August, 2015

When Virtual Reality Collides with Reality, It’s Surreal In.


When Virtual Reality Collides with Reality, It’s Surreal In 1962, cinematographer Morton Heilig patented his Sensorama Stimulator —a bulky virtual-reality machine that showed 3-D films on a personal display while pumping in smells, sounds, and the sensation of wind.

Virtual Reality Leader to Showcase Aquatronics Simulator at WorldSkills 2015

EON Reality

EON Reality and Festo Didactic are launching a Virtual Reality Aquatronics simulator at WorldSkills São Paulo 2015. This application simulates several Water and Wastewater scenarios in which users interact with a virtual water treatment plant, operate machinery, and perform emergency procedures.

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Harnessing the power of social VR with Jesse Joudrey and Graham Gaylor from VRChat

Enter VR

Hello there and welcome to Enter VR! Join Graham Gaylor, Jesse Joudrey and I as we talk about the psychology of VRChat, The post Harnessing the power of social VR with Jesse Joudrey and Graham Gaylor from VRChat appeared first on Enter VR.

Zero-latency Rendering


I finally managed to get the Oculus Rift DK2 fully supported in my Vrui VR toolkit , and while there are still some serious issues, such as getting the lens distortion formulas and internal HMD geometry exactly right, I’ve already noticed something really neat. I have a bunch of graphically simple applications that run at ridiculous frame rates (some get several thousand fps on an Nvidia GeForce 770 GTX), and with some new rendering configuration options in Vrui 4.0

The promise and perils of using Fresnel lenses


1: Cross section of Fresnel lens 2. Cross section of equivlent conventional lens Image source: Wikipeadia The use of Fresnel lenses in optical systems VR goggles is not new, but has attracted additional attention in the past year.

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Break Out Your Scissors: The Secret of Rapid 3D Prototyping for AR/VR & IoT


Virtual reality and the Internet of Things are fundamentally different in many ways, but they share a common goal – bringing digital experiences into the 3D world.

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Mixed in reality in the dawn of a new world order. A conversation with Eric Johnson from Re/Code and Steve Gehrman from Distant Future

Enter VR

Welcome to another episode of Enter VR!Come Come along, as I speak with Eric Johnson the associate editor of mixed reality at Re/Code. The post Mixed in reality in the dawn of a new world order.

Video Series: Taking VR Guitar to a Whole New Depth


As the 3D Jam approaches, developers around the globe are already getting a headstart on their projects. Zach Kinstner , the creator behind Hovercast and Firework Factory , has been sharing his latest project through a series of videos – a virtual reality guitar!

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Blast from the Past


I just stumbled upon an interview I did almost four years ago for Greg Borenstein’s book “ Making Things See: 3D vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot.” ” The relevant part of the book, starting on page 29, is available online via Google Books. It’s cringeworthy because I’m talking about basically the same things I’m talking about these days, but had a hard time as this was before the current VR renaissance.

Using OSVR Software in Professional-Grade Simulators


A few weeks ago, I met with representatives from a large multi-national defense contractor. They are looking for high-performance HMDs for a new simulator and wanted to explore some of the higher-end Sensics products. After reviewing the HMDs, the conversation turned to software. As is often the case, this company uses a special-purpose engine (as opposed to a game engine like Unity or Unreal).

Live from Berlin! VR Workshops for Unity & JavaScript


Hey everyone! As part of our global tour for the Leap Motion 3D Jam , we’re at Berlin’s Game Science Centre to take developers through our SDK and building with the latest VR tools. Registrations for the workshops and meetup are still open.

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6 Kickass Unity Assets for Your Leap Motion VR Projects


Looking for the perfect Unity assets for the 3D Jam ? Today on the blog, we’ve handpicked six assets that will take your Leap Motion VR demo to the next level. Avatar Hand Controller for Leap Motion – $5.

VR Flight Simulator Lets You Explore the World and the Web


Want to reach into a VR cockpit that’s a little closer to Earth? This week, Daniel Church achieved lift-off with a successful Kickstarter campaign for his virtual reality flight simulator.