May, 2018

How Businesses Are Cutting Employee Training Costs With VR


VR is the future of employee training, and businesses are taking notice. . It’s no secret an increasing number of businesses are turning to virtual and augmented reality for employee training.

Mixed Reality Lending a Helping Hand

Tech Trends VR

Go ahead and call me weird, but of all the Mixed Reality demos I did at this year’s Build, the one I found most fun had me repairing an electric panel.

Eye-tracking is a Game Changer for VR That Goes Far Beyond Foveated Rendering

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Eye-tracking—the ability to quickly and precisely measure the direction a user is looking while inside of a VR headset—is often talked about within the context of foveated rendering, with the hopes that it could reduce the performance requirements of VR.

The Real Reason Marketers Will Love VR & AR


Immersive technologies are closer to a marketer’s dream than most people realize. Last year, the IAB reported that more than a quarter of Internet users worldwide now have ad blockers turned on.

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

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Google harnesses the power of photos and street view to deliver simplified VR development for teachers and students.

Report: Google is Developing a Standalone AR Headset to Rival HoloLens

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Google is allegedly developing a standalone augmented reality headset that aims to offer users a tethereless AR experience, German tech publication WinFuture reports.

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Vive Focus enter version 2.0 at VEC 2018

The Ghost Howls

“Hold my beer”: this is what the Vive Focus has told to all other standalone headsets yesterday at the Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen. The headset has taken a big step forward with the 2.0

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Facebook Explains Why It Engineered The Half Dome Varifocal VR Headset


At Display Week in Los Angeles Facebook revealed why its researchers and engineers built a varifocal VR headset.

‘Reality Portals’ Allow Real-Time Communication Between The Real World & VR


SVVR’s first project under their ambitious MULTIVERSE initiative links VR with the real world via mixed reality live events.

Report: VR in Retail and Marketing to Generate US$1.8 billion in 2022

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Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies will bring opportunities for merchants as consumer adoption grows. There is high consumer interest to use VR for making purchase decisions while shopping online or in-store. Click To Tweet.

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Oculus Claims Breakthrough in Hand-tracking Accuracy

Road to VR

One of Facebook’s underlying goals for VR is to use it as a means of connecting distant people. While today friends can talk and play in a range of social VR applications, including Facebook Spaces , the representation of users in VR is still a caricature at best.

First Images Captured by Microsoft's Project Kinect for Azure Surface Online

Next Reality AR

Images captured by Microsoft's next generation Kinect depth-sensing camera that will facilitate augmented reality experiences in the next version of the HoloLens and give computer vision to untold multitudes of connected devices in enterprise facilities, have made their way into the wild.

How to record videos and stream the content of the Oculus Go

The Ghost Howls

Some days ago, I’ve published on Linkedin a video with the Home of my Oculus Go and lots of people have asked me how I did such a recording. So, I decided to write a post about it and also about how to perform the streaming of your Oculus Go to an external PC.

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MixCast 2.0 Lets You Stream Mixed Reality VR Without A Green Screen


Today Blueprint Reality is announcing the release of MixCast 2.0, which is now available for download. The biggest barrier to more people recording and streaming amazing mixed reality videos like this Beat Saber one is the equipment cost.

Tech-Savvy Pastor Uses VR To Deliver Virtual Baptisms


Technology & Religion collide. For many Christians, being baptized is the ritual of declaring your faith through a symbolic act of purification and rejuvenation.

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HTC updates their Focus System and Streams PC Content to Focus Headset


HTC during its annual VIVE Ecosystem Conference (VEC2018) today in Shenzhen, China. HTC made several announcements to its VR ecosystem. HTC announced an update to their Vive Focus system with update 2.0.

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Oculus Reveals 140 Degree VR Headset Prototype with Varifocal Displays

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Oculus today at F8 overviewed some of the latest VR technology that they’d been working on internally. Among the projects mentioned is the ‘Half Dome’ prototype, a Rift-like headset with a 140 degree field of view, varifocal displays, and what appears to be eye-tracking.

Hand Tracking for Augmented Reality Apps Comes to Smartphones via uSens

Next Reality AR

This time last year, computer vision company uSens introduced a stereo camera module capable of hand tracking. Now, uSens can achieve the same thing with just a smartphone's camera.

Kinect comes back from the world of the dead thanks to Azure

The Ghost Howls

You know how much I’ve loved the Kinect sensor: it has been a companion for my three-year virtual reality startup adventure and during all this time I’ve appreciated its endless functionalities and possibilities, especially in connection with virtual reality.

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The 25 Best Must-Download Oculus Go Games And Apps


Now that Oculus Go is finally here that means thousands (or hopefully millions) of people will soon have the most accessible way of experiencing VR at the ready no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

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Oculus Go Has Arrived and It’s a Big Deal


The $200 Oculus Go is the most accessible VR headset today. Up until now, one of the biggest barriers to entry for VR has been price.

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Experiencing the #RoyalWedding in Augmented Reality

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As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle prepare to tie the knot this weekend demand for traditional wedding souvenirs is sky high.

‘Beat Saber’ Sells 50K Units in First Week for $1 Million in Revenue

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In its first week, Beat Saber has sold 50,000 copies across Steam and Oculus, generating $1 million in revenue—a clear milestone of success for a game still in early access and made by a three-person indie studio.

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New 'Jurassic World Alive' AR Game Takes Everything Great About Pokémon Go & Adds Dinosaurs

Next Reality AR

The premise of Jurassic World revolves around splicing genes to create new dinosaurs, so it is fitting that the location-based AR game is a clone of Pokémon GO merged with the DNA of the Jurassic Park franchise.

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Oculus Go vs Vive Focus: which one to buy?

The Ghost Howls

In the last times, a lot of people have asked me which kind of headset to buy. There are various new devices out there and there may be some confusion about which one of them investing money onto. Oculus Go , Vive Focus , and Lenovo Mirage Solo seem great pieces of technologies, but which one to buy?

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Why Media Molecule’s Dreams Could Be PSVR’s Most Important Game


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What You Wear Matters In ‘Reign Of Cthulhu,’ A Lovecraftian AR Adventure


Clothes maketh the man and woman in Warerplai’s turn-based AR strategy game. The immersive entertainment industry is currently neck-deep in smartphone-based AR applications.

Expert View: Immersive Technology Investment Boosting Creativity

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How the UK government’s multi-million-pound investment will help the storytellers of tomorrow. By Damian Collier, CEO and Founder of Blend Media. The UK attracts some of the best global talent and has a strong culture of entrepreneurship leading it to be viewed as one of Europe’s technology hubs.

Carmack: New 5K × 5K Mobile VR Playback Tech Will ‘set the bar for VR video quality’

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John Carmack, Oculus’ CTO, has revealed work on a new VR video playback technology which he says is coming to Oculus Go and newer Gear VR phones.

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ARCore 101: How to Create a Mobile AR Application in Unity, Part 4 (Enabling Surface Detection)

Next Reality AR

One of the primary factors that separates an augmented reality device from a standard heads-up display such as Google Glass is dimensional depth perception. This can be created by either RGB cameras, infrared depth cameras, or both, depending on the level of accuracy you're aiming for.

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