November, 2020

OpenBCI Announces Brain-Computer Interface Designed Specifically for VR/AR Headsets

Road to VR

OpenBCI, the neurotech company behind the eponymous open-source brain-computer interface (BCI), are making a new hardware and software platform specifically for immersive headsets.

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A new enterprise headset is awaiting us in 2021…

The Ghost Howls

As you for sure know, this Saturday I have been one of the hosts of the Virtual Reality Day organized by Bob Fine. I have invited and moderated some amazing speakers : Gianluigi Perrone , Ivan Varko, Gijs Den Butter , Louis Cacciuttolo, Rob Cole, and Alvin Wang Graylin.

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Merge Cube AR Teaching Tools Coming To Instagram And Facebook


Merge Labs brings its AR-enabled educational cube to social media. When Merge Labs launched their Merge Cube in 2017, the device instantly changed how people could access AR experiences.

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Snoop Dogg's Cali Red Wine Pours Another Glass of AR via 8th Wall's WebAR

Next Reality AR

When Treasury Wine Estates released 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red this summer, named for its new partner in wine, rapper Snoop Dogg, it already came with the brand's signature AR-enhanced label.


5 Industries Which Could Benefit From Augmented Reality Post COVID


Augmented reality has been making waves in a number of industries including healthcare, events, and sports. It’s been pivotal in aiding remote experts during COVID-19, for example, allowing them to view the physical world in video and annotate objects during video calls.

Data Dive: Google Lens Recognizes 15 Billion Products

AR Insider

B uried deep in Google’s recent Search On 2020 event was a notable nugget. The company’s visual search tool, Google Lens, now recognizes 15 billion products. This is 15x growth in two years, given the December ’18 announcement that it recognized one billion products.

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Threedy AI automatically converts 2D photos in 3D assets for AR!

The Ghost Howls

Threedy AI is a startup whose main expertise is the automatic conversion from 2D photos to 3D models. It can automatically fetch the photos of your items from your website, and t ransform them into 3D models for prices as cheap a $5/model!

Study Shows VR Technology Can Have A Positive Psychological Impact During Lockdown


How immersive technology is keeping users sane during the coronavirus pandemic. There’s no question about it. The current COVID-19 pandemic has us going through a roller coaster of feelings right now.

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Google Gifts 5G Android Smartphones with 'the Mandalorian' AR App

Next Reality AR

With the new season of The Mandalorian underway, Google has launched a new AR app that enables some Star Wars fans to connect with virtual characters in between new episodes. That is, as long as you have an Android smartphone. Check that.a 5G Android smartphone.

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Brickyard Broadcast: A Musical Event With World Premier in Virtual Reality


Can choirs and orchestras still perform together during lockdown? Since they cannot be together in the same physical space, technology has the solution: a virtual reality musical experience bringing together musicians self-isolating at home.

Team behind Pixel Ripped 1995 developing anime inspired VR bullet hell game

Cats and VR

ARVORE , the VR studio which developed acclaimed VR titles Pixel Ripped 1995 and The Line, is proud to announce YUKI, an action-packed bullet hell VR game with roguelite mechanics set in a fully original anime universe.

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JVC Reveals Enterprise XR Headset with 120-degree FOV & 2.5K Resolution Per Eye

Road to VR

JVCKenwood is testing the XR waters with a new headset for enterprise users which boasts a wide field of view (FOV) and 2.5k per-eye resolution.

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Finding Pandora X review: a nice VR interactive theater performance

The Ghost Howls

Two days ago I have had the pleasure of experiencing Finding Pandora X , the creative work that has won the “Best VR Immersive User Experience” at the Venice Film Festival this year.

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Five Ways VR Is Being Used In Modern Healthcare


How VR technology is revolutionizing the heatlhcare sector. When you hear the term “VR,” you might think of entertainment, social media, or the exploration of virtual worlds; perhaps the last thing you’d ever think of is the healthcare industry.

HBO Rolls Out 'His Dark Materials' AR Experience To Bring Characters to the Real World

Next Reality AR

In this year of everything going virtual and remote, it makes even more sense now that Hollywood is leaning heavily on augmented reality. In this case, it's HBO using AR to promote its highly-acclaimed original programming.

Augmented Reality for Remote Worker Training and Collaboration


Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In the blink of an eye, it can change the way we operate daily. A sector that has already experienced a drastic shift is the remote work sector. Most remote workers must go through a training process.

Early Signs of Quest 2 Traction Materialize

AR Insider

B y most measures, Oculus Quest 2 is hit. After pre-launch rumors of a cheaper ‘lite” Quest or a more-loaded “Pro” Quest… we ended up getting the best of both: upgraded hardware with a $100 price dip.

‘Elite Dangerous’ is Going Free on Epic Games Store Next Week

Road to VR

Frontier Developments’ VR-compatible space sim Elite Dangerous (2014) is going free on the Epic Games Store next week. Starting on Thursday, November 19th and going until the 26th, you’ll be able to download and keep Elite Dangerous for free.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.11.02): PSVR likely not to come in 2021, new info revealed on Decagear, and more!

The Ghost Howls

I hope you all that celebrate Halloween had a nice time celebrating this holiday! And don’t worry, your favorite ghost will keep haunting you with VR news all over the year, not only during Halloween! Top news of the week. Image by Sony). PSVR 2 is probably coming in 2022 and with a slow transition.

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Engage With French Culture Through XR And Art


French Embassy launches a series that explores art and XR to promote culture.

Manscaped's Brand Hype Grows into Augmented Reality via Snapchat Lens

Next Reality AR

If you're a man and subscribe to podcasts or YouTube channels that cater to masculine interests, then you've almost certainly encountered sponsorships from Manscaped.

How Is Virtual Reality Changing Animation?


Animation has gone a long way from mere entertainment. Besides the film and gaming industries, it is widely used today in the fields of advertising , education, and construction. Even the quality of animation has greatly improved through modern technology.

Google’s Internet of Places Materializes

AR Insider

T ech giants see different versions of spatial computing’s future. These visions often trace back to their core businesses. Facebook wants to be the social layer to the spatial web, while Amazon wants to be the commerce layer and Apple envisions a hardware-centric multi-device play.

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Spurred by Quest 2 Launch, ‘VRChat’ Hits Record 24,000 Concurrent Users, More Than Half in VR

Road to VR

Following a big spike in usage in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, social VR app VRChat has reached a new record of 24,000 concurrent users. Its creators say the surge was driven in part by the launch of Quest 2 and virtual Halloween festivities.

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How to use Oculus Test Users to log in on multiple Oculus Quests for sideloading without the need of a Facebook account

The Ghost Howls

The mandatory Facebook login has created a huge backlash from the VR community , not only because of the possible privacy concerns that may arise but also because it lets Facebook apply more control over how people use the headsets they own.

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Official VR Support Heading To ‘Microsoft Flight Sim’ This December


Step into the cockpit this December. This past July Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 , the latest iteration of the companies legendary flight sim experience, would be receiving official VR support shortly after launch.

Nintendo Crafts AR Content for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Next Reality AR

The Animal Crossing series has been a big hit for Nintendo, so in a bid to enhance the experience even more for users, the game is getting the augmented reality treatment. The latest update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp adds two new features for iOS and Android smartphone users.

5 Ways Virtual Reality Technology Will Improve Business Meetings


As the business landscape expands and technology advances, there’s an increasing need to engage customers and distributed teams located across the globe at scale. Online conference call and video chatting tools can facilitate one-on-one conferences.

Case Study: The NFL Draws Superbowl-Sized Audiences with AR

AR Insider

A R continues to evolve and take shape as an industry. Prominent sectors include industrial AR , social , gaming , and shopping. But existing alongside all of them is AR advertising. This includes paid/sponsored AR lenses that let consumers visualize products on “spaces & faces.”.

AR ‘Mario Kart’ Ride to Open at Japan’s Upcoming Super Nintendo World

Road to VR

Universal Studios Japan today announced the opening date of its long-delayed ‘Super Nintendo World’ in its Osaka-based theme park, which is set to feature a Mario Kart -themed ride including AR headsets.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.11.09): PS5 doesn’t improve PSVR, VRChat reaches 24,000 concurrent users, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Greetings from the new lockdown. I hope you’re well and you’re safe, and that VR is helping you in having a healthier life. I don’t feel alone because I have so many virtual friends and colleagues with which I speak every day, and VR helps me to travel wherever I want.