August, 2017

HypeVR Uses ARKit as a Portal Into Volumetric Video Content

Road to VR

HypeVR is developing volumetric video tech which we called “ a glimpse at the future of VR video ,” when we got to see it back in January.

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Peter Jackson’s New Studio is All About AR Storytelling


The Lord of the Rings auteur is using Apple’s ARkit to unlock new levels of storytelling immersion in augmented reality. In the world of modern cinema, there are few names as recognizable as Peter Jackson.

Google’s Clay Bavor: Our Goal ‘Is To Make AR Mainstream’


Today, Google is announcing ARCore , a software-based solution for making more Android devices AR-capable without the need for depth sensors and extra cameras. It will even work on the Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, and several other devices very soon and supports Java, Unity, and Unreal from day one.

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The fact KFC did not invite one their biggest fans to their VR event hurts!

Cats and VR

In a special media event for the "media" KFC unveiled a VR experience that seemed more like Bioshock than a VR Chicken Frying trainer.

Weekly Funding & People Roundup: Within Raises $40MWithin,


Weekly Funding & People Roundup: Within Raises $40M Within , the VR creation studio co-founded by renowned music video director Chris Milk and former Googler Aaron Koblin, has raised a $40M Series B round of funding.

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Impressions: What We Think Of The HP Windows VR Headset Dev Kit


This week we got our hands-on the first development kit edition of the HP “Windows Mixed Reality” VR headset. Right off the bat let’s clarify that verbiage. Microsoft is using the term “Mixed Reality” as an umbrella to encapsulate VR, AR, and all other related devices.

Add a bit of Ray Harryhausen and a dash of Ultraman and you have this 2 awesome for words F2P VR City Builder/Monster Battler from High Voltage Software!

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One of my all time favorite video game companies High Voltage Software, ( Dragon Front, Damaged Core, CONDUIT 2: THE SECOND ONE ) released They Live to Destroy , a City Builder/Monster Battler, on an unsuspecting world today to Gear VR in association with Oculus Studios.

SVRF Launches SVRF Tabs 2.0, Huge Update to the First Chrome.


SVRF Launches SVRF Tabs 2.0, Huge Update to the First Chrome Extension for VR/360º Content SVRF , the first and only search engine for immersive content (360º/3D) today announced, the next generation of SVRF Tabs , the first Chrome extension for VR/360º content.

Google Releases ARCore for Android, The Company’s Answer to Apple ARKit

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In an answer to Apple’s recently released ARKit , a developer tool used for making augmented reality apps and games that run on newer iPad and iPhones, Google today released a preview of a new Android-compatible software development kit (SDK) called ARCore.

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Otoy Wants to Make Light-field Rendering Affordable with a Supercomputing Cluster You Get Paid to Be Part Of

Road to VR

Otoy has announced the Render Token , a blockchain-based currency that underpins a distributed GPU rendering network. The company hopes to allow idle GPUs on consumer PCs to be tapped for rendering work, earning money for the owner in exchange for their computer’s work.

DreamWorks Voltron Chronicles Comes to VR


The Netflix original series gets an episodic VR experience for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Voltron is getting the VR treatment.

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SIGGRAPH 2017: Feel A Hot Desert Or Freezing Mountain In This Doctor Strange-Inspired VR Project


Researchers from National Taiwan University and Tamkang University are presenting a project at SIGGRAPH this week that shows potential for VR arcades as it recreates realistic weather effects that could enhance immersion.

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Award winning VR FPS VINDICTA has a great update to go along with a great price drop.

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Vindicta is a great VR FPS that is able to stand out from a very crowded marketplace with its innovative control scheme, smooth gun combat, and art style that seems like a mix of Portal and Half-Life.

@GameOfThrones in 360º by @micahnotfound & @dav_itron [link]


@GameOfThrones in 360º by @micahnotfound & @dav_itron [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) August 28, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

“Future Halo experiences” Coming to Windows VR Headsets, Microsoft Says

Road to VR

Microsoft today announced that 343 Industries, the studio tasked with overseeing the Halo franchise, will be creating Halo- themed experiences for the company’s lineup of VR headsets.

‘Mario Kart VR’ Blows Visitors Away at Japan’s Shinjuku VR Zone

Road to VR

IGN’s Lucy O’Brien traveled to Japan’s Shinjuku VR Zone , Bandai Namco’s newly opened VR arcade featuring bespoke VR games from top properties including Dragon Ball, Gundam, Evangelion, and yes, Mario Kart.

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How Merge is Building an XR Ecosystem for Kids


Merging the digital and physical worlds is not just for scientists, technologists, content creators, and grown-ups. In fact, future sci-tech pioneers (AKA kids) are getting in on truly immersive experiences once only available to adults.

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Video: Insta360 Teases New Type Of 360-Degree Camera


Insta360 is one of the companies in the 360 camera space that has been on an absolute tear. Last year it announced the Insta360 Nano which is a popular iPhone-attached 360 camera capable of doing Periscope and Facebook live streaming.

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Cute upcoming PSVR title Moss to incorporate Sign Language as a communication option.

Cats and VR

Moss is a single player action-adventure puzzle game for all ages. Built for virtual reality from the ground up, Moss reimagines classic action-adventure gameplay in a first-of-its-kind fully immersive environment. When I first watched the E3 trailer for Moss I was filled with awes.

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Game of Thrones in 360º made in Tiltbrush by Micah Milner


Game of Thrones in 360º made in Tiltbrush by Micah Milner. game of thrones hbo tiltbrush jon snow season 7

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Hands-on: ‘The Talos Principle VR’ Feels Like It’s Come Home in Virtual Reality

Road to VR

The wildly popular puzzler The Talos Principle (2014) from Croteam is soon to be making its way to VR in a separate version, playable on SteamVR-compatible headsets; i.e. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

James Cameron: ‘If I wasn’t making Avatar [sequels] I would be experimenting with VR’

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James Camera is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors, best known for Titanic , and Avatar , two of the world’s top grossing films. He’s also been an evangelist of technological innovation in cinema production.

WebVR Support Comes To The Firefox Browser Today


The popular desktop browser becomes the first to support immersive WebVR content. WebVR is a hot word within the VR community that’s been thrown around quite a bit as of late. But what exactly does it mean?

VR Puppet Theater Mindshow Finally Releases In Early Access On Vive


Since we first laid eyes on it just over a year ago, Mindshow has remained one of our most anticipated VR projects. From today, you can finally try it out for yourself. Mindshow is releasing today in Early Access on Steam for the HTC Vive and is completely free to download.

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Tonight TheWaveVR and Ash Koosha challenge the boundaries of music and take on tyranny with the power of VR.

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London-based electronic musician Ash Koosha will perform in the US for the first time via virtual reality in TheWaveVR. Originally from Iran, Koosha is currently hindered by Trump’s travel ban, which targets people from majority-Muslim countries and bars them from entering the United States.

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Wishing I was in Saint Barth right now… [link] via @SVRF— allthingsvr.


Wishing I was in Saint Barth right now… [link] via @SVRF — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) August 22, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Zero Latency’s ‘Warehouse Scale’ VR Arena Comes to MGM Grand in Vegas

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Zero Latency’s new installation at the MGM Grand’s massive Level Up gaming lounge marks another positive milestone for the Melbourne-based company and out-of-home VR technology.

‘Google Earth VR’ Lets You Experience the Total Solar Eclipse Right Now

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How to Direct 360° Video


Google’s YouTube Creator Academy shows us the finer points in 360° video production. Last year Google’s YouTube Creator Academy gave us the low-down on some of the biggest mistakes made while shooting in 360° with the video How Not To Shoot 360° Video.

The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality Creation Tools


I’ve always prized creativity. As a developer, writer and musician, it’s what drives me. But as much as I value creativity in my work and free time, I have to confess I’ve never really felt compelled to make visual art.

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For the love of CATS go play Cat Sorter VR!

Cats and VR

Independent game developer and publisher Pawmigo Games has launched Cat Sorter VR, a virtual reality game where players find and fix faulty cats and restore them to normal.

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Mind-Controlled VR Game Coming to Arcades 2018 via @VRScout [link]


Mind-Controlled VR Game Coming to Arcades 2018 via @VRScout [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) August 20, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

HTC Vive Gets Major Price Cut, Now $600

Road to VR

Hot on the heels of the $400 Summer Rift sale , HTC is doing some of its own price slashing, bringing the complete Vive system down by $200 to a new permanently lowered price of $600.

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A Different Kind of Puzzle: ‘Wrench’ Tasks You With Assembling Cars Right Down to the Nuts & Bolts

Road to VR

If preparing cars for motorsports in VR sounds like your idea of a good time, indie game Wrench is one to keep an eye on. Showcased in this recent ‘prototype trailer’, Wrench features painstakingly detailed car parts which the developer hopes to use in a rewarding, problem-solving car shop game.

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