leads the way for a new generation immersive training technology. No doubt about it, eSports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Competitive gaming is now considered a full-fledged sport, meanwhile professional, amateur, and school athletes have already begun incorporating VR and other virtual simulators as part of their training.

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Augmented Reality and Hearables: Where the Two Technologies Meet


Sponsored content. Sponsored by Softeq. Extended reality in visual solutions is making the headlines. But AR/VR solutions are not limited to Google Glass, mobile apps for trying on shoes or accessories, and AR-based games. Hearables with augmented reality features are becoming ubiquitous thanks to the overall spread of wearables, the contribution of tech giants, and the growing demand for emerging technologies. How Augmented Reality Works.

Facebook Reality Labs Says Varifocal Optics Are “almost ready for primetime,” Details HDR Research

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Facebook Reality Labs, the company’s R&D department, previously revealed its ‘Half Dome’ prototype headsets which demonstrated functional varifocal optics small enough for a consumer VR headset. At a conference earlier this year, the Lab’s Director of Display Systems Research said the latest system is “almost ready for primetime,” and also detailed the Lab’s research into HDR (high-dynamic range) and pupil-steering displays for XR headsets.

RUMOR: New ‘Resident Evil Village’ Leaks Reveal VR Support, Additional Game Details


Leaks from a recent Ambassador playtest tell us more about the enemies, weapons, and bosses of Resident Evil Village. This past April, Japanese video game news publication Gematsu published a report stating that, according to “one source familiar with ongoings at Capcom,” the upcoming follow-up to 2017’s Resident Evil 7 will feature a return to the first-person perspective as players once again step into the shoes of RE7 protagonist, Ethan Winters.

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Everything we know about the new Oculus Quest (…and Oculus Go?)

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These days we have had various leaks about a new upcoming Oculus Quest , with also renders and photos shared by the famous leaker Walking Cat. Let me summarize what we have learned until now, and also let me tell you a crazy speculation of mine about the new Quest possibly being also the new Go. Oculus is going to release a new Oculus Quest. Various rumors and leaks in the past weeks hinted to an upcoming release of a new Oculus Quest headset.

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Training for the Future: AR Marketing Course at Brock University in Canada


Future marketing specialists can start their career specializing in the latest technologies thanks to a new AR marketing course offered by Brock University in Canada. The St. Catherines (Ontario) university has recently enlisted professor Joachim Scholz, who spent the last six years researching and teaching augmented reality at California Polytechnic State University. Why the Need for an AR Marketing Course?

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‘The Mage’s Tale’ Studio Announces Team-based Shooter ‘Frostpoint VR’

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InXile Entertainment, the studio behind The Mage’s Tale (2018) and The Bard’s Tale series, today announced Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds , a team-based shooter for PC VR which takes place in a mysterious frozen wasteland. Frostpoint VR is set in a dilapidated military training base in Antarctica where “strange biomechanical creatures now roam,” the studio says.

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Real VR Fishing ‘Together Edition’ Update Lets You Cast Out With Friends


Tidy up the boat, we’re having friends over. Real VR Fishing developer Miragesoft understands that when it comes to fishing, there’s nothing better than casting off with a few friends. That’s why after long-last the team is introducing official multiplayer support for their hyper-realistic immersive fishing experience as part of the Real VR Fishing “Together Edition” update.

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Snapchat Lens Use Grows 37% Annually

AR Insider

Data Dive is AR Insider’s weekly dive into the latest spatial computing figures. Running Mondays, it includes data points, narrative insights and takeaways. For an indexed library of data, reports, and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery Pro. S nap’s Q2 earnings announcement last week brought good news and bad. The bad news is that net losses widened 28 percent year-over-year (YoY) to $326 million.

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WebAR Experience Helps Users Select Siduri Wine


We’ve seen augmented reality and WebAR experiences in beverage sales before. That doesn’t mean that it’s too late to bring something new to the table. So far, the beverage-based AR experiences that we’ve seen have involved labels on the packaging. That’s well and good if you purchased the product – or don’t mind standing in the isle at the grocery store.

Oculus Now Accepting OpenXR Apps on Quest & Rift, a Big Step for Cross-platform Development

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OpenXR is a widely supported open standard which aims to make cross-platform VR development easier by allowing developers to build around a single API rather than porting their apps to many different APIs. Today the company announced that developers can submit OpenXR applications to be published on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift stores. OpenXR is a royalty-free standard that aims to standardize the development of VR and AR applications, making for a more interoperable ecosystem.

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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Will Receive VR Support This Fall, But There’s A Catch


Get your virtual barf bag ready. Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed via a joint press briefing with developer Asobo Studio that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will in fact be receiving official VR support, beginning with the upcoming HP Reverb G2 later this year. According to Microsoft, VR support will be free to all owners of the game. Support will arrive first on the upcoming 4K VR headset upon its launch this Fall, followed by additional VR devices sometime at a later date.

XR Talks: Shaping the Future of Commerce, Part II

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XR Talks is a series that features the best presentations and educational videos from the XR universe. It includes embedded video, narrative analysis and top takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. For a full library of indexed and educational media, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. A dvertising continues to be a bright spot in AR’s otherwise-challenged early days. Brand spending on AR ads is on track reach $1.41

Rethinking Reality With ThinkReality’s Nathan Pettyjohn and Lenovo’s Bill Adams


Lenovo is behind some of the most exciting things happening right now in conventional computing. So, their involvement in spatial computing is more than a little exciting. The company’s commercial AR/VR Lead, Nathan Pettyjohn, who is also the president of the VR/AR Association , reached out to share the good word. ThinkReality. “ [ ThinkReality] is our brand within Lenovo for our commercial AR and VR solutions,” Pettyjohn said in a recent video interview.

OpenXR Now Certifying Headset & App Compliance, Adds Extensions for Hand-tracking & Eye-tracking

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Khronos Group, the consortium behind the OpenXR industry standard, today announced that it has begun officially certifying products that correctly implement the OpenXR standard. Additionally, the group has added new extensions to the standard to support hand-tracking and eye-tracking. OpenXR is a royalty-free standard that aims to standardize the development of VR and AR applications, making for a more interoperable ecosystem.

How ‘In Death: Unchained’ Developer Superbright Brought The Ambitious Dungeon Crawler To Oculus Quest


We sat down with the CEO to learn a little more about what goes into a VR project of this scale. This past Thursday marked the launch of In Death: Unchained on the Oculus Quest.

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Valve Patent Application Revealed For A Wireless VR System

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A new patent application filed by Valve last year but published today details a wireless VR system. “In In at least some implementations, a wireless data transport system is provided that includes an electrically steerable antenna, such as a phased-array antenna, that is operative to selectively steer its beam based on electronic control input,” the patent application’s description reads.

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Case Study: CareAR Streamlines Enterprise Service Management

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AR Insider Edge is a series that spotlights partners and sponsors. For more information or to be featured in an upcoming article, see details here. . O ne of the rallying cries for augmented reality is its ability to bring operational efficiencies to industrial operations. This happens by upskilling front-line workers with informational overlays or remote support through AR glasses or an upheld mobile device.

‘Onward’ for Quest Early Access Review – Lower Friction, Lower Res, Same Great Core Gameplay

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Onward has come a long way since it first launched into Early Access on Steam back in 2016. While we’re still waiting for a ‘full release’ of the game four years later, indie studio Downpour Interactive has managed to tighten up the team-based shooter to fit onto Oculus Quest, replete with PC VR cross-play.

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FORM’s AR Swim Goggles Now Work In Open Waters


Pair your Garmin or Apple smartwatches for additional GPS functionality. FORM’s AR-enhanced swim goggles received a free firmware update today introducing support for Garmin and Apple smartwatches, allowing wearers to track a wide range of metrics, such as their GPS location and heart rate, while swimming outdoors in open water.

Frostpoint Is A New Multiplayer AAA VR Shooter From inXile, Creators Of Wasteland And Mage’s Tale

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The renowned developers of classic game franchises like Wasteland and The Bard’s Tale, as well as VR dungeon crawler The Mage’s Tale , are unveiling their next VR-exclusive project: Frostpoint. This is a change of pace for inXile Entertainment, being a first-person multiplayer shooter instead of an RPG, but it’s shaping up to be something worth keeping an eye on.

New details on upcoming Star Wars experience for Oculus Quest

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ILMxLAB , released a behind-the-scenes video today on their upcoming Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge VR experience. In Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge , you play a droid repair technician who crash lands on Batuu after a pirate attack. In typical Star Wars fashion, you’ll quickly get swept up into a grand adventure on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost.

CES 2021 Cancelled Amid Pandemic Concerns, All-digital Version Coming January 6-9

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CTA, the show organizers behind the United States’ largest consumer electronics show, today announced that CES 2021 will be an “all-digital experience” next January, and will have no physical component amid concerns of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A Beginner’s Guide To ‘Onward’ On Oculus Quest


Downpour Interactive's VR multiplayer shooter Onward is finally available on Oculus Quest, bringing with it the full PC VR experience in its entirety. This includes 5v5 multiplayer matchmaking, single player and co-op game modes, and a wide arsenal of realistic weaponry, surveillance tech, and other tactical equipment designed to keep you alive on the battlefield.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Confirmed For Fall, But Only On Reverb G2

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Great news; Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support has been confirmed, but only for one headset right now. Polygon confirms that the ultra-realistic flight sim will add support for the upcoming HP Reverb G2 headset when it launches later this fall. The game itself is launching on August 18th but won’t have any VR support at that point. Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Confirmed.

Intel Reorganizes In Wake of 7nm Woes; Chief Engineering Officer Murthy Renduchintala To Depart

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Coming in the wake of last week’s disclosure that their 7nm yields are roughly a full year behind schedule, Intel this afternoon has announced that they are reorganizing the technology side of the company. Key to this change is that Intel is breaking up its monolithic Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group (TSCG) into several smaller groups, all of which will report directly to CEO Bob Swan.