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Developer Creates VR Time Machine To Relive His Past Year


Creator Luicas Rizotto wore Snapchat Spectacles every day for a year to capture 2019 in VR. Earlier this week, Lucas Rizzotto , the creator behind the VR experience Where Thoughts Go , announced to the world via Twitter that he had finally cracked the code of time-travel. Sort of… He’s not actually jumping through time like Dr Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap , but he has figured out how to travel through his own memories from 2019 using VR.

Is Wearability the Next Mobility?

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17 Great VR Games for Relaxation & Meditation

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In times like these it can be nice to be able to get away from it all, if only for a brief moment. If you have a VR headset you’re one of the lucky people who can enter other realities from the confines of your living room, so why not use it for your wellbeing? Here we’ve gathered VR games and experiences focused on relaxation and meditation. We’ll be covering apps on Quest, Rift, SteamVR, and PSVR, so there’s something for everyone (including a couple that are free!).

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Kadine James: we must work together for inclusion and accessibility in the VR ecosystem

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When talking about technologies like virtual reality, usually we like to speak about hardware, software and other technological features, but actually it is also interesting to talk also about all the rest that is around these technologies, about the human factor around them.

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Red Bull Flugtag VR Experience Gives You Wings


Flap your wings as hard as you can to get your Flugtag flying machine off the dock.

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Report: Apple Starts Preliminary Production on “semitransparent” AR Lenses

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According to a report by The Information , Apple is gearing up to enter a new phase in production on its fabled AR headset. Together with Foxconn Technology, the Taiwan-based contract manufacturer behind many of Apple’s mobile devices, the company is said to have entered the trial production on the AR lens portion of the device. The report, citing a person familiar with the matter, maintains the lenses first passed the prototype stage “two months ago.”

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SenseGlove review: a nice DK1 for force-feedback in VR

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Some months ago I interviewed Niels Bogerd from SenseGlove about the “affordable” (from an enterprise point of view) force-feedback gloves they were producing. I was very intrigued by his words, and I would have loved to try the device. The great news is that SenseGlove has been so kind as to send me a review unit some days ago, and of course I’ve made many extensive tests so that to write a detailed review for you!

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Snoop Dogg Gets His Own AR Wine Because Why Not?


It’s not exactly gin and juice, but it’ll have to do. As a world-renowned rapper, song-writer, actor, producer, filmmaker, TV personality, and philanthropist, Snoop Dogg isn’t afraid of exploring uncharted territory. This is especially true when it comes to bleeding-edge technology. Over the past few years the prolific entrepreneur has transitioned into a bona fide venture capitalist, investing in numerous tech-focused operations and co-founding his own venture firm.

Editorial: Quest May Lead The Charge, But Console VR Will Be Pivotal To VR’s Next 5 – 10 Years

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I don’t envy the companies looking to take on Facebook’s Oculus Quest in the next few years. Its head start in the standalone market will likely be remembered as a decisive victory in the ongoing race to establish an industry.

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Pico Announces 2 New Versions of Its Latest 3DOF VR Headset

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Oculus Go’s days are numbered , however Pico Interactive seems undeterred by Facebook’s move to retire the 3DOF VR headset. Starting today, a new version of its Pico G2 “4K” headset is available; another enterprise-focused iteration set to follow this year.

The XR Week Peek (2020.07.13): Sony invests in Epic, Rockstar is working on an AAA VR game, and more!

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While I relax a bit after having delivered another project, I enjoy the sun and the news from the XR world. And this week I think we had many cool news that are worth a mention, so let’s dig immediately into them! Top news of the week. Image by Epic Games). Sony invests $250M in Epic Games. Sony has announced that it has made a big investment of $250M in Epic Games through one of its subsidiaries. The investment gives Sony a minority stake in Epic that now is evaluated at more than $17B.

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Upcoming Immersive Fashion Show ‘The Fabric Of Reality’ Promises The Future Of VR Exhibitions


Go hands-on with “sculptural garments” from three renowned designers in this one-of-a-kind digital showcase. Verizon Media’s Emmy award-winning immersive content house RYOT is partnering with Kaleidoscope , the Fashion Innovation Agency , and The Museum of Other Realities on a first-of-its-kind fashion exhibit taking place entirely from VR.

Opportunities and Pitfalls for Multi-User AR Experiences


Big ideas in computing often become even bigger when they become interconnected and turn social. Servers became more powerful when linked together to form the Internet; smartphones became more enthralling when equipped with social networking apps; online gaming became more high-stakes when made into massively multiplayer experiences; the nature of work changed dramatically with the advent of direct messaging platforms, real-time cloud-based document editing, and videoconferencing.

SteamVR Update Finally Makes it Easy to Reorient & Recenter Your Playspace

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The latest main-branch update to SteamVR adds a dashboard button which makes it effortless to redefine the ‘forward’ and ‘center’ orientation of your playspace, a simple but useful feature for certain games. SteamVR has been around since the earliest days of consumer VR, but Valve has finally now added a simple way to reorient and recenter your playspace. How to Recenter and Reorient Your Playspace in SteamVR.

Daimler Transforms the Automotive Lifecycle

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This article is the latest in AR Insider’s editorial contributor program. Find out more or contact us to participate here. Authors’ opinions are their own. . How Daimler uses Unity across its automotive lifecycle. by Nick Davis. D aimler Protics shapes digital reality for Daimler AG, one of the world’s largest automakers. Its mixed reality team develops everything from proof of concepts to ready-to-use applications for Mercedes-Benz and other brands.

U.S. Olympic And Paralympic Committee’s Launch VR Concussion Education Series ‘CrashCourse’


Mountain biking champion Kate Courtney leads us through a VR tour through the human brain in episode one of this multi-part series. According to research conducted by West Virginia’s Brain Injury Research Institute , an estimated 1.6 – 3.8 million sports and recreation-related concussions are reported in the United States each year. That’s an extremely concerning number given the fact that brain injuries lead to more deaths than any other sports-related injury.

XR Companies Working Overtime – From Home


When you think of XR, what do you think of? Immersive games? Sharing funny images with friends on social media? New ways to understand information or interact with brands? Some XR companies are using their resources to help us move past coronavirus. See Also: Work Life in Times of Coronavirus: Utilizing XR as Workforce Goes Remote.

Social VR Platform ‘vTime’ Gets Preliminary Video Support in New Theater Update

Road to VR

Social VR/AR platform vTime released a new update today that includes a few theater spaces where you can chat with friends and watch select sports programming on big screen TVs. The new theater feature is available on all supported platforms, including Oculus Rift, Windows VR headsets, Google Cardboard, Oculus Go/Gear VR, and AR-capable mobile devices. Programming is admittedly thin at the moment, which only includes select clips from Manchester City Football Club matches.

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Watch Facebook’s Display Research Lead Outline Future VR Headsets

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Video from a talk given by the director of Display Systems Research at Facebook Reality Labs offers an eye-opening overview of the future virtual reality headset optical designs. Video of Douglas Lanman’s talk was posted this week, nearly half a year after he delivered it at the Electronic Imaging symposium in January in San Francisco.

Educational VR App ‘HistoryMaker VR’ Has Students Performing As Famous Figures From U.S. History


Select a character, customize your stage , and deliver an impactful speech taken straight from the history books. They say there’s no better way to learn more about a person than to put yourself in their shoes. HistoryMaker VR takes this saying to heart, allowing students to play the role of a famous figure from United States history and perform an historic monologue from a fully-customizable set.

Enterprise AR Trends for 2020 and Beyond


Many decision-makers and CEOs are looking for ways to transform their companies by incorporating the latest technologies. Thus, the latest enterprise AR trends represent a topic of interest for management teams across various industries. And for good reason. Augmented reality has already proven to be a versatile and useful technology that improves the workplace and business processes. What Is the Impact of Enterprise AR on the Business World?

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Chinese ODM Goertek Aims to Produce Over 3 Million VR/AR Headsets Annually

Road to VR

Goertek may not be a household name, but the China-based company is looking to gear up its manufacturing lines to produce a surprising number of VR/AR headsets and lenses soon. Goertek recently announced a ¥4 billion (~$572 million USD) convertible corporate bond offering, one quarter of which will be invested in the company’s VR/AR manufacturing capabilities, the company says. The news was first reported by Yivian (Chinese).

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Google ATAP’s making a sort of smart tech magic wand


There was a time before computers had a controller called a mouse. There was a time before personal mobile phones had touchscreens. There was a time before humans harnessed the power of electricity to enable them to control and interact with the world around them in ways that’d be otherwise impossible. Google has a concept for a device that might … Continue reading. Archive Android google HTC mobile mouse Palm Phones smart home Smart Speaker smartphones Sony virtual reality VR

‘The Under Presents: Tempest’ Live VR Performance Is A Theater-Lover’s Dream


40 minutes of captivating theatrics brought to life by jaw-dropping visuals and interactive storytelling. I’m standing at the center of a grand banquet table surrounded by a wide assortment of delicious foods and fine drink. Alongside me are a handful of other masked players, each of which partaking heavily in the bountiful feast provided to us by a mysterious omnipotent being.

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AIXR Partners With VRChat to Bring 4th Annual VR Awards Online


The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) is hosting the 4th International VR Awards on November 12. The remote event is being organized in partnership with VRChat. Here, we’ll look at what the event will look like, how to register, and – of course – who the nominees for the VR Awards are. About the VR Awards. The VR Awards recognize organizations, individuals, and experiences.

‘Myst’ Studio’s Upcoming VR Adventure ‘Firmament’ Delayed Beyond 2021

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Cyan, the studio behind iconic puzzle adventure games Myst (1993) and Riven (1997), garnered their fair share of success with their April 2019 Kickstarter campaign, which sought to bring to life their next VR-compatible title, Firmament. Now Cyan says the game will be delayed well past its originally projected July 2020 release date, calling it “wildly optimistic.”

Report – New Oculus Headset Enters Production This Month, Sony Ramping Up PS5 Manufacturing

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A recent report from Japanese publication Nikkei claims that a new Oculus headset from Facebook will enter production later this month. The report quotes ‘a source with direct knowledge’ of the matter, who says that the “new Facebook Oculus VR headset will enter mass production around the end of July.” ” New Oculus Headset In Production?

Here’s A First Look At Ubisoft’s ‘Prince Of Persia’ VR Escape Room


Stop, slow, and rewind time in this multiplayer location-based VR experience inspired by the classic franchise. This past February, German-based studio Ubisoft Düsseldorf posted a series of job listings in search of a level designer , narrative designer , and character artist to assist on a brand new VR game based on one of its “greatest IPs.” ” Naturally, this lead to a whirlwind of speculation as to which of Ubisoft’s original titles would be receiving the VR treatment.

DDR5 Memory Specification Released: Setting the Stage for DDR5-6400 And Beyond

Anand Tech

Marking an important milestone in computer memory development, today the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is releasing the final specification for its next mainstream memory standard, DDR5 SDRAM. The latest iteration of the DDR standard that has been driving PCs, servers, and everything in-between since the late 90s, DDR5 once again extends the capabilities of DDR memory, doubling the peak memory speeds while greatly increasing memory sizes as well.

Oculus Improves Iteration Time for Quest Developers Using UE4

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Oculus has updated its UE4 Quest development tools so that developers can spend less time waiting and more time testing and iterating on their VR applications. The changes are similar in scope to recent improvements to Unity Quest development. Because Quest is its own standalone headset, testing how an application will run on the headset itself requires packaging the application and then deploying it to the headset before being able to test it.

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